Updated: November 2017

Garlic Press Reviews:

If you like to cook, then putting garlic into your dishes is commonplace. Garlic is the type of ingredient that home chefs use all the time to make their meals taste better. A garlic press is an essential tool to have in the kitchen as it can save you time when cooking up dinner. They are a cheap kitchen gadget that I had never seen until I met my wife a few years back. My mom didn't use garlic when she cooked so I was not familiar with the stainless steel garlic presses that are available in stores like Sur La Table, Target, and Amazon.com. They range in price from about $12 to $35. Top brand names include Oxo, Kuhn Rikon, Trudeau, Zyliss, MIU, Rosle, WMF, and Pampered Chef.
garlic press
We wanted to include a video showing how to press garlic cloves. You can see it below:

Some are ok with the skin on the garlic as it separates the pressed garlic clove from the skin when you press. Others need to have the skin off to work effectively. The video shows the Zyliss Susi which is the press we have. Almost all the garlic presses we found are made with stainless steel and clean up really easily. The Oxo brand is the "good grips" which are designed to give you solid grip while pressing garlic cloves. The irony is that every garlic press we researched online got excellent reviews except the Oxo Good Grips garlic press which was rated horribly on Amazon.com from owners. They said the press broke not long after buying it. You can read garlic press reviews here and get feedback and comments on nearly every major brand name. Epinions, Chow.com and Cooking.com have more independent reviews to look at. The Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press and the Zyliss Jumbo Garlic Press with Cleaner are 2 models that receive positive feedback. You can browse the best selling garlic presses here.

Best Garlic Press:

The Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press is hard to go against as it has nearly perfect reviews from over 200 users on Amazon.com. Great for pressing garlic or ginger. The stainless steel press works with the skin on the garlic too. You can clean it under the tap or place it in your dishwasher. Comments from owners include "great garlic press" and "easy to press fresh garlic". Kuhn Rikon is a top name in kitchen tools and Cooks Illustrated magazine has recommended their products for years. Check out the top rated garlic presses here.

Zyliss Jumbo Garlic Press with Cleaner:

RECOMMENDED - You don't have to spend $30+ on a garlic press to be able to cook well. We have been using the Zyliss Jumbo Garlic Press with Cleaner for years now and it continues to function just fine. At half the price, the Zyliss compares well with the Rosle and Kuhn Rikon models. It's large enough to press multiple cloves at once and the ergonomic handle makes for easy squeezing. The cleaning tool is a nice feature and it's dishwasher safe. Some owners complain that it's hard to press garlic with the skin still on. Yes, that is true, but it's certainly not impossible. If you have problems with wrist strength, then perhaps another model may be better.