Updated: November 2017

Heat Lamp Reviews:

The Wide Variety of Applications for Heat Lamps - A heat lamp is usually an incandescent light bulb that is used to create heat in a room. The radiation of the lamp produces infrared light and a good viable heat source. Heat lamps don't use a lot of energy, so they are pretty eco-friendly. They also won't hike up your electric bill. Most commonly, people use heat lamps in a shower or bathroom. After a shower it is great in the wintertime to have a heat lamp under which to dry off. Heat lamps are also used in restaurants as food stays warm underneath them. Yet another application for heat lamps on the other end of the spectrum is for terrariums for lizards or hatcheries for chicks. Some people even believe infrared heat lamps have therapeutic applications in helping to heal pain. You can find a wide assortment of heat lamps here. Generally, there are two options for infrared heat lights- gas and electric. Usually gas powered infrared heat lamps are used only in warehouses since they need to be at least 10 feet away. The heat lamps we see in people's houses are electric. But are there any potential dangers of heat lamps? Indeed even though heat lamps are widespread, there is still some risk from electric infrared heat lamps. They should never be close to the skin, because this light can actually burn skin. Heat lamps should also always be kept away from babies. Long-term exposure to infrared radiation can harm the eyes.
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Best Heat Lamps:

We looked at some different sources including Amazon.com and HGTV to find the best heat lamps. If you want a bathroom heat lamp, you can find an assortment at Amazon. One easy, low cost and effective choice for a heat lamp is the GE Heat Lamp, 250 Watts which sells for $6. According to the reviews we read, this heat lamp provides lots of warmth despite its low price. It can also be used in a wide variety of lamps. Quite a few people have used the GE Heat Lamp in their recessed light fixtures in the bathroom with great results. In general, people were very pleased with the price and effectiveness of the GE Heat Lamp. Another great potential heat lamp for the bathroom is the Broan 164 2-Bulb Ventilation Heater Bath Fan with Lights which sells for $55. There are two separate function controls on this heater As the name suggests, it also does come with a fan. According to reviewers, this heat lamp is a great way to get more heat in your bathroom without even needing a thermostat. It is also very quiet to use. On http://www.bathroomventilationsfans.com this product is also recommended. Reviewers state that it has excellent ventilation and lowers energy bills. They concur that the Broan heat lamp really is very quiet.

Reptile Heat Lamps:

What about if you are looking for a heat lamp for your reptile? If so, we found that a good choice would be Zoo Med Repticare 60 Watt Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter for $20. This is a heat lamp that doesn't even emit light, which makes it perfect for all kinds of reptiles and amphibians. Desert creatures typically need hot temperatures, but not necessarily very bright light to go along with it. Reviewers really love the Zoo Med Repticare Heat lamp and mention that it can raise the temperature in a terrarium significantly. These infrared heat lamps are designed to last up to five years. Reviewers also liked this product because of its economical nature. In fact, people found that this heat lamp could heat up the whole room. Some reviewers found that this heat lamp was also perfect for applications in a chicken coop. Petco's customers also love the Zoo Med Repticare Heat Emitter. When we checked their review status, 21 people had reviewed this product and it had a ranking of 4.8 out or 5 stars. If you want more information about choosing a heat lamp for your pet, check out this video:

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