Updated: November 2017

Little Giant Ladder Reviews:

The Advantages of the Little Giant Ladder - The Little Giant Ladder is an adjustable ladder that seeks to replace all your other ladders, since it offers "24 ladders in one." You may have seen the late night infomercials for the product. If you haven't, you can watch the infomercials and see the Little Giant Ladder in action at http://www.littlegiantladder.com. There are a few different models, ranging from the low $200s to about $500. The Little Giant Ladder is made in the USA and comes from the company Wing Enterprises. Over 30 years ago, Hal Wing met the German inventor of a special ladder. Wing quickly realized this ladder could substitute for several different ladders. He began importing these ladders from Germany and his company now manufactures them in the States. In addition to the Little Giant Ladder, Wing Enterprises holds a variety of trademarks in ladder design and manufacturing. Although the Little Giant Ladder is very unique, the most direct competitor to it is the Gorilla Ladder, which is also a bit less expensive. See all the Little Giant ladders here..
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How Does the Little Giant Ladder Work? - The Little Giant Ladder is made out of the same aluminum that is used in aerospace constructions. In other words it is extremely strong. But it is also very lightweight. According to the company, "the Little Giant will replace 60-70% of all portable ladders currently being manufactured." Also the ladder can hold up to 250 lbs. Another major benefit to the Little Giant Ladder is that it has a lifetime warranty. So what are the different configurations for the Little Giant Ladder? You can actually transform this ladder very freely without much force or effort. It can be a simple A-Frame with a click of the hinge. It can also be transformed into a staircase ladder. In fact, the ladder can be adjusted in 1-foot increments. You can also change the Little Giant Ladder into a extension or scaffolding ladder. This will allow you to reach very high areas like roofs and trees. Another extremely useful function of the Little Giant Ladder is as a 90-degree ladder. This means that you can place the ladder directly up to a wall. The ladder works by a locking hinge in the inner ladder, which makes the A-Frame possible. There are two outer ladders over the inner unit. In addition to being able to serve a variety of versatile functions, the Little Giant Ladder prides itself on being very safe and strong. Because the ladder is adjustable, it can be used on uneven surfaces while still remaining sturdy. Little Giant Ladder Reviews - Sometimes products that are "as seen on TV" have a questionable level of quality. However, when we looked around at the ratings for the Little Giant Ladder, we only saw positive feedback. About.com Home renovations states that the ladder works exactly as the advertisements claim. They agreed that it was easy to configure. They also felt the scaffolding function was innovative and worked well. On the negative side, About.com mentioned that many people may not need this type of ladder. Also they point out that by the time a person buys all of the add-on products, they will have spent significantly more money. We checked out the reviews on Epinions. Many people on this site have written in stating that they love that ladder. The only complaint that we saw come up was with Little Giant Ladder's customer service. Apparently, they keep customers on hold for hours. So if you get this ladder and need to call customer service, get ready to wait. We checked out one review at InfoNOTcommercial, which mentioned that although they really liked the ladder, they could only find 18 positions not 24. You can see InfoNOTcommerical demonstrating the set-up of the ladder in this video:

Little Giant Ladder Options:

Amazon sells the Little Giant 10103LGW 300-Pound Duty Rating Ladder System with Work Platform at very competitive prices and with free shipping. The pricing structure is $389 for the 22 ft ladder, $316 for 17 foot ladder and $439 for 26 foot ladder. Reviewers are extremely impressed with this ladder. People mention that they use it for a very large variety of purposes around the house and also in construction. They feel that the ladder indeed is very stable and "rock solid." Another feature that people like is that it can be collapsed and stored in a relatively small space. For the amount of functionality that the Little Giant Ladder offers, people feel as though it is quite reasonably priced. Additional models include the Little Giant 14016 Alta-One M-22 Ladder System with Work Platform, 250-Pound Duty Rating which comes in 22 foot size for $289 or the 17 foot size for $280. There is also the Little Giant 10126LG 300-Pound Duty Rating Ladder System, 26-Foot which sells for $437. With so many choices, we STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you view the entire inventory of Little Giant Ladders here. See what other consumers have to say about them, read the owner feedback and comments, and then make an informed buying decision.

Little Giant Ladder Accessories:

There are a variety of accessories that you can buy for a modest price that enhance the potential of a little Giant Ladder even further. For example the Little Giant 10104 Work Platform sells for $32. This platform can be attached to any rung of the ladder and has a 300 lb capability. A person can stand up and use both hands. The Little Giant 10111 Wing Span/Wall Standoff is $29 and is another popular option. This add-on has a width of 50 inches and a stand-off of 12 inches. It allows people to work around obstacles and overhangs. The Little Giant 10106 Ladder Leg Leveler is $32 and can be used to stabilize the ladder when it is leaning. Perfect around uneven staircases or basements. Falling off of ladders is one of the top reasons DIY homeowners get injured each year, but by having the right equipment you can eliminate the instability that other ladders have and keep yourself safe. See the accesories here.