Updated: November 2017

Glue Gun Reviews:

Choosing the Best Glue Gun for Home Repair and Crafts - eHow calls the glue gun the cousin of duct tape. Why? Because you can always think of something to do with your glue gun, from making ornaments for the Christmas tree and reupholstering furniture to temporarily aligning hardwood for a woodworking project to attaching hair extensions (but maybe you shouldn't try that one at home). Once you have one, you'll wonder how you did all your craft and DIY home repairs before. Hot melt glue is a great adhesive for a wide variety of surfaces and can be a quick, easy way to achieve a temporary or permanent bond. Once you're armed with a glue gun, you are ready for anything.
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Choosing Your Glue Gun - If you thought a glue gun was a glue gun, you haven't been in a craft store recently! There is an astonishing variety available today, but in general, there are industrial and craft glue guns. Industrial models are heavier-duty and used for woodworking projects, model building, repairs, and light manufacturing applications. For those who need to glue materials like fabric, beads, and other craft supplies, a smaller hot glue gun works beautifully. It is helpful to look for a gun with dual-temperature controls so you have the versatility you need. For instance, if you are gluing silk flowers in an arrangement, you want your glue to be melted at about 250 degrees. If you are working with metal, glass, or wood, you want it to melt at a higher temperature, about 380 degrees. If you work extensively with one particular material, a single temperature gun will be perfectly fine. You can walk into a craft store or box store and buy a glue gun for less than $5. And it will probably work pretty well. But it is helpful to take a few minutes to check out some of the features that the best glue guns have so you get the right fit for your projects. These features include:

*Long barrel. It seems like the only time you ever run out of glue is when it is most inconvenient. A long barrel allows you to load up and tackle a big project without worry.
*Faster heating. If you are impatient, choose a gun that heats up more quickly. This adds to the cost, but it may be well worth it to you, especially if the glue gun is for work.
*Cordless. You don't have to be chained to an electrical outlet, but your battery could run down in the middle of a project. If you opt for a cordless hot glue gun, make sure you charge it up or have the option to plug it in to charge and continue working.
*Non-drip tip. When you set your glue gun aside, you don't want it to drip. This wastes glue and can make a mess.
*Larger triggers. These release more glue at a time. You can also opt for a manual glue gun, which doesn't have a trigger at all. You simply push the glue to advance it (in trigger models, the glue is advanced with each squeeze of the trigger).
*Nozzles. With higher-end guns, you can get interchangeable nozzles, which are designed for specific jobs. Side-cut nozzles, for instance, work well for corner work, while pinpoint nozzles give you excellent accuracy for small holes.

Glue Gun Reviews - You can find glue guns in stores like Michael's, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, and most any other crafts related shops. We found the most in depth reviews of the largest variety of brands at Amazon.com. They list Stanley, Surebonder, 3M, and Dremel with excellent feedback and comments from actual owners. Make an informed buying decision with the help of others. You can browse the best selling glue guns here.

Best Hot Glue Guns:

The Surebonder DT-280 Dual Temperature Full Size Glue Gun was chosen by BestCovery as one of the best hot glue guns, and it does make itself pretty useful around the house. It is a 60 watt, 120 volt gun that uses either 4 inch or 10 inch glue sticks with a diameter of 7/16 inches. This is convenient because you are not restricted to a specific brand or type of glue stick. All you have to do is get the correct diameter. Another terrific feature is the exclusive no-drip tip. You can rest the glue gun on its embedded kickstand, but even on its side, it won't drip glue. Also included with the Surebonder is an 8 inch cord, high and low temperature settings, on/off switch, indicator light, insulated nozzle, lever handle trigger, and non-stick rubberized coating. The only problem you may run into is the relatively short cord. Other than that, this glue gun will be your adhesive's best friend. You can find it on Amazon for just over $11. This is a great glue gun for the craft enthusiast or home-repair wizard.

Another BestCovery best pick and consumer favorite is the 3M Scotch-Weld Hot Melt Applicator AE II. While the Surebonder was a sort of craft/light home repair glue gun, this is more of a true industrial model. It features a light weight design, high output trigger, and contoured grip. If you have to package or assemble products, the 3M Scotch glue gun is the perfect tool. Most crafters opt for less expensive glue guns, but this could be well worth the $53 price tag for those who own or run a small business. You will also need to use the appropriately sized glue sticks that are made for use with the Scotch-Weld Hot Melt Adhesive glue gun.

One of the problems with hot glue guns is that they are hot. This can mean little burns on your fingers from hot, dripping glue, which may be a bit painful. More importantly, though, they are not great for children to use. If you love to do crafts with your kids, hot melt glue has probably been on your banned list. A review in CraftsUnleashed, though, sang the praises of the Darice 10759 6-Inch Low Temp Glue Gun. While you wouldn't necessarily set your child loose with a low temp glue gun while you go into the next room, it is safer to use under adult supervision. It works well with plastic, wood, ribbon, fabric, silk flowers, metal, styrofoam, paper, and even balloons. It has a trigger feed and no-drip tip, both of which make it easier for children (who are under your supervision!) to use. Of course, it is also perfect for adult crafters who don't want burns to be part of their homemade projects. The little Darice has a little price of $8.40.

When you choose the right glue gun, you'll find that it gives duct tape a run for its money as one of your most used - and useful - tools. View all top rated glue guns here.