Updated: November 2017

Lazy Susan Reviews:

Whenever you are working with limited space - say in your kitchen cabinets or the pantry - you want to maximize storage and pack as much into the available space that will fit. The key to kitchen storage solutions is being able to access things in the back as well as those in the front of the cabinets. A lazy susan is a great product choice for you if you want to organize cans, spices, and other foods in your kitchen. I looked into getting built-in lazy susans and have some cabinets redone, but the cost was amazingly high. I decided to go the cheaper route and buy the full circle lazy susan for our pantry cabinet. Our pantry is narrow and not very deep so getting to the different shelves in the back was a pain. You would have to take out all sorts of stuff just to get access to anything stored near the back. Once the new lazy susan was installed our pantry has become the model of organization and my wife and kids love it. Now we can reach nearly everthing by turning the lazy susan around. Finding things has never been so easy. How much are lazy susans? Are they easy to install? Where do I buy them? We answer all those questions down below.
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Choosing a Lazy Susan - You have to start with your specific dimensions and go from there. Measure the inside of your cabinets or pantry area that you want to redo. A basic two tier system is the Copco 2555-0187 Non-Skid 2-Tier Cabinet Turntable with a 12-Inch diameter. Great for things like canned food, spices, or jars and at $12 it's a steal. It fits well in cabinets and pantry areas. For tables or countertops, the Snow River 7V03387 19-Inch Lazy Susan with Groove is nice for storing things like salt/pepper shakers, napkins, olive oil, etc. Goodhousekeeping gave the OXO Good Grips 2-Tier Adjustable Turntable with Divided Top Tier a thumbs up as a product that is a kitchen necessity. We found lazy susans with diameters ranging from 12 to 32 inches. Shapes vary a bit a well. The circle is the most popular style, but some cabinets fit the D-shaped lazy susans like those designed by Rev-A-Shelf. They cost a bit more but at 5 tiers high it can handle quite a bit of storage at $200+. Some are half moom shaped (for odd shaped cabinet spaces) and Fulterer makes wondering corner lazy susans. Lazy Susans Review - You can find lots of consumer feedback online at websites like Cooking.com, Goodhousekeeping.com, Epinions, and Amazon.com. See which models rate the highest for functionality. You can find most brands in stores like Walmart or Target and in the kitchen departments of Sears or Macy's. You can browse the best selling lazy susans here.

Best Lazy Susan:

RECOMMENDED - One of the most basic and very popular lazy susans is the Copco 2555-0187 Non-Skid 2-Tier Cabinet Turntable, 12-Inch which is quite cheap at $12. It's two tiers and fits nicely in most pantrys or kitchen cabinets. Measure your interior space to know if you'll be able to put things on the 2nd tier. We have found it's great for things like peanut butter jars, cans of tuna, nut containers, etc. If your pantry is large enough you could easily have 2 or 3 of these inside to help organize your food items and get quick access to everything - even the stuff that always was in the back. For something similar in design but with stainless steel, consider the Endurance 2 Tier Lazy Susan which sells for $25. It's more expensive, but with solid stainless steel material, it should last longer than the Copco and it looks better in modern kitchens. OXO Good Grips makes an adjustable turntable lazy susan that gets excellent reviews as well.

Lazy Susan for Pantry Cabinets:

RECOMMENDED - When you talk to kitchen remodelers and those that design kitchen cabinets for a living, they always mention products like those from Rev-A-Shelf. You don't have to buy new cabinets, just replace interior shelves with something like the 24" Full Circle Lazy Susan for Pantry Cabinets - 5 Shelf Pantry Set White. Each shelf is independently rotating and the 24" diameter on each tier gives you plenty of room for storage. The shaft is telescoping so it can fit into a variety of cabinet heights (up to 62 inches tall). Once you get in a few of these style of lazy susans, you'll want them in all your cabinet space. They make organizing and storage very simple. We suggest getting on Amazon.com and reading reviews for all the different shapes and sizes to see what will work best given your limited space. If you can't find something that works, check out the higher end storage solutions in stores like Home Depot or Lowes.