Updated: November 2017

Martini Glasses Reviews:

You love going out, but who needs the cramped bars, the loud music, the hitting on from strangers? Unless you like cramped bars, loud music, and drunk strangers, in which case, who needs the high prices? Going out is fun, but sometimes the best fun can be had staying in. Home bars are great because they can instantly turn any moment into a party, any night into a romantic getaway, or any achievement into a toast. Having the right spirits is obviously important, but don't forget the importance of great cocktail glasses. It kind of takes a lot of the James Bond effect away when you're sipping your martini from a coffee mug or beer stein. Choosing the right martini glasses will increase your enjoyment of your home bar; gin and vermouth tastes better when it served in elegant glasses. This is your guide to getting them.
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Martinis: An American Tradition - Writer H.L. Mencken said the martini was "the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet." High praise, and the martini is poetic in its own right. It is clean, clear, and crisp. The traditional martini is made from two ounces of gin (some like their martinis with vodka, though that's been called a sin against the drink) and half an ounce of vermouth. It is shaken, or stirred, strained and served straight up in a chilled glass. A green olive is the final touch for the old classic. While still a favorite, the martini has undergone something of a transformation of late. Crantinis, green apple martinis, black forest raspberry, mocha, and even Godiva chocolate martinis have become very popular choices in clubs, and now, in your home, too. Why not shake up a batch of peach martinis and kick back? Or go old school with the dry half and half gin martini. Either way, serve it in a great glass. Choosing Your Martini Glasses - Believe it or not, there is a wide variety of martini glasses from which to choose. Traditional, etched, embellished, stemless, and even super-size: What should you choose? First, know your martini personality, and second, know your budget. Are you a serious martini drinker? You're classic, you're sophisticated. Or maybe you just like dry martinis. Or maybe you like to dress up in your tux and pretend to be James Bond. In any case, you might like a very traditional glass. These are usually 4-ounce glasses - other martini recipes take an 8-ounce cup because of the additives. If you're a traditionalist, go for the 4. Ironically, these classics are the hardest to find. It is much easier to find the larger 10-ounce martini glasses to accommodate the different versions of the drink. A great place to look is Amazon. They will link you with external vendors, typically restaurant suppliers who sell the glasses at bulk prices. This is great if you want 3 dozen martini glasses for about $100. What if you want 4? You can browse the best selling martini glasses online here.

Best Martini Glasses:

One of the best is the Rosenthal Queen 4.5-Oz. Martini Glass. This beautiful glass is made of crystal and features clean, simple lines and classic styling. You can find Rosenthal Queen martini glasses for about $25 online. If you enjoy variations on the classic martini, you will love variations on the classic martini glass. Because of the explosion in popularity and the creative drink recipes, there has also been an incredible array of unique, interesting, and fun glasses from which to choose. If you love tradition but also love doing things your own way, the Endurance Stainless Steel Martini Glass from RSVP International is the perfect choice. This was 3Luxe's pick for Best Martini Glass (3Luxe reviews thousands of products and finds the top 3 in any number of categories to help consumers make good buying decisions). This 8-ounce glass is made of 18/10 stainless steel with a classy brushed exterior. To make a perfect martini, you need to chill your glasses. These won't crack or break like traditional glasses may after having been in the freezer. They are dishwasher safe for easy clean-up, and they can be used for ice cream, sorbets, and gelatos. A multifunctional martini glass. What could be better? A set of two costs $24. BEST - When it comes to glassware, Riedel is perhaps the most widely recognized name and that is why we choose the Riedel Vinum Martini Glass, Set of 2 as the top rated martini glass. They are made in Bavaria by glassmakers who are the ultimate craftsmen - machine blown lead crystal. Wash them by hand so you don't risk chipping them in the dishwasher.

Top Rated Martini Glassware:

Another great take on the classic martini glass is from Mikasa. The Clear Cheers martini glasses are elegant 7.5-inches with a 10-ounce capacity. The Mikasas are made of lead crystal glass. With their thin, elegant stems, slim rims, and delicate etching, they are great if you like your martini with a twist. Literally. They have twist, line, pinstripe, and circle patterns. A set of 4 costs under $37. An Amazon reviewer called them "sturdy, classy, and fun," and an added benefit to the varying patterns is that no one sips from the wrong drink. At least until they've had a few more martinis. Are you fun and adventurous? Then there are two more names that you should know when it comes to today's great martini glasses: Swank and Lolita. Both make fun glasses that will be a hit at any party. 3Luxe also chose Swank as one of their favorites: the Chillin Martini Glasses are premiere among today's stemless glasses. Your 5.75-ounce drink is in the stemless glass, and this perches inside an ice bowl to keep your martini chilled to perfection - and looking pretty good at the same time. Swank's glass is very swanky and contemporary. They're fun and sophisticated. You can find them at Swank's site for $49 for a 4-pack. Santa Barbara Ceramic Design's Lolita Martini Glass collection also provides a fun, fresh way to enjoy your martini. The Lolita Love My Martini glasses were another 3Luxe pick. They have fun art on them inspired by different types of martinis. And besides the great art, there is a martini recipe on the bottom that matches. They're fun, and they make excellent gifts for your martini-loving friends. Give the Happy Birthday-tini and see for yourself. Your friends will love them, and you'll love using Lolita martini glasses every time. Check out the most popular Lolita martini glasses here. It doesn't matter if you like them shaken or stirred. What matters is the first taste from your new chilled glass.