Updated: November 2017

Ironing Board Reviews:

I remember my mom pulling out the ironing board into our living room and ironing my dads shirts each week. The board itself was huge, like a surfboard in size. The unit was so big it didn't even fit in the laundry room when fully extended. Even storing it was not that easy as space was a premium in our household. I took that ironing board with me when I first moved out and quickly realized that they make much smaller models now and some store quite easily with wall mounts or over the door. If you have a laundry room in your house or condo, then getting a surface mount ironing board cabinet is the way to go. It drops down when you need it and otherwise hides away when not in use. Lowes has some pointers on their website on installing a wall mount ironing board and the skill level required is "beginner". What should you look for when buying an ironing board? Which brands are the best? Keep reading to find out.
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Buying Guide - Firstly, most ironing boards are made the same way - they consist of a flat metal plate that is covered with padding and then a cover of heat resistant material (usually fabric). The stand that the board sits on can raise or lower depending on your desired height level. The smaller, portable ironing boards are useful in apartments or even college dorm rooms where students are pressed for space. I currently own the drop-down style that fits over your door and extends out only when in use. It's not out of sight, but it does reside in our laundry room so it's not like people are seeing it. Some of the top selling ironing board brands are Rowenta, Polder, Seymour, Whitney Design and Better Lifestyle. You can find them in department stores like Target, Linens N Things, JC Penney, and Sears. The pricing varies, but expect to spend about $10 to $15 for the mini, tabletop versions and upwards of $100 for the professional ironing boards by Rowenta. If you have sufficient space in your house, I would go with the standard free standing ironing board from a maker like Brabantia. We found the 12" ironing surface to be more than enough to do shirts and slacks. The smaller ironing boards often have difficulty ironing longer sleeves but the Brabantia rates well for this type of use. The higher grade professional models are probably not necessary for home use, but if you press a lot of shirts or slacks each week it can make it easier when using a model like the Rowenta IB6300 Professional Ironing Board which comes with all the accessories and styling you would ever want. We found some good reviews on Amazon.com from consumers who bought various brands. Epinions has some decent feedback but not much in terms of comparisons. For hideaway ironing boards we found a few owner reviews on a sewing website at Patternreview.com in their message board section. All the reviews mention that you should measure your available space first and then check the specs on any model you are considering to make sure it will fit properly. Even some of the wall mount models can be a little tricky, so do your homework before you find yourself back at the store returning an ironing board that is either too big or small. You can browse the top selling ironing boards online here.

Best Ironing Board:

If you are looking for the best quality ironing board, consider the Rowenta IB6300 Professional ($160) which sells on Amazon.com. The board includes a 3-layer cover with 100% top cotton cover, an inner layer of a thick felt pad, and a bottom layer of 100% cotton. The board is symmetrical which made it equally easy to use for for left or right handers. The construction is heavy duty and the fold out garment rack is great for hanging your clothes when you are done. Rowenta truly does make the best ironing boards and we understand that not everyone needs a model of this quality for basic ironing. There are 2 other models which stand out as well in consumer reviews which make sense for the average homeowner. The Brabantia Free Standing ironing board sells for about $100 at Kitchensource.com and Target carries a Rowenta ironing board for around $80 which should get the job done in most households. Check out all the top rated ironing boards here.

Built In Ironing Board:

The hideaway ironing boards are perfect for those with storage issues. We found several references to the Hideawayironingboards.com website on ironing board sites and quickly found why they come so highly rated. Their storage cabinets are well designed and look great - you can get them in white or unfinished wood colors. You will need to install them yourself or have a handyman do it. As we mentioned above Lowes actually has a DIY section on their site to help guide you through the process of installing a surface mount ironing board. Pricing starts at about $160 and goes up to over $300 on some sites for the nicer hidden ironing board cabinets. RECOMMENDED- Amazon.com carries quite a few of the wall mounted ironing boards and several get excellent reviews from owners. We suggest the Wall Mounted Ironing Center which comes in white and features an all steel fold-away ironing board that mounts to a wall stud. Installation is easy and you'll be setup in no time.

Portable Ironing Board:

The small ironing boards that fit on tabletops or beds are very inexpensive ($10 to $20) and do work ok, but if you have a lot of shirts to press or require more space we definitely suggest going with one of the larger models listed above. The portable ironing boards like the Polder 1232-82 Deluxe Tabletop Ironing Board ($10) which is sold on Amazon.com gets high praise from almost all the reviewers. The space saving design is what attracts most of the owners, although it does not allow you to work as quickly as the bigger boards would. The ironing surface is just 32 x 12 inches and owners say the tabletop ironing board is sturdy and compact. When I was in college several girls had these boards in their rooms and used them regularly but complained about how time consuming it was to do a basic shirt. I guess if you are confined with limited space, these smaller ironing boards will have to do.