Updated: November 2017

Grill Brush Reviews:

Everyone likes to grill, but cleaning up that barbeque may not be at the top your 'love it' list. Barbeque grills can become downright nasty if left uncleaned for too long. Food remnants and charcoal debris builds up and eventually you are no longer grilling on the grill but on left over food. Sounds gross, but there is an easy solution to the mess. Grill brushes are inexpensive and easy to use. You may have to get a few of them if your grimy build up is out of control on your grill. Those with stainless steel bristles are ideal for scraping off the grill grates and having them look brand new again. The Grill Daddy Platinum is a steam operated cleaning grill tool that retails for about $50. I was skeptical on this so I read dozens of reviews online before even considering it. Feedback is positive although many owners say you could probably get away with a cheaper model. Ultimately, steam or not, you will have to put a little elbow grease into the cleaning process. We have a Weber S-420 natural gas grill and the stainless steel cooking grates do get dirty quickly. We use 2 brushes on the grill and keep it in reasonable shape.
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Choosing a Grill Brush - Grill brushes come in a variety of shapes - the best are those that allow you to get leverage when brushing the grates. Burnt on food won't come off easy, so being able to use some strength without worrying about snapping the cleaning tool in half is a must. Those with plastic arms or handles are a definite NO. Handle length goes from about 12 inches up to 21 inches. The longer the better we found per reviews posted online. The 12 inch grill brushes are decent, but a touch longer of a handle gives you a bit more leverage while covering your entire grill. The Weber 6493 21-Inch 3-Sided Grill Brush is a good product that reaches those hard to get spots on the grilling surface. Watch out for stainless steel bristles that come of the cleaning tool - several comments left online for the Char-Broil Brush Hawg Grill Brush mention this issue. Some owners even found small bristle pieces in their food. The Alpha Grillers Grill Brush is under $20 and gets perhaps the highest quality feedback for any tool we found. Cuts through grease and other food debris easily on both cast iron grill grates and porcelain enamel coated grates. The 18 inch handle is just right - you get control and pressure. The triangular designed head means all areas of the grill will get cleaned. Another unique design is the Grill Daddy GD12952S Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush which again uses steam to help clean the grates. Fill the reservoir with water, preheat the grill, and then go for it. This unit is huge at 22 inches in length and the handles are ergonomically designed to give a great grip and tons of leverage. Complaints on this model are the obvious ones - it leaks, feels brittle, and falls apart. Ok, that is being rough considering most of the owner remarks we found online were positive, but you should at least know all the facts before purchasing any product. Stay away from the plastic handles (they will break easily), go with stainless steel bristles, and look for one with a mid-range handle length (18 inches). Some models offer replacement brushes - that's a nice feature - but given the products are under $20 it's not a requirement. Try to find a dual featured brush - one that also has a scraper edge on it. Sometime a brush just doesn't do the trick and you need a scraping bar to get off the hard stuff. RECOMMENDED - You can browse the best selling grill brushes here.

Best Grill Brush:

RECOMMENDED - The top rated Grill Brush - Heavy Duty BBQ Tool is one that we found to get the best ratings and the guy at our local BBQ shop said he uses this one on his grills. At about $20 it's a great investment if you tend to grill a lot. The 18 inch handle is the right size to get proper leverage while cleaning grates - the shape of the brush head allows you to reach the edges, deep between the grate bars, and the corners. It's a triangular design and one that won't disappoint. Our only complaint is the plastic handle - albeit it is reinforced with a wire handle so it can take a bit more punishment than the cheaper plastic only handles that tend to break. Reviews online back up the sturdiness of this grill brush and owner comments include 'grill brush that works' and 'effective grill cleaner'. In our testing of this brush we found it to be very efficient and quite durable. Make sure the grill has had ample time to warm up and then clean the grates. We do this before each grilling and the grate debris comes off very easily.

Grill Daddy Grill Brush:

RECOMMENDED - The Grill Daddy GD12952S Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush is certainly worth a look at about $20. We picked it for the design and uniqueness of the steam cleaning action. Should you expect miracles with that dirty grill of yours? No, but the Grill Daddy does a good job at cleaning grease and it breaks down burnt on gunk. The brushes will last a long time and even if they do get worn down you can always buy replacement brushes for about $7. When we looked online for reviews, we found negative comments about water leakage and lack of overall durability. Those reviews were posted more than 4 years ago and since then it appears the quality of the product has increased as more recent feedback is very positive. Current opinions from owners are 'makes cleaning much easier' and 'my husband loves the Grill Daddy'. Even if the steaming function doesn't work perfectly, we say the design of this grill brush is one that barbequers will appreciate.