Updated: November 2017

Meat Slicer Reviews:

We've all seen meat slicers in action when we order fresh cuts of turkey or roast beef at the local deli. Professional quality meat slicers are not just for commercial use anymore as home chefs see their value in todays kitchens. A meat slicer is a very versatile kitchen appliance and the models available today are much easier to clean and operate than even a few years ago. Many can slice meats, cheeses, vegetables, breads, fruits, and other foods with ease. The highest quality home meat slicers allow you to cut meats in an accurate and even manner like you see in stores. Meat slicers come in both manual and automatic models, although why anyone would buy a manual version is beyond us. The automatic meat slicers move the carriage using an electric motor which really saves you time and energy. Automatic slicers usually have just 1 speed to do the slicing, but that is sufficient. When shopping for a meat slicer, you will find they are classified by their cutting blade size. Blades run from 9-14 inches - 9" slicing blades are great for light use while the 12" and 14" blades are more common and excellent for heavier use.
meat slicer

Buying Guide - The carriage size will determine how big a piece of meat will fit. The majority of meat slicers can handle products 7 1/2 inches to 12 inches in diameter, so please check with the salesperson to make sure the slicer you order can handle larger products if that is what you plan on slicing. Some slicers have fully retractable food carriages that permit you to slice extra large hams, roasts, etc. You want a meat slicer with a steeper carriage angle so that it's easier to feed the meat through the slicer blade. Meat slicer motors range in size from 1/4 to 1/2 HP and the higher the horsepower the faster you can slice meats. The heavy-duty models available for consumers come equipped with fully hardened stainless steel blades and offer precision slice control. Since the blades on any meat slicer are sharp, safety should be a concern as you first learn to operate the food slicer. Read the manual from front to back before operating the appliance. The top brand names for meat slicers are Chef's Choice, Waring, Hobart, Rival, and Berkel. Berkel and Hobart make commercial grade meat slicers that cost $1000 or more and are probably meant for catering businesses or supermarket delis. Chef's Choice received excellent reviews from consumers while one of our favorite brands, Waring, didn't fare so well in this kitchen appliance category. We read reviews on Amazon.com, Epinions, and in gourmet magazines to see just which meat slicers are considered the best and most popular. See the results below. You can view the list of best-selling meat slicers here.

Best Meat Slicer:

If you run a catering business or throw larger parties where you do the food preparation, then owning a commercial meat slicer could save you lots of time and money. Creating party platters, hors d'oeuvers, or appetizers for home chefs who entertain has never been easier than with a product like Chef's Choice Meat Slicer - Professional Model 667 ($470). The Chef's Choice Meat slicer gets high praise from home chefs and amateur caterers alike for its commercial quality 10 inch blade. The stainless steel, fine-edge blade works effortlessly to slice and cut through cheeses, meats, vegetables, fruits, and breads. The die-cast metal construction of this unit give it a professional look and the precision thickness control allows you to slice from deli-thin to 1/2" thick slices of meat. The tilted design lets you efficiently slice all kinds of foods. The extra large capacity food carriage moves smoothly on industrial ballbearings and the rubber feet ensure a stable slicer. At peak performance, the engine delivers over 1/4 HP for fast and uniform slices. The Chef's Choice meat slicer comes with a blade sharpener and food tray. Owners say the operation of the appliance is smooth and the motor is quiet, but some users say the cleaning of the machine could be simpler as juices from fruits and vegetables are not easy to clean when they get into certain jointed areas of the slicer. The Chef's Choice 668 Professional Electric Food Slicer for $700 is more rugged and powerful. They also make models that cost as little as $100 (see the Amazon link above).

High End Meat Slicer:

If we had to choose between Berkel meat slicers and Hobart meat slicers, we would go with Hobart. Hobart carries light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty meat slicers that are perfect for all your needs. The light-duty meat slicers are great for low volume meat slicing and work well on food prep work for fruits/vegetables. The Hobart 610 Slicer features a 2-stone sharpener, anodized aluminum base with rounded surfaces and a 1/5 HP knife drive motor for smooth slicing. Many independent grocers use Hobart meat slicers and we would only recommend Hobart for those of you working in the catering business as most home chefs or gourmet cooks don't need this professional of a meat slicer in their homes. Expect to spend at least $1000-$1500 on a high end meat slicer from a reputable company like Hobart. You can view the entire Hobart collection of meat slicers and other products online at Hobartcorp.com.

Budget Meat Slicer:

We ventured out to Target to find a budget priced meat slicer and found that the Chef's Choice Premium Electronic Food Slicer ($99) gets some decent reviews considering it sells for under $100. Chef's Choice came in above with the best overall meat slicer and so it was no surprise to us to see the same brand name appear even in the cheaper meat slicer categories. The Premium Electronic slicer has a continuous or intermittent power switch for slicing speed control, features stainless steel and aluminum components, a multipurpose blade, a food carriage, food deflector, and a thickness guide plate so your meat slices come out perfect each and every time. Owners say that for the price, you can't go wrong. The only drawback on all these meat slicers (not just this one) is that they are a hassle to clean if juices spill into their crevaces. Many owners say they wish the meat slicers would break down and be dishwasher safe, otherwise reviews were very positive for this Chef's Choice meat slicer.