Updated: November 2017

Gaggia Espresso Machine Reviews:

Gaggia Espresso Machines Review - Coffee has been enjoyed for centuries, and one of the most popular forms is espresso. This is not for the faint of heart or the heavy cream and sugar crowd. Espresso is rich, deep, and very concentrated. You can drink it in its pure form, but it is also the base for wildly popular coffee drinks, such as lattes, cappuccino, mochas, and macchiato. A cup of one of these delicious brews can cost $3, $4, $5, or more, making it an expensive habit to maintain. This is why getting your own espresso maker is such a great idea. With a Gaggia espresso machine, you can set up shop and be your own barista and enjoy rich, fragrant, glad-to-be-awake coffee whenever you like. This high-end Italian company was founded in 1948 and brings outstanding quality and taste into your home. Which Gaggia espresso machine will help get you out of bed in the morning?
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Not All Espresso Makers are Created Equal - It isn't the bean that makes espresso; it is the method of brewing the coffee that creates this very rich, strong coffee drink. Hot water is forced under pressure through finely ground coffee. The pressure involved in this process ensures that all of the flavors that you would find in a regular cup of coffee are very dense or concentrated. To make espresso, real espresso, you need a machine that has the ability to exert enough pressure to force the water through the grounds. Many "espresso makers" on the market don't do this: they use steam pressure, which can't produce enough force. You will see this as the BAR or PSI. For instance, a machine with steam pressure only produces 1.5 BAR (which is equal to about 15 PSI, pounds per square inch). It takes much more than this to create enough pressure to make real espresso. You'll need to look for a machine that can produce pressure of 9 BAR (135 PSI) or more and that is pump-driven or lever operated. The automatic espresso machines you see on the market for under $100 are referred to as "moka pots" or stovetop espresso makers. Do they make good espresso? Sure. Do they make excellent espresso? You'll need a Gaggia espresso machine for that. These espresso machines are for the discriminating palate. They are also made for higher-end budgets. Is there a Gaggia espresso machine that fits your need for concentrated caffeine and your budget? You can browse the top rated Gaggia espresso machines online here.

Best Gaggia Espresso Machines:

The Gaggia Evolution - This is a sleek espresso machine that is a perfect combination of smooth, ideal brewing and speed for the late-for-work-and-need-a-fix crowd. The Evolution has a 3.5-ounce boiler with 2 heating elements for very quick warm-up times. It has a 55-watt pump, 44-ounce capacity, vibration-resistant rubber mounts, compact cup warmer, and intuitive controls. It offers space-saving convenience, consistently high quality, and a sophisticated design. This model also accommodates those who want their coffee quickly: it has a Turbo-Frother wand. This makes outstanding froth or steamed milk that you can use for a variety of beverages, including cappuccino and lattes. The Evolution includes a coffee tamper, single pod filter basket, double shot filter basket, and 15 BARs of pump pressure. You can use either ground espresso or Illy ESE pods. The Evolution was recommended by CoffeeGeek, who called it "great looking at a reasonable price." It has the same internal workings as other Gaggia models (even much higher-end ones), so it delivers incredible espresso. CoffeeGeek also praised its ease of use, ease of cleanup, very fast heat up time, steaming power, and frothing wand. The Evolution espresso machine was also chosen as a top pick from BestCovery.com, a site which reviews products in countless categories and creates recommendations for consumers. You can find the Evolution for $230. Gaggia Color Espresso Machine - This is a controversial espresso machine in the coffee-drinking world. You will see wildly varying reviews, but let's take a look so you can decide for yourself. What makes the Gaggia Color Espresso Machine different is its bold, stylish red hue. It is sophisticated, but Gaggia seems to be targeting a younger crowd. Nice, but what about the espresso? The Color offers a stainless steel boiler and cup plate, chrome brass filter holder, integrated and removable water tank, 1.25-liter capacity, froth wand, 1 cup, 2 cups, and 1 pod filters, makes double shots, includes tamper and measuring spoon, and has 15 BARs of water pump pressure. So far so good. A review on Associated Content found that the Gaggia Color Espresso Machine is "well made, will last a lifetime, and...makes the perfect cup of espresso." The reviewer praised the top quality and durability. A self-described coffee drinking expert on Amazon said that "snazzy looking" machine produced bland coffee with no crema (the rich golden layer on top of exceptional espresso). Another said it felt "cheap and flimsy." Yet Buzzillion reviewers loved it, giving it 5-star reviews, saying it was a "great product for a great price," though even one of these enthusiastic reviewers noted that he couldn't get the crema right either. So it's a mixed bag of reviews: the body is plastic, not metal; the crema may not be right - but you can still froth and steam milk for delicious drinks. Another Amazon reviewer said it pays for itself in two months. Check out the best selling Gaggia espresso machines here.

Top Rated Gaggia Espresso Makers - Automatic Espresso Machines:

The Gaggia Classic - There is no disagreement about the Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine. It is consistently ranked at the top of its class. Consumer Research named it as the Best Value Espresso Machine. Money Magazine named it the Best Home Espresso Machine. CoffeeGeek reviewers say it is a top quality machine that produces great coffee, and Amazon reviewers are enthusiastic about the Classic as well, one of whom said it was the best money her family had ever spent. What does the Classic offer? It is a manual espresso maker, ideal for serious espresso drinkers. Manual, or lever, espresso machines are very difficult to use. They can produce the very best espresso - or just bad coffee, depending on the user and the machine. The Classic has a 1.5-liter capacity, 3 filters for 1 and 2 cups and 1 pod, forged brass components, 3-way solenoid valve, Turbo Frother, and 17.5 BARs of pump pressure. We recommend getting the Gaggia Classic that comes with instructional CD; it will save you a lot of aggravation if you take a bit of time to learn about the machine because lever machines are more hands-on. You can find this machine for $500. It's the same price with or without the CD, so why not? You can also see the Classic in action on Youtube. In this video, you can see an overview of the Classic (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP07pJPHWy8). The Gaggia Achille - The Achille is a high-end Gaggia model, also a lever espresso machine. It has stainless steel housing and boiler, pressure control, 28-ounce removable water tank, chrome-plated brass portafilter, double and single shot filters, pod filter, and Turbo Froth wand. HomeBarista calls the Achille "compelling," "elegant," and "unique." He adds that what makes the Achille so special is "the barista's moment of Zen with the extraction process. In order to make a good espresso on a lever machine you have to live in that moment, nothing else matters for that brief thirty seconds of calm, focused creation." This is clearly for very serious and discriminating espresso drinkers. CoffeeGeek said it was solid, beautiful, but had a few flaws. It takes some practice before you'll get great foam. But he added, "I love the shots! Thick crema, rich, silky." So, if you're willing to put some time into figuring it out, it is worth it. The Achille Espresso Machine costs $800. Gaggia 90951 Platinum Vision - If you really want to go all out, try the top rated Gaggia Platinum. This is recommended by Buzzillion reviewers, Amazon reviewers, and CoffeeMakerExpresso.com. The Platinum Vision has a beautiful, sophisticated construction with a stainless steel front panel, a touch screen to select function or access programming menu, Espresso Plus system to regulate the intensity of your coffee, electronic, adjustable dip tray, revolving froth wand, ceramic coffee grinder, Aqua Prima Filter to remove impurities from water, 130-watt boiler for rapid steam, automatic timer, energy saving mode, cup warming settings, accepts ground coffee, removable 57-ounce water tank, 15 BAR water pump pressure, and a Gaggia Milk Island which automatically froths and steams milk. Forget cafes, you will make amazing coffee at home. That's good. Take your savings and put it towards the $1700 price tag. This is an outstanding automatic machine for serious espresso lovers. Gaggia is one of the best names in the espresso machine industry. Browse the most popular Gaggia espresso machines here.