Updated: November 2017

Loft Bed Reviews:

You may think that a loft bed is the same as a bunk bed, but that is not true. Yes, loft beds have a raised up bed much like those found on bunk beds, but the main difference is that they are open down below. The idea behind the design is to take advantage of all the space in a room and that is partially accomplished by raising up the bed and frame. It's almost like having a bunk bed but with only the top level. Down below you can have a desk, a workstation, TV, a second bed, or play tents. Some bedding stores refer to them as "space efficient" and "fun bedroom decor". Kids love them as they add a childish style to any bedroom. The college loft beds can be more adult in design but still cost efficient. We found loft beds sold in stores like Ikea, Walmart, Target, and online at Amazon.com.
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Choosing a Loft Bed - There are several things you need to take into account before purchasing any bed, let alone a loft bed. We have listed them below:

Material - Wood, Metal, and Engineered Wood. We recommend either solid wood or metal frames/structures. Type/Styles - Junior Loft Beds, Study Loft Beds, Loft w/ Trundle, L-Shaped, Kids Loft Beds. The college/study loft beds usually offer a bed and desk combination while the kids loft beds may have slides or tents underneath the elevated bed. Size - Vast majority of beds are Junior Twin or Twin sizes. There are a few that are queen size, but harder to find. Also, measure your usable space as you don't want a low ceiling to get in the way. Price - The basic junior loft beds are $200-$400. Throw in a desk or metal construction and they go from $350 to $500. Add more shelving or storage space and the price shoots up. We saw a few boys/girls loft beds that were themed with tents and cottages that topped out at $1000. Age - At what age is a loft bed appropriate. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says no child under 6 should sleep on a top bunk, but keep in mind that some loft beds are much lower in height than a traditional bunk bed (the top level). You will find loft beds separately by age, 6-9(kids), 10-12(Junior loft beds), and 13-19(teen/college age).

A loft bed with desk is a great idea, especially for younger kids that will eventually grow into it. As a parent, I'm not sure I would go with a bed that has a slide, since that could lead to problems. Loft beds with storage are perfect for those that want to have a place to keep toys, clothes, DVDs, etc. You will find themed beds for both boys and girls - Walmart and Target carry some while Loftbedstation.com has a nice selection. Ikea offers a basic loft bed frame for under $100, not the most exciting, but affordable. Loft Bed Reviews - Where should you look for owner reviews? We found a bunch online at Amazon.com - they carry Walker Edison, Canwood, Powell, Bolton, and South Shore furniture brands. You can browse the best selling loft beds online here.

Best Loft Beds:

RECOMMENDED - The Canwood Whistler Junior Loft Bed - White is a good choice if you want something basic. Canwood makes a variety of colors for this unit and it's low enough to the ground compared to the higher loft beds we found. The ladder is pretty straight, so kids will have to be careful to go up or down. For the price it's hard to beat and assembly is not too bad. It DOES NOT come with any accessory items like desk or drawers/shelves - some people mention that the ads on Amazon and other websites for this particular loft bed are a bit misleading. The $200+ gets you just the bed. There are other items you can buy separately if you wish. Most parents like the room beneath the bed for storing clothes, toys, and anything else a kid would use. Probably not meant for really young kids - 6 or older is still the cutoff from most experts. Walker Edison and Powell make some excellent twin loft metal beds that are great for older teens. You can view top rated loft beds here.

Loft Beds with Desk:

BEST - The Coaster Fine Furniture 460023 Loft Bed with Workstation at just over $550 is more industrial looking and probably not the best choice for a young child. Teens and college kids would definitely appreciate the unique styling and design of this combination loft bed and desk. The desk is good for studying, using a computer, or just storing personal items. Owners say the bed is "big" and that it's "sturdy". There is some assembly required, but reviewers mention that it is not too difficult. Another excellent choice would be the Coaster Loft Bed Full Size Work Station which is slightly less expensive at $490 but it features a full size upper bunk and a cool study desk unit underneath. It's functional, durable, and features a solid black look.