Updated: November 2017

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Jack Hammer Tool Reviews:

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Ever taken on the task of tearing out an old concrete walkway or patio? It can be hard work even if you do have a jack hammer to do the job? Many homeowners opt to just rent a jackhammer from a home improvement store for a few days while they complete the project. Demolition work can be fun and backbreaking all at the same time.

Jackhammers are notorious for being heavy and really noisy. They can also be really rough on your body if you use it for hours on end. The intense vibrations that a jack hammer makes in order to get through tough concrete or cement reverberates throughout your entire body. Odds are you will end up with sore joints - wrists, shoulders, back, and knees. We will try to cover in this article the different types of jack hammers that exist and who should be using them.

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The video below shows the basic functions of a Bosch Brute Electric Jackhammer:

What to look for in a jackhammer?

There are two main types of jack hammers - those run with compressed air (pneumatic) and those that operate with electricity. The electric jack hammers are not as powerful as the pneumatic ones, but they still may do the job on smaller demolition projects. In reviews we read online and in magazines, consumers had relatively high praise for the Neiko Industrial electric demolition jack hammer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Bosch 11316EVS SDS-Max Demolition Hammer and the DEWALT D25899K 21 LB SDS Max Demo Hammer are not truly "jack hammers" but they perform admirably when it comes to knocking out brick or concrete on demo jobs. The 14 amp motors will provide plenty of power to chip away at stone, tile, brick or cement.

The corded electric Makita HM1304B is a 35-Pound Demolition Hammer that works with almost any demo project - digging post holes, breaking up concrete, etc. The Bosch 11335K is similar to the Makita and gets positive reviews from experts and owners alike. At 35 pounds these are not light, but you can definitely get in quite a bit of chiseling and hammering before your arms want to fall off.

We found that consumers tend to use jack hammers and demo hammers on things like cutting a trench in a cement floor, digging landscaping holes, cutting through 10" slabs of concrete, breaking through hard clay and more. They can be a great tool for DIY homeowners and the electric models are priced low enough that it may be a better option than renting one at $60 to $100/day.

The heavy duty jack hammers are often called hex breaker hammers or brute breaker hammers. I hear them called pavement breakers as well. These are the "big dogs" when it comes to jack hammering huge sidewalks or roadways. The DeWalt D25980K and the Bosch 11304K Brute are priced over $1200 but provide the power and weight to take care of large jobs. Most come with a variety of bits that you can change in and out of the end to get different chiseling or hammering effects.

Jack Hammer Tool Reviews - We found a good selection of owner feedback online at Amazon.com, Northerntool.com, and at Toologics. It's always good to read up on some consumer comments and see what the experts have to say before purchasing anything. You can browse the best selling jack hammers online here.

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Best Jack Hammer:

RECOMMENDED - The one name that always is top rated is Bosch. The Bosch 11335K 35-Pound 1-1/8-Inch Jack Hammer Kit is priced at around $1000 and gets excellent reviews. It's a corded electric jack hammer that weighs close to 38 pounds. You get a great weight to power ratio with 34 feet per second of impact force. The vibration control handle features a flexible, 2 handed design so vibrations are reduced by up to 40%. What bits will it take?

The Bosch 11335K takes the 1-1/8-inch hex steel and the 1-1/8-inch air steel bits. The all metal housing will help this electric jack hammer stand up to any conditions on the jobsite. Bosch carries all types of chipping hammers, demolition hammers, rotary hammers, and breaker hammers. Feedback on all of them is near perfect. Find one that fits your needs and take a look. You can view top selling Bosch demolition and jack hammers here.

To check out how to use a jackhammer properly - click the image below to go to video.

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Pavement Breakers:

RECOMMENDED - We say take a look at the DEWALT D25980K Pavement Breaker with Hammer Truck and Steel which is a corded electric jack hammer priced under $1500. With 61 Ft-lbs. of impact energy, it's hard to beat the performance delivered by the DeWal D25980K. The 15 amp motor gives you maximum power and overload protection.

The DeWalt works wonders on concrete demolition, ground rod driving, road or sidewalk demolition, and basement waterproofing. The Active Vibration Control system will reduce vibrations up to 70%. Another option is the highly regarded Bosch 11304K Brute Hex-Breaker Hammer which is similar in price to the DeWalt. The Bosch features 4 sockets so it will hold any 1 1/8 inch hex collar insert tools.

Owners call this a "very versatile machine" and "dependable and gets the job done". The cart makes it easy to transport around jobsites or to and from locations. Quite a few reviewers mention that the Bosch is much easier to use than the gas or compressed air hammers and it's still powerful enough to get through sidewalks and concrete without a problem.

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