Updated: November 2017

Hamilton Beach Blender Reviews:

For many of us, kitchen counter space is at a premium. We want appliances that are useful - and ideally, they'd be versatile. You can make toast in the toaster, but what else can you do? If you have a blender, though, you have unlimited options for snack and meal creations. When it comes to home appliances, Hamilton Beach is a top name. Widely recognized and respected by consumers, the Hamilton Beach assemblies are in homes across the world. You probably have a few yourself. And if you don't, your first should definitely be one of their great blenders.
hamilton beach blender

You Need a Blender - The blender is by far the best multi-tasking tool of the kitchen. You are not limited to making smoothies and shakes, either. You can use your blender to make anything from roasted red pepper and artichoke dip and creamy potato soup to sweet potato pudding and dulce de leche cookies. Endless prep work is done in seconds, and you are free to get out of the kitchen much faster. Even better, you can create quick foods that are healthy. Instead of stopping at Starbucks for a sugar-laden (and expensive) latte, you can whip up an iced coffee smoothie. It's quicker, easier, and better for your waistline and budget. Kicking back with a frozen strawberry margarita or a fresh fruit frappe is enough of a reason to get a Hamilton Beach blender - but luckily, you get so much more. Choosing Your Hamilton Beach Blender - When choosing a kitchen blender, there are three main factors to consider:

*Size. If you need a blender to make a smoothie before work in the morning, a small Hamilton Beach model like the 51101B Single-Serve Blender with Travel Lid is a great choice. The Single-Serve Blender features simple one-touch operation, durable stainless steel blades, and 14-ounce blending container. It measures 3 3/4 x 3 3/4 x 12 1/2 inches and fits in most cup holders. Put in your ingredients, snap on the lid, push a button, and take your smoothie to go. There's less to clean, too! This efficient little blender is just $16. If you bring a healthy smoothie to work instead of stopping for a sugary coffee drink, the Single-Serve will pay for itself in no time. Plus, you'll save hundreds of calories. This small Hamilton Beach model was chosen as one of Good Housekeeping's best blenders and was BestCovery's pick for best single serve blender. On the other hand, if you want to make a round of drinks for friends or whip up some soup for dinner, you'll need a larger capacity model. The Hamilton Beach 54245 Deluxe 14-Speed Blender features great mixing and ice-crushing prowess, stainless blades, 700 watts of power, a 48-ounce glass jar, and a 3-year warranty. The 54245 Deluxe is $50. Again, think of the savings: if you use this Hamilton Beach blender to make frozen mixed drinks, it will have paid for itself in only a handful of delicious drinks.

*Features. What can your blender do? To use the two Hamilton Beach models we've already mentioned as examples, the Single-Server is great for making smoothies and beverages. It can't handle hot food, so making soups and purees is out, and the small 175 watt power source and blades are not strong enough to handle things like large ice cubes. With the bigger Deluxe model, you can make drinks, soups, dips, and desserts, as well as crush ice. Find the model that is most convenient for you.

*Price. Hamilton Beach blenders tend to be affordable choices in general. Compared to models like Blendtec that cost $300 to $400 or more, even Hamilton Beach's more expensive models are priced for budget-conscious people. You can find full-sized models for under $50. In fact, you can find one for $17. The Hamilton Beach 54615 Wavestation Express Dispensing Blender features 500 watts of power and is great for making smoothies, purees, dips, and more.

The WaveAction system forces the mixture down into stainless steel ice-crushing blades so your ingredients are blended thoroughly. It has a convenient dispenser valve - worth the price right there! It features a tight fitting lid, DuraBlend plastic jar that can hold 56 ounces and is safe for the dishwasher, a generous handle, and a spout that is drip-free. It also has a three-year warranty to put your mind at ease. Reviews from the Wall Street Journal and Good Housekeeping have noted that the WaveStation is a bit taller than standard blenders and may not fit under cabinets. They also note that the "WaveAction" can be a little loud. Housewares.About gives it rave reviews, particularly in light of the price. Browse all best selling Hamilton Beach blenders here.

Some Other Great Hamilton Beach Blenders to Consider:

The Hamilton Beach 52655 12-Speed BlenderChef Blender is another top choice of Good Housekeeping, who love its excellent smoothie capabilities. The BlenderChef has 700 watts of peak power, 56-ounce dishwasher safe jar, chopper attachment with 3 cup capacity, measuring cup in lid, cord storage, stainless steel chop/mix blade, oil/liquid dispenser, and three-year warranty. It's a great choice because it can pull double-duty as a food processor. You can find the BlenderChef for a bit under $50. Another Hamilton Beach model that is popular with experts and consumers alike is the Hamilton Beach 52147H. You will see some negative reviews from people who say the Dual Wave couldn't break up big chunks. However, if you read on, you'll find that the blender has its supports. A reviewer, who happens to be a chef, said that he was considering a commercial blender for an event and got this instead. He says it worked perfectly and he made 230 20-ounce smoothies during the day. That's a lot of use for a residential blender, and the Hamilton Beach held up like a champ. That being said, it does pay to read the instructions and make sure you are using it properly. Once done, many reviewers say they love it and it works well. Experts from KitchenDaily and TestFreaks agree. KitchenDaily said it was one of the best budget blenders, while TestFreaks said it was a "great deal." The Dual Wave features the WaveAction system to break up ice chunks and 1000 watts of power. You have the option to blend in one 80-ounce pitcher, a 16-ounce cup, or two 8-ounce cups. This is ideal if you're making a smoothie on the go or a whole pitcher to enjoy at home. The Dual Wave is $68. Hamilton Beach appliances are always worthwhile additions to the home, and this is especially true of their line of useful, convenient, and budget-friendly blenders. Browse through the selection online to start saving money, eating (or drinking) better, and enjoying your delicious creations.