Updated: November 2017

Kitchen Scale Reviews:

Why a Kitchen Scale is Important - People need kitchen scales for a wide variety of reasons. I remember I first got one when I was on a diet. A kitchen scale is great for dieters as it allows them to figure out exactly how many calories are in the foods they are eating. It's also difficult to figure out portion size sometimes just by looking at the food. However, if you have a food scale handy, all the guesswork of portion size in your diet is eliminated. Bakers also require cooking scales, as often you cannot get the precise measurements necessary without one. All chefs who are meticulous with measurements require a kitchen scale. There are three main types of kitchen scales, which include spring, weight scales, and digital kitchen scales. Usually the digital scales are considered to be the best because of their high level of accuracy. Also it isn't easy to break moving parts on a digital kitchen scale. A weight scale can also be very accurate, but for many people it is cumbersome to use. A video which can be found here compares the advantages of a digital kitchen scale versus a non-digital kitchen scale. You may also want to make sure your kitchen scale has a removable bowl. If it does have a bowl or a place to put one of your own bowls, you can then easily take the bowl off and wash it without having to clean the whole scale. A bowl also increases the capacity that your kitchen scale is able to measure. You can browse the best selling kitchen scales online here.
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How to Use a Kitchen Scale - So how do you use a kitchen scale? This depends to some degree on which type of scale you choose. On a typical kitchen/food scale, you would set the knob to zero. Next you would want to weigh the container that will be holding the food. The next step is to measure your food portion. Keep in mind that you need to measure the uncooked weight. So if you need one cup of rice, you would count the uncooked rice, not the cooked rice. You can use the scale to measure ingredients for baking by weight instead of by the measuring cups amount. Bakers typically feel that measuring by weight is far more reliable. Digital scales, on the other hand, often have an LED display that lets you know the measurement. Digital kitchen scales also have other useful add-on features like memory and automatic conversion of different weight measurements. Kitchen Scale Reviews - The UK's Independent newspaper recently did an article on finding the best kitchen scales. They mentioned Ikea's kitchen scale with mixing bowl. Also they loved Typhoon's Vintage red scale that sells for $40. Typhoon's scale, while gorgeous, is not digital. However, it does have a great retro design. Reviewers on Amazon appreciated how this scale looked in their kitchens. They also felt the scale was very high quality and easy to read. If you care about appearance and are not concerned whether or not you have a digital kitchen scale, the Typhoon kitchen scale is a great choice. Another kitchen scale highly recommended by The Independent was the Terraillon PRO1002 Professional 22-Pound Digital Baker's Scale, which sells for $100. This scale measures in 1/8 ounce increments and has a removable steel platform. The Terraillon scale is truly designed for professional kitchens and has a higher weight capacity than many simple kitchen scales. It can weigh up to 22 pounds. You can view the most popular kitchen and food scales here. Besides buying online, we found several of the top rated models in retailers like Target, Walmart, and Sears.

Best Kitchen Scales:

So what are the best kitchen scales? We looked at a variety of additional sources including the Chowhound forum, Buzzillions and Cooks Illustrated. Soehnle Digital Kitchen Scale came up highly recommended in all these sources. It is also less money than the other scales at just $32(see all the Soehnle scales here). The Soehnle Digital Kitchen Scale also features a great design. It has a brushed silver finish and glass which really could improve the overall look of your kitchen. This kitchen scale has a gram to ounce conversion. One reviewer on Amazon stated, "How can you not love a kitchen tool that is both gorgeous and hugely helpful and functional?" Another highly recommended kitchen scale is the EatSmart Precision Pro - this multifunction digital food scale features an extra large LCD display and an 11 pound capacity. The EatSmart kitchen scale has a 5 out of 5 star review with over 750 people having rated it. This scale allows users to weigh food directly on the scale. It also has a zero function that eliminates the weight of a plate or bowl. People found that this kitchen scale was extremely accurate. It is designed with dieters in mind. You can easily switch back and forth between grams, ounces, pounds and kilograms. Owners also like the EatSmart kitchen scale because of the low price. Its hard to do much better for $25. Some users say that they now literally use the scale all day long. The Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Scale is $24 and also popular. This kitchen scale is attractive, comes in 11 colors including a pink, sky blue and warm red. One plus for the Escali Primo scale is that it remembers the measurement you were last using when you turn it back on. Owners say it is easy to use. Many consumers were pleasantly surprised to learn that this scale holds 11 pounds of food - yet it's very sensitive to weight so you can measure even the smallest of quantities as well. The Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Scale has also been found to be very sturdy and durable. RECOMMENDED - See all the award winning Escali scales here.

Food Scale with Nutrient Calculator:

BEST - The #1 seller online in this category is the EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale - Professional Food and Nutrient Calculator which costs under $70. Owners say the knowledge they get from this food scale is never ending. Calculate calories, sodium, carbs, fiber, vitamin K, fats, and more. It includes a 44 page guidebook on leading a healthy lifestyle. Owners say the memory mode is time saving since it saves up to 99 entries. Quickly track your daily or weekly food consumption. The digital scale will weigh items in grams or ounces. The database has close to 1000 food stores in memory. Doctor, dieticians, and nutritionist have all endorsed this product to those trying to lose weight and eat healthy. Consumers who have bought this scale say things like "great nutrient scale" and "perfect scale for diabetics".