Updated: November 2017

Meat Grinder Reviews:

You may not consider a meat grinder a necessary appliance to have in your kitchen, but each year more and more of these devices are being sold for use in personal kitchens. For home chefs and gourmet cooks who like to experiment with new dishes or control the ingredients of their food, a home meat grinder is an excellent help. Many home chefs recommend buying a quality meat grinder if you want to limit the intake of fats, salts or other additives in your diet. You can use your meat grinder to produce homemade sausage, sandwich spreads, relishes, soups, and appetizers to name just a few things. You have 2 options when buying a meat grinder: a manual meat grinder or electric meat grinder. A manual meat grinder is meant for processing smaller quantities and are to be mounted to a table or countertop. The hand meat grinder variety will let you grind 2 to 3 lbs of meat per minute. The cutting plates that come with the grinder will let you determine how big or small you want the bits of meat to be. When the plates rotate against the cutting knife you can go as small as 3/16" or up to 1/2 inch. Whether you want to grind chicken, turkey, beef, veal, duck, pork, venison, or vegetables, just hand feed the meat into the funnel at the top of the grinder and start cranking.
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Buying Guide - A more modern electric meat grinder will help save time and let you produce much more product in a shorter period. Electric meat grinders work very much like the manually operated grinders, only they tend to be more complicated in design and have added features. Most come standard with 3 cutting plates ranging from 3/16, 1/4, and up to 1/2 inch. Look for a meat grinder that has a food pushing tool or sausage extrusion tubes which come in handy for getting the ground sausage into the right type of casing. Another feature you'll want is a "reversing function" on the motor so that you can help clear clogged grinders if the meat jams inside. Electric meat grinders are the perfect appliance for making hamburger, hash, or sausage and do well even when higher volumes are required. The medium duty meat grinders are great for deer hunters or sausage makers who have lots grinding to do, but experts in this field say don't always go with the higher horsepower (HP) meat grinders for the best results. Consider head size, bowl opening size, pan size, and read up on how the gears are designed so that you get the best quality and durability from your meat grinder. The top brand names for meat grinders are Hobart, KitchenAid, Waring, Cabelas, Krups, Universal, Tor-rey, Oster, Rival, Villaware, and Biro. The industrial meat grinders will set you back $1500 or more and the home meat grinders will cost about $100-$150. We read reviews on consumer sites like Amazon and Epinions and researched commercial meat grinders to come up with the best in several categories listed below. You can browse the up-to-date list of best-selling meat grinders here.

Best Meat Grinder:

In this category, we had a hard time choosing which brand was better, Waring or Villaware and decided on a split decision. The Waring Pro MG-800 Professional Meat Grinder ($160) (RECOMMENDED) is made with brushed stainless steel and gets excellent customer reviews. The Waring meat grinder has a professional look and feel to it and does a wonderful job making homemade sausages and hamburger as well as many other meat dishes. The sturdy housing has an extra-large die-cast hopper and the heavy-duty 450 watt motor supplies all the power you need. Owners say the 5 year limited warranty gives them the peace of mind that the meat grinder will last and not need new parts every year. The Waring Pro MG-800 comes with 3 cutting plates and 2 sausage attachments. Users say the Waring meat grinder remains clog free even after countless pounds of meat have been processed and cleaning it is easy. The VillaWare V5267 Elite ProGrinder ($137) is another superb electric meat grinder with a more powerful motor (550-watts) than the Waring Pro. The Villarware grinder has a reverse switch which eliminates jamming. Comes with a die cast feed screw and #5 head with 2 1/8" diameter cutting plates. You can find both of these meat grinders and sausage makers on Amazon.com.

Commercial Meat Grinder:

If you need to grind lots of meat having a durable commercial meat grinder is an essential part of your business. Industrial meat grinders are recommended for deli owners, hunters, butchers, grocers, restaurants, and meat shops. The most respected name in commercial meat grinders is Hobart. They offer some of the best quality meat grinders on the market. The Hobart 4146 Meat Grinder ($1800) has a 5 HP motor, a magnetic starter, a stainless steel deflector, a #46 wide-mouth grinding end, and can process 60-65 pounds per minute. The grinder is designed for "fast, clean cutting of meat where high-quality ground products are of prime importance". Other top sellers are the Tor-rey - TRM22R-2 ($1500) and the Biro - BI922 ($2000), but if given the choice stick with Hobart. You can find the whole line of Hobart meat grinders and choppers online at Hobartcorp.com.

Manual Meat Grinder:

The Universal Manual Food Chopper/Grinder ($26) is made of precision milled iron castings and has sanitary rust resistant finishes. Universal meat grinders are getting back to basics when it comes to grinding up your meat. Consumers say they like Universal grinders best because of their durable parts and long handles that give the necessary leverage to operate them. The cutters are sharp and cut clean for quick work of any meat. You can chop around 2 1/2 pounds of meat per minute with this manual grinder and it comes with 3 cutting wheels. For deer hunters in the crowd, we recommend Cabela meat grinders that are specifically made for outdoorsman who like hunting. They offer commercial as well as hand crank meat grinders and they are very competitive on pricing. See their selection online at Cabelas.com. The Universal meat grinder can be purchased at Amazon.com.