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flannel sheets

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Winter's Coming: Get Your Flannel Sheets Now - What could be better than slipping between silky satin sheets, feeling the cool, smooth fabric on your skin? How about when it's winter? Then the "cool" sheets feel more like blocks of ice and getting warm is impossible. When the mercury drops, it's time to get your flannel sheets out.

When the winter months come around, this humble cotton blend becomes the most luxurious option; the warmest, the softest, and the sheet sets that are guaranteed to bundle you off to sweet, cozy, dreams. This guide will help you know what to look for before you buy your next set of bed sheets and give you some suggestions for the top brands. Sleep warm!

flannel sheets

The video below shows the basics of flannel sheets by Martha Stewart:

What to Look for in Flannel Sheet Sets

Flannel is most typically associated with warmth - and for good reason. As those who live in cold climates have long known, a good flannel shirt or long underwear can help keep you toasty on even the chilliest nights. The fabric itself is a blend of wool and cotton, or wool and a synthetic fabric, and it is usually fluffy or napped. Because of its soft texture and warmth, flannel is a popular choice for baby clothing and blankets, and, of course, bed sheets.

The highest quality flannel sheets are made of 100 percent, tightly woven cotton fibers. You shouldn't be able to see through them if you hold them up to the light. With other types of sheets, including cotton, Egyptian cotton, and bamboo fibers, you can determine the quality of the sheets from the thread count. But with flannel, you will look instead for the weight per yard.

Good quality sheets will be about 5 to 6 ounces per yard. Besides being warm, flannel sheets are popular because they are tremendously durable. With proper care, they will last for years and be as comfortable on your 1000th night as they were on your first. Warmth is wonderful in cold, snowy January, but what if it's July? What if you live in a mild climate, and heavyweight flannel is just too hot? Ironically, the high quality flannel sheets may well be uncomfortable on the hottest nights because of their weight.

You can opt for lighter weight flannels, including flannelette, and that should keep you comfortable. Many people, though, reserve their great flannel sheets for winter, pulling them out with seasonal zeal each year. Whatever your decision, here is a look at some of the top choices in flannel bed sheets. You can browse the best selling flannel sheet sets here.

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Best Flannel Sheets:

LL Bean - Flannel, besides being warm, has also been used to protect loggers, anglers, and other outdoorsmen from rain, wind, and snow. It comes as no surprise, then, that LL Bean, legendary makers of rugged clothing and outdoor gear, would make some of the best flannel sheets. ConsumerSearch named their Premium Supima Sheets as their favorite flannel bed sheets for their coziness, warmth, and durability. The sheets are made from high quality Supima cotton, which is renowned for its soft and smooth texture, as well as its strength. Supima is up to 50 percent stronger than other cottons. The Premium Supima won't shrink or pill, as other flannels may.

You can find these with deep pockets for thick mattresses so you always get the perfect fit. While certainly luxurious, ConsumerSearch did note that there was a drawback: you cannot find them in California king. They do come in five different colors, and are the best of the best for your twin, full, queen, or king-sized bed. They are available only through LL Bean's site; prices start at $39.99 for twin and go to $69.99 for king.

To check out how to flannel sheets can keep you warmer in the cold winter months - click the image below to go to video.

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Top Rated Flannel Sheets:

Pinzon - LL Bean is great, but their bed sheets can be a bit pricy. Pinzon offers a more budget-friendly alternative that will keep you just as warm. Associated Content chooses Pinzon's 160-Gram Solid Flannel Sheet Set as one of their favorite flannel sheet sets for their warmth, range of colors and sizes, and easy care. This flannel sheet set features both flat and fitted sheets, as well as two pillowcases.

Each is made with 160g cotton per square meter from Portugal, which is renowned for its quality textiles. Pinzon's sets are pre-washed, lightly brushed for a cozy feeling, and features yarn-dyed flannel for great durability. Easily machine washable and dryable, these sheet sets are ideal for any home, and you can mix and match any of the great colors, from cadet blue and brick to taupe and stonewash. As wonderful as these sheets are, they do have one more great feature: their price.

A set from Pinzon costs from $25 for twin to $42 for California king. Pinzon's 160g Solid Flannel Sheets were also a favorite of ConsumerSearch, as was their 190g Velvet Flannel Sheet Sets. Made in Portugal, these sets include a flat and fitted sheet, as well as two standard pillowcases. The 100 percent cotton velvet features a double-napped finish on both sides for exquisite softness. They weigh 190g per square meter and are the most pill-resistant flannel you can find. You'll find yourself enveloped in velvety, warm comfort - and at a relatively low price of $60. View top rated Pinzon flannel sheets here.

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Warm Flannel Sheets:

Gaiam - Gaiam has always been committed to healthy, sustainable living, and their line of organic flannel sheets fits into their philosophy perfectly. These sheets are lightly brushed on both sides, yarn-dyed for lasting color, and have a luxurious heft of 6 ounces. Gaiam makes sure their sheets are pill-resistant, warm, and inviting, as well as eco-friendly.

They are made with 100 percent certified organic cotton and finished without chemical softeners or chlorine, earning the strict Eco-Tex label, the world's most stringent ecology product label for textiles. They are more in line, price-wise with LL Bean: a full flat sheet, for instance, costs $50. Look here for other Gaiam flannel sheets. When you have great flannel sheets, you'll look forward to cooler weather not for the holidays or for the hot chocolate, but for the chance to snuggle up in incredible sheets. Treat yourself - but remember, you do have to get out of bed eventually!

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