Updated: November 2017

Juice Press Reviews:

A juice press is a kitchen appliance that lets you make fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice in the morning. You will also find these juice presses advertised under the name of citrus juicer or juice extractor. Don't get these mixed up with the "juicers" you see in stores that create vegetable and fruit juice drinks. The manual juice presses have been around for years and some are better at others at getting the juice out from the fruit. The newer electric citrus presses like the Breville 800CPXL Die-Cast are very popular and reviews are extremely positive. The larger, commercial juice press variety like the Hamilton Beach Manual Juicer is a top rated model that scores well with professionals and home owners alike. Which juice press is the best? How much are juice presses? Where can I buy a juice extractor? We answer all those questions below.
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Buying Guide - Let's start with the top brands - Metrokane, Norpro, OrangeX, Breville, Hamilton Beach, and Black & Decker. The high end Hamilton Beach goes for about $240 and is probably beyond the average homeowner needs. The Breville is electric and definitely makes it easy to squeeze your own juice at home, but again for $170 it may be above what the average person needs. The more basic Norpro Stainless-Steel Citrus Juice Press is the simplest looking of all the devices and retails for about $35 and consumer opinions on this model are very favorable. We found reviews on Cooking.com, Epinions, and Amazon.com. Also, the Wall Street Journal did a recent reviews in May 2009 comparing 5 different juice presses all varying in size, price, and style. To make the best comparisons we feel that the reviews listed on Amazon are the most comprehensive and you can literally read dozens of owner comments on a single product. Ultimately, you can rank or rate each one and make an informed buying decision. In terms of which ones to avoid, several of the Metrokane citrus juicers received less than stellar reviews online (like the Mighty OJ Squeezer). The one Metrokane worth considering is the Metrokane L-Press Citrus Juicer which at $100 is a good mid-range press that rated well with the WSJ and in postings we found on the Internet. Overall, some juice presses didn't have enough leverage or mechanical strength to extract all the juice from the fruit. If you are lacking in counter space the smaller citrus presses may be a better buy, but if space is no issue, then go with the larger, more industrial presses like the Hamilton Beach or Breville. You can browse the top selling juice presses and extractors online here.

Best Juice Press:

RECOMMENDED - When it comes to juice presses, the Breville 800CPXL Die-Cast Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press is a top rated electric model that ranks very high amongst appliance experts and consumers. The professional grade stainless steel housing gives it a commercial look and the it's powerful too. The electric motor lets you get fresh squeezed juice without all the effort required with the manual presses. The motor runs quiet and it efficiently squeezes out almost all of the juice in oranges and grapefruits. Features a drip stop juice spout, 2 filters so you can decide how much pulp you prefer, and the juicing cone fits all fruit sizes (unlike other models that couldn't accommodate larger oranges). The parts are dishwasher safe which makes cleaning a breeze. Owner comments include "worth every penny" and "powerful juicer". The warranty last for 1 year and most owners say durability is not an issue.

Commercial Citrus Juicer:

If you want the raw power in a manual citrus juicer, then the Hamilton Beach 932 Commercial Citrus Juicer is the one to pick. In countless reviews this model wins out amongst the other heavy duty manual juicers on the market. Metrokane tries to provide similar products and so does OrangeX but they just don't score as well for a variety of reasons. The Hamilton Beach juice press is really a commercial product with rack and pinion gearing. The unit can exert up to 2000 pounds of pressure so you get the maximum juice from each piece of citrus. Features include swing out drip cup, removable strainer cone, and a non skid base. The two negatives on this juice press are the price (over $250) and the sheer size and weight. At close to 13 pounds you'll realize why this is such a durable machine, but it can be a problem to store it due to it's size. One big plus is that the chrome and porcelain components are acid resistant - use it for years and it will still look brand new. We found positive reviews posted by bar owners and families that said they couldn't "imagine a better citrus juicer" on the market. .

Basic Citrus Juice Press:

Want something so simple to use that will extract juice from lemons, limes and small oranges? The Norpro Stainless-Steel Citrus Juice Press is a great compliment to any home chef. My wife has this one and we use it all the time for squeezing our limes or lemons for cooking purposes. If you have smaller oranges they might fit, but large ones would never work. Does the job on a weekly basis and it's easy to clean as well. Another basic citrus juice press is the CitrusMate from Black and Decker. For less than $20 it's a staple in many kitchens across America. You can view the most popular citrus juice presses here.