Updated: November 2017

Garment Steamer Reviews:

Looking to take all those wrinkles out of dresses, slacks, jackets, suits, and even sweaters without ironing them all? The latest thing to hit households are garment steamers which don't damage delicate fabrics like some irons do. If you want to steam bedskirts or even items like drapes, a garment steamer will do the trick and certainly much faster than an iron could do. Some experts say that clothing steamers have trouble with heavier fabrics like cotton, but they work well with lighter fabrics. Lots of homeowners are buying garment steamers and are realizing how well they do on getting a nice, crisp finish on shirts and other clothes items. Whether you need to smooth creases or press a pleat, choosing to buy a garment clothes steamer is not a bad idea. They are priced to sell with many $60 to $150 and owner reviews on brands like SteamFast and Jiffy Steamer are quite favorable. Rowenta is another well recognized name in this industry and their products are worth considering as well. The top selling garment cleaner on Amazon.com is the SteamFast SF-407 1500-Watt Fabric Steamer and definitely a "good value buy" per several consumers.
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Buying Guide - Steaming your garments is not something that all of us have done at home, but the process is fairly simple. Garment steamers are designed to remove wrinkles from fabric and they can also help reduce odors in clothing. Ironing can be rough on clothes but steaming will prolong the life of your fabrics. Many that use garment steamers are surprised at how much faster they operate than a traditional iron. In a Good Housekeeping article they mention that the person using the garment steamer was able to "smooth the creases" on a silk blouse roughly 2 minutes faster than doing the same process using an iron. You will find the hand held garment steamers which don't rate that well compared to the professional grade steamers. A top rated travel garment steamer is the Jiffy Steamer 0601 ESTEAM Travel Steamer - priced at under $50 and one model that does get solid reviews as a hand held steamer. The portable garment steamers are lightweight, inexpensive, and travel nicely but may not be as durable as the professional models and the handheld steamers lack power. Most experts agree that the professional garment steamers work great in the office or at home. Beyond doing clothes and shirts, the larger commercial garment steamers handle things like upholstery and curtains. The higher wattage lets them work faster than their smaller counterparts meaning less time steaming for you. The telescoping pole can be a bit "bulky" say some owners and a few consumers note that the SteamFast take a while to heat up, but otherwise they rely on their steamers to get their clothes looking great for work. For the best combination of power and performance, go with garment steamers that have 1500 watts or more. Look for a model with an auto shutoff feature for safety reasons. We found some garment steamer reviews online on websites like Goodhousekeeping.com, About.com (Housewares), Wardrobe911.com, and A Suitable Wardrobe. All tested and rated several travel and high end garment steamers with varying results. Our favorite website for research is Amazon.com. They carry all the name brands, provide pricing, and let you read 100's of owner reviews that have been posted on their website with informative pros and cons for each model. You can browse all the top selling garment steamers online here.

Best Garment Steamer:

RECOMMENDED - The #1 selling garment steamer on Amazon.com is the SteamFast SF-407 1500-Watt Fabric Steamer and at under $60 it's hard to go wrong with the SteamFast garment steamer. You get plenty of power with this 1500 watt steamer meaning wrinkles will smooth right off and odors will disappear. The SF-407 heats up in 45 seconds and the water tank (1 1/4 quart) holds enough to let you steam your garments for roughly 45 minutes. The rolling casters make the SteamFast easy to move around and owners mention that the telescopic hanging pole will collapse down and stores nicely. There is a drain plug for draining the main storage tank and you get a 2 year limited warranty on this model. Another alternative is the Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Residential Series Garment Steamer which is more durable than the SteamFast and consumers note that the high velocity jets steam out wrinkles without a problem. Get rid of your ironing board and stop wasting money on dry cleaning with this Jiffy garment steamer.

Professional Garment Steamer:

RECOMMENDED - One of the top rated commecial grade steamers on Amazon, the Jiffy Steamer J-4000 Pro-Line Series Garment Steamer is a professional upright steamer that features adjustable steam settings (great for all types of fabrics), a die cast aluminum body, 1500 watt heating element, and a water gauge so you instantly know the water level left. The J-4000 produces enough steam for 1 3/4 hours of garment steaming with the 5 1/2 foot hose. Experts say the durability on this unit is 2nd to none and the corrosion proof internal 304 stainless steel boiler tank will keep the Jiffy garment steamer working perfectly. Some people suggest getting a press pad or steam board so that you eliminate the risk of burning your hand while steaming. Two other models worth looking at are the Smartek ST-X2 and the SteamFast SF-465 - both get above average ratings from consumers on Amazon and are cheaper than the J-4000. You can see the most popular professional garment steamers here.

Travel Garment Steamer:

Lots of you are looking for a compact garment steamer that is easy to travel with and still works. One to stay away from is the Tobi Quick Travel Steamer that gets terrible reviews. RECOMMENDED - We suggest going with the Ultra Mini Travel Steamer. The personal handheld travel steamer delivers 600 watts of power and features an 8 ounce water tank which allows you to use tap water (no salt required). Steam your garment in 15 minutes while on the road and forget the dry cleaning bill. Jiffy has a solid reputation in this industry and we suspect their travel garment steamer will perform better than the competition.