Updated: November 2017

Kitchen Torch Reviews:

Over the last few years my wife has turned herself into an amazing home chef. With trips to Italy and France to refine her skills, our kitchen has become the centerpiece to our house. With the creation of delicious foods comes the price that you pay for all the various gadgets. On her recent wish list was a 'kitchen torch'. Naive as I am, I had to ask what that would be used for. I was imagining something from medieval times with flames burning huge chunks of meat. I was told not to worry, that a kitchen torch was very safe and mostly used on things like Creme Brulee - caramelizing sugars. My biggest concern has always been spending money on rarely used items that just sit there in your kitchen cupboards. Just how much are kitchen torches? We found many between $30 and $60. Where do you buy a kitchen torch? Your best source is a kitchen specialty store like Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma, although pricing at those places may not give you the deal you are looking for. We prefer shopping online where shipping is often free and prices are very competitive at online retailers like Amazon.com or even Walmart.com.
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Choosing a Kitchen Torch - There are a few features that seem to be a 'must' when buying one of these kitchen torches - they are the fuel gauge/window so you know how much fuel is left and the ability to use the torch without having to hold down the flame button the entire time you are using it. Cheaper models like the Orka Kitchen Torch ($20) not only don't have fuel gauges but you have to hold the 'on' button continuously which can be tiresome. Hands free operation is the easiest way to go. The BonJour Creme Brulee Pro Culinary Torch for $35 has a fuel gauge and a continuous "on" switch. Other key features are thing like a safety lock, adjustable temperature control, and a removable stand. The Rosle Kitchen Torch is the top dog in this category at close to $60. The gas reservoir guarantees up to 60 minutes of operation with a continuous flame - not that anyone needs that much torching time, but if you have a dozen creme brulees to caramelize, you don't want to run out of gas while torching them. Beyond creme brulees, the Rosle is perfect for roasting peppers, browning meringues, crisping meats, skinning tomatoes and melting cheese on gratins. Many of the culinary torches come with recipes that use the torch. Culinary Torch Reviews - If you want feedback and consumer opinions on the varios models, we suggest going to websites like Amazon.com, Williams Sonoma, Crateandbarrel.com, and view online forum discussions at Cheftalk.com, and Chow.com. We like to look up specific kitchen torches and see what actual chefs have to say about them. Amazon carries the biggest selection of owner reviews. You can browse the best selling kitchen torches online here.

Best Kitchen Torch:

RECOMMENDED - The top rated Rosle Kitchen Torch is thoroughly evaluated by professional chefs and cooking schools. The German made kitchen torch features stainless steel and torch temperature goes up to 2372 degrees F. You'll be able to quickly caramelize the top of your creme brulee without the custard itself warming up. Owners like the adjustable gas dial so they can regulate the flame size based on their cooking needs. A safety switch is included so that it's child resistant. It features a 0.04 qt gas reservoir so you get up to 60 minutes of operation. Some people will complain about the price but if you use the kitchen tool enough you will get your money's worth. You can read reviews posted on Amazon and hear what others have to say. We did look up Consumer Reports to see what they say about kitchen torches, but no data could be found.

Culinary Torch for Creme Brulee:

RECOMMENDED - The BonJour Creme Brulee Pro Culinary Torch is the right choice for amateur chefs and professionals as well. At $35 we say it's a great value and it still has many of the features found on the more expensive Rosle listed above. It is butane gas powered, has a fuel level indicator window so you will always know how much is left, an anti-flare flame, and it's got an adjustable temperature control. The safety lock is a nice feature if you have kids in your house and there is also a removable stand included with this culinary torch. The Iwatani Torch Burner Professional is $30 and also gets excellent feedback - especially for those that sous vide meats and need to sear them before serving. Again, these culinary torches aren't just for creme brulees like many home chefs commonly think.