Updated: November 2017

Halloween Inflatable Reviews:

Over the past 5 years I have seen more homes with extravagent Halloween decorations. It used to be that you put up a witch or a black cat on your front door, but now we are seeing Halloween inflatables on peoples lawns and in their yards. Outdoor Halloween inflatables are still pretty cheap and may be worth it, but consider the fact that many young teenagers are out on Halloween night and vandalism is always a risk when you have things like that in your yard. Graveyards and inflatable pumpkings are popping up everywhere and for less than $100, most are reasonably priced. The more expensive cemetary gateway scene that costs $280 is an eye catcher, but over the top. The larger the Halloween yard inflatables get, the more power it takes to run them and the more room you need to fit them in. I know that in our neighborhood, yards are small enough to begin with and when you add in a giant Halloween inflatable it gets a little silly.
halloween inflatables

Buying Guide - Grandin Road and Gemmy are two of the bigger brand names on the market and you can find their inflatables for Halloween in major department stores like Target, Walmart, and online at Amazon.com. Halloween inflatable reviews - are definitely not consistent. It appears from owner comments that we found online that the larger the blowup item, the more likely there will be issues. The smaller airblown black cat or witch cauldron get excellent feedback while the cemetary archway gate is less than perfect. The biggest complaint is that the inflatables don't inflate all the way or don't hold air as well as they should. Owners often think there are leaks or that the blower is insufficient, but that is not always the case. Don't go out and buy a bunch of these, instead start with a basic inflatable witch or spider and see how it works for you. When thrown in with Halloween lights and other decorations they can be a nice touch to any outdoor scene. Another thing to consider is that many of the huge inflatables require some kind of stake in the ground with a string attached to keep the unit standing upright. Make sure you have plenty of room in your yard to setup one of these. Having an outdoor electrical outlet is a must, otherwise you are running extension cords through open windows or doorways. Not worth the hassle. Halloween is a fun holiday for kids, so make your yard a fun place to visit. You can browse the best selling Halloween inflatables here.

Best Halloween Inflatables:

RECOMMENDED - One of the most popular inflatables is the Airblown Animated Black Cat for less than $60. The cat will actually meow and the head moves. It's over 6 feet wide, so perfect for a front porch or on your lawn. Some owners say the inflatables are less effective when it rains or if the wind really howls up. Inflatable pumpkins are also family favorites as they represent Halloween the best. The Gemmy 8' Rotating Witches in Jack-O-Lantern Inflatable is one to look at if you have a little more room in your front yard.

Halloween Inflatable Yard Decorations:

Halloween lights set the mood when trick or treaters come to your house and adding music or scary noises makes it even better. To top off the entire look, consider a huge inflatable to make your house the top place to be come Halloween. There are giant pirate ships, skeleton trains, grim reaper and pumpkin carriage, and lifesize cemetaries. Halloween inflatable yard decorations can be fun, but my only complaint is that the Halloween holiday really only lasts a few days and so the more expensive inflatables are hard to justify versus those I buy for Christmas. In any event, check out Amazon or Yardinflatables.com for Halloween decorations that blowup and sit in your yard.