Updated: November 2017

Garden Weeder Reviews:

Weeding can be a real headache if you have to get down on your hands and knees for hours. I have a relatively small yard (1/4 acre), but we live in Oregon where the weeds come out each spring and unless you stay on top of them, they start taking over your yard. I have a front hillside which pretty much has some ground cover growing along with a few trees and bushes. Unfortunately, the weeds like this hillside and they close to the sprinkler heads and roots of the other plant life. Each year I have to get out there and hand pick dandelions along with dozens of other weed types. If I don't get them early enough, they spread all over. Standing on a hillside that is at roughly a 35 degree angle is not easy and bending down to dig in a trowel or hand weeder makes for back breaking work. I am literally sore the next day, as if I did some kind of workout. Buying the proper garden weeder will make your weeding experience that much easier.
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Choosing a Garden Weeder - There are 2 types of garden weeders. Those that loosen up the surface soil like the Fiskars 7870 Uproot Lawn & Garden Weeder or the Oswego GW-1 Grandpa's Weeder and then there are ones like the Ames Co. 1986800 Hand Weeder which I prefer when trying to extract weeds that are lodged between slabs of concrete or in hard to reach areas that require a special tool. If you have dandelions you know how deep they can root themselves into your garden and they don't come out so easily. Having a hand weeder or something specific to dandelions will be very helpful. You need to be able to get below the root level, loosen up the dirt, and then make sure you pull out the root and dandelion weed. They are easy to spot since they sprout up a yellow flower acting they are beautiful for your garden. Well disguised, but not what you want. The dandelion weeders may require you to get down on your knees to get close enough to pull them out, but at least they will be gone. The longer Fiskars Uproot Weeder eliminates "dandelions, thistle and other invasive weeds" has a 36" handle so you can stand almost straight up while sticking the tool into the ground to pull up weeds. It's lightweight and the Arthritis Foundation gave this an award for "ease of use". Gardening can be very enjoyable and rewarding, but keeping up with the weeds is another story. Garden Weeder Reviews - Which weed removers get the best ratings? We research expert and owner reviews on websites like About.com (Gardening section), Epinions, Walmart.com, and Amazon.com. Articles in Sunset Magazine and Fine Gardening have almost mentioned weed removal and extractors over the years. The vast majority get excellent feedback from consumers including the Yard Butler TT-1W Garden Terra Weeder and the Radius Garden 205 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Weeder. Where to Buy - Lowe's and Home Depot carry many of these tools. You can also find them in your local hardware store or in the gardening section stores like Sears or Walmart. You can browse the best selling garden weeders here.

Best Garden Weeder:

Some of the best garden weeders are those that require no bending down or excessive effort to remove weeds. There are homeowners that spray for weeds, but chemicals are not good for people or pets. The Fiskars 7870 Uproot Lawn and Garden Weeder is a great example of a tool that requires limited effort to actually use. Oh, and did I mention it works great. It's not just me that gives this tool praise, as almost 90% of all reviews online give it a top rating as well. It features 4 stainless steel claws with serrated edges, a lightweight aluminum shaft, and it's easy to use. Just step down on the foot and let it do all the work. Once you have the weed pulled out, simple pull back on the handle and remove the weed(s). Makes a great gift for a gardener. I just bought one of these for my parents (now in their 70's) and they use it all the time. At $34 it's almost double what you would pay for the Oswego GW-1 Grandpa's Weeder which is another very popular choice for removing weeds.

Top Rated Hand Weeder for Dandelions:

The AMES Eagle Hand Weeder is one that I use regularly on my hillside. It's sturdy, durable, and gets into those hard to reach areas that other garden tools struggle with. I can maneuver the leading edge of this weeder under roots and in between plants to easily get down below the dandelion roots and get it out in 1 piece. Another plus with this tool is the ability to get in between the cracks in the sidewalks and along the edge of our driveway where it meets the road. Somehow weeds are able to pop up here and I have yet to find another garden tool to get the weeds out besides this one. You can always spray for weeds, but I would rather not have to do that. Buy a hand weeder and control those hard to reach weeds in your garden or yard.