Updated: November 2017

Garage Heater Reviews:

The one area of most homes that goes unheated during the cold, winter months is the garage. If you like to work in your garage during the frigid days of winter, then buying a garage heater is a great idea. Several of my neighbors recently bought electric garage heaters and now they are comfortable while doing woodworking or car repairs in what otherwise would have been a cold space. The most common types of garage heaters are electric, propane, gas, or natural gas. My friends were able to find some decent deals on garage heaters at Home Depot and I have seen them listed at Lowes, Sears, and Wal-Mart as well. Unfortunately, they tend to be seasonal items and these stores drop them after only a few months. We recommended checking on Amazon.com since they carry almost all their inventory year round, offer FREE shipping, and often have prices that are below what you find in retail stores. Garage heating systems are reasonably priced given the freedom they will give you when wanting to work in your garage on cold days. The small garage heaters run about $100 and the larger, 45000 BTU garage heating devices run $300 or more. One of the most popular models we could find was the Dayton G73 which only puts out 17000+ BTU but it's still top rated by consumers.
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Buying Guide - The first thing to consider when you are shopping for a garage heater is the size of your garage. The vast majority of heating systems will warm up to 500 square feet of space. Some of the smaller electric garage heaters are perfect for small areas, say your workshop. Gas and oil garage heaters will be more expensive than the electric variety but do a better job of heating larger areas. Ideally you can get a portable unit that goes in the garage or out on your back porch or deck if needed. There are some that get mounted on the garage wall or are freestanding units that have built in thermostats. Propane garage heaters are efficient in both large and small garages and the natural gas garage heaters are gaining in popularity. No matter which type you choose, make sure you follow the instructions when installing one. Garage heater installation is not difficult, but sometimes it requires wiring and electrical knowledge. When you are in doubt, always call a specialist to assist with the install. Infrared garage heaters are another type worth mentioning. Experts say to avoid the high intensity heaters and go with the low intensity infrared tube garage heaters when buying them for residential use. They burn natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, usually require an electrical connection and need an exhaust (vent) to the outside. Garage heater reviews - we found lots of websites with in depth articles and owner feedback. We suggest checking out Garage-heaters.net, Northerntool.com, and Houseneeds.com. You can read up on the Dayton G73, the Mr. Heater Big Maxx, Dimplex DGWH4031, Q-Mark products, and the Reddy Heater 30,000 BTU. You can browse the top selling garage heaters online here.

Best Garage Heater:

RECOMMENDED - The top selling unit on Amazon.com is the Dayton G73 Electric Garage Heater With Built-In Thermostat which receives positive reviews from all owners. Hands down the G73 is the heater of choice with hard wiring which will eliminate the any issues that are common with propane heaters. With 500 square feet of coverage, the Dayton garage heater should provide all the heat you need. Owners say the built in thermostat is accurate and the heating temperatures keep you comfortable. Another feature that consumers appreciate is the automatic safety shut-off which will keep the unit from overheating. The G73 garage heater has 17,100 BTUs of heating power with 240 volts. Energy efficiency is what sets this heater apart and it can be ceiling mounted with brackets. Comments from owners include "excellent safe heater with no fumes", "warms things up", and "perfect space heater".

Propane Garage Heater:

Mr. Heater is a brand that gets excellent feedback from experts and owners alike. The Mr. Heater 42,000 BTU Propane Tank-Top Radiant Heater #F273900 is a step up from the 2 burner model that is highly praised as well. This infrared garage heater mounts to a propane tank and supplies from 8000 to 42,000 BTUs with the triple burners. You can get up to 10 hours on a 20 pound cylinder. If you are going to use it in your garage, make sure there is plenty of ventilation so that the air keeps circulating with the fresh air outside. With 9 different BTU settings available, the Mr. Heater garage heater should keep everyone happy and warm. Check out all the most popular Mr. Heater garage units here.

Electric Garage Heater:

RECOMMENDED - Want a great garage heating system that works efficiently and safe, then go with the Ouellet Heavy Duty Steel Electric Garage/Workshop Heater. The Ouellet has 4000 watts and owners say the brackets for wall or ceiling mounting are easy to setup. The automatic thermostat control, automatic shut-off, and corrosion resistant casing element and fan blade are just a few of the top features this unit offers. It does require a 240 volt 20 amp circuit and has a BTU rating of 13648. If you want a larger unit, then consider the Fahrenheat Ceiling-Mount Automatic 5000 Watt Electric Heater that works great in basements as well as garages.