Updated: November 2017

Lock Box Reviews:

I recently ran into a situation where I needed to buy a lock box for my house key. Our kitchen is being remodeled and I had planned on going on vacation to get away from the drama. The contractor said we could just give him a key to the house, but that on certain days he wouldn't be at the house - his workers would be there. I decided to solve the problem by getting a lockbox for keys. Much like realtor lock boxes, this one just attaches to the front door handle - much like a pad lock. Then there is a combination lock with numbers on the front that once punched in correctly will open up to expose the key. It's like a hide a key, but I don't have to put the key under my planter box or door mat. I feel safer using the lock box and will definitely keep it around for other situations that come up. Our guide below will help you determine which type is right for you, how much they cost, and where to buy them.
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Lock boxes for keys are used by more than just real estate agents. At your home, they are great for kids after school who need to get into the house. No sense in having them drag a key to and from school and risk losing it. Just put the house key in the lock box and it's waiting there for them everyday. If you happen to have a handyman or repair guy coming over, you can leave the house and have the key kept in the combination lock box. Some businesses even use lock boxes for keys. They limit having to make dozens of copies for all the employees. One key is onsite all the time which eliminates the hassle of duplicate keys. When employees change, just switch the combination on the lock box for security reasons. The most prevalent use of these devices are the lock boxes for realtors seen on homes for sale across America. Vacation homes use them just as often for rentals - no need to mail a key, just give the rentor the combination code and keep it simple. The lock boxes can be secured to just about anything they can fit around. In my case, the front door handle was shaped right so that I could attach it to that. In other situations, you may have to attach it to your gas line or utility box somewhere near your homes entrance. I've also seen them permanently attached to walls. The wall mount lock boxes are useful in places like vacation rentals where you now it will stay up for years. What are the top brands? - Master Lock and GE Security are the top names and the Master Lock portable key storage is a top seller on websites like Amazon.com. Our real estate agent friend told me about the GE Security Accesspoint Keysafe which she uses regularly. They are available in hardware stores, home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes and online at Amazon.com. You can browse the best selling lock boxes for keys here.

Best Lock Boxes:

Master Lock is a well recognized name in the industry and they offer both a key storage lock box that fits around things like a pad lock and another which is wall mountable. Master Lock 5401D is a wall mounted key storage box with a set your own combination feature. The unit holds up to 5 keys - for cars, houses, padlocks, etc. There are 4 dials so you can set the combination to whatever you want and change it regularly as well. Comes with mounting hardware - it's easy to mount to almost any wall surface. The 5401D Key Safe is weather resistant and has a durable metal body. Owner reviews are near perfect on Amazon with customers saying things like " great for rentals" and "never lose a spare key again". The Master Lock 5400D costs roughly the same ($18) and resembles the realtor lock box style which fit onto door handles.

Lock Boxes for Realtors:

Anyone that is a realtor knows that having access to homes is essential when showing clients around. Most realtors that we talked with own several GE Security Key Boxes. My close friend said she wouldn't trust any other brand. Real estate agents need a device that is safe, easy to use, and attaches to door knobs or railings around houses. The GE Security 001406 AccessPoint KeySafe 3-Key Portable Push-Button Key Box is the one I went with for under $30. It stores up to 3 keys and lets you set the combination the front faceplate. With 10 digits (0 to 9), the combination could be any digits you want. They suggest using a minimum of 5 digits, but I choose just 4. It hooks over my door handle and has worked out just fine. The weather resistant metal is what I wanted given we live in rainy Portland. Although I'm not a real estate agent, the lock box has proven effective and would be a great buy for vacation properties or rentals as well. I bought mine at the local hardware stores, but purchasing online is just as easy. See all GE key storage products here.