Updated: November 2017

King Mattress Pad Reviews:

Buying a new king mattress set may seem like a great thing but having to cover it with sheets, mattress pads, bed bug protective cases, electric warming blankets, and comforters can really add up. King size mattress pads tend to be more than queen or twin products simply because they require more material. You are looking at spending $100 or more for a warming king top mattress pad and about the same for a memory foam mattress topper for king or california king beds. Throw in a bed bud proof zippered encasement or a waterproof mattress protector and the cost rises substantially. Mattress toppers for king beds can be very expensive and probably aren't necessary unless you have an older bed that isn't as comfortable as it used to be. A mattress pad is pretty much a necessity for beds - just likes sheets and a comforter. Whether it's just a pad or one that warms the bed is a another issue.
king mattress pad

Buying King Mattress Pads, Toppers, Warmers, and Protectors - We are going to give you information on all sorts of products providing the "best of" in each of the 4 categories down below. We'll list top brands, best selling models, and where you can buy them. Each has it's own unique function for a mattress/bed so read each section and then determine which is best for your needs. Start with mattress pads and work your way down the list for other items that will make your king size mattress both comfortable and protected from things like bed bugs and liquids. We found almost all the items listed here in regular department stores like Target or Walmart. For the most part we like shopping online for impersonal items like "bedding" and our favorite e-tailer is Amazon. They offer all the major brands like Luna, Soft Heat, Allerzip, Sleep Studio, Sleep Better and Sunbeam.

Best King Mattress Pads:

All beds needs a mattress pad and todays theory is the "thicker the better". The Pike Street mattress pad for king beds is a top seller and costs less than $60. A California King is closer to $70. The pad is overfilled for added comfort - the 64 ounces of loft-retaining polyester fiber is what gives the extra cushion. It's machine washable and dryer ready as well. NewPointe Home makes a similar product that sells for about half as much. The 250-Thread-Count Cotton Damask Stripe King Mattress Pad doesn't have as much filling as teh Pike Street, but those with mattress toppers won't even notice the difference. We suggest that you browse the best selling king mattress pads here. You can get prices, descriptions, compare products, read owner reviews, and purchase them.

Mattress Topper for King/California King:

The mattress toppers you find in bedding departments have become all the rage these days. I personally don't have one yet, but I have had the opportunity to sleep on quite a few in vacation rentals that we have stayed at. We have a pillowtop mattress and a fairly thick mattress pad so I don't find the need for the extra cushion. However, owners swear by the mattress toppers - especially those made with the memory foam. Two tops brands in this category are Sleep Studio and Sleep Better. For a king mattress topper made with ventilated 2 or 3 inch memory foam you are looking at $100+. The thickness of the mattress toppers tends to range from 2 to 5 inches and they are said to last for years. RECOMMENDED - View top rated king mattress toppers here. Owner comments posted on websites like Amazon.com say things like "best night of sleep ever" and "comfort and cushion equal great sleep". When I have slept on these padded toppers for mattresses they are comfortable but I have always preferred a firmer mattresses and the extra cushioning just doesn't work for me.

King Mattress Warmer:

Although not a necessity, having an electric warming blanket on a bed is a huge plus when the weather cools down in the winter. I know that having a king warming mattress pad has helped me sleep better on cold nights. Soft Heat and Rest Secure are two respected names in the industry and their king size warming pad for the mattress are top sellers. They sell for $100 to $150 and owner reviews are near perfect. You can adjust the controls to keep yourself warm and cozy under the sheets. I have found that more people prefer the warming mattress pads over the traditional electric blankets that fit over the top of you. Dual controls are preferable - especially if you share your bed with someone else. My wife prefers the pad to be warmer on her side and that is fine by me since I can control my side with the simple dial control. Check out the most popular heated mattress pads here.

Waterproof Bed Bug Proof Zippered Bedding Encasement for King Bed:

Recent news articles on tv and in the paper have told of huge outbreaks of bed bugs. They are found in hotel rooms and beds across America and the worst part is that you can transport them home without even knowing it. The cost to get a pest control company to bed bug proof your house is expensive, so protect yourself from the start and get protective mattress and box spring covers. AllerZip is the #1 company for their zippered, waterproof bed bug encasements and we also heard excellent feedback on Luna Premium. Either brand is sold on Amazon.com and their mattress encasements sell for about $50 to $100. We have similar covering on our mattresses that we bought years ago for dust mites since our daughter has dust mite allergies. They cover the entire mattress or box spring and then zip up. We recommend reading reviews on Amazon and choosing whatever brand meets your requirements. You can browse bed bug proof mattress covers here.