Updated: November 2017

Mosquito Trap Reviews:

Over the last century man has had a hard time trying to control mosquitos and the risk has recently escalated as mosquitos are known to carry the west nile virus here in the United States. Mosquito control products and mosquito catchers have been on the market for quite a while and it seems that each year they fail at their main goal of trapping mosquitos or creating a mosquito barrier in your yard. There are mosquito misting systems, mosquito coils, plants, magnets, repellents, and electronic bug zappers. Most are ineffective at stopping mosquitos from harassing you while you try to enjoy an evening outside. Many people stick to the mosquito sprays such as Deep Woods Off to prevent mosquito bites and irritation. The only problem is that you need to keep reapplying the spray on your clothes and exposed skin each time you go back outside. Technology is improving on mosquito traps, but very few has proven that they actually work and some have even been shown to be dangerous.

Buying Guide - Citrosa plants were throught to repel mosquitos, but that is not true. Lentek mosquito traps were pulled aside in 2002 by the Federal Trade Commission for false claims and the company has since revamped their advertising campaigns. Also in 2002, the Coleman Deleto Mosquito trap was recalled due to a fire hazard associated with the propane regulator. The Deleto mosquito trap is no longer available so don't pick one up used on Ebay or at a garage sale and use it. Oddly enough, the public still searches on the Internet for the Deleto (top 10 search terms associated with "mosquito") trap probably not knowing that is poses a fire risk. Certain parts of the country have large mosquito populations and finding a solution to keeping them away is difficult. Many experts say that by eliminating standing water and pools of water near your yard or surrounding areas will greatly diminish the likelihood of mosquito larva hatching and engulfing your yard during peak seasons. The Mosquito Magnet 3000MM Liberty Mosquito Trap is widely recognized as one of the most effective traps on the market. It has been tested by consumers and experts with favorable results. Most mosquito traps use carbon dioxide and octenol to attract the pesky bugs and then trap them. The traps range in coverage size (1/2 acre, 3/4 acre, 1 acre, etc.) and power source (electric plug-in or propane tank). Experts also say that some traps are better than others at trapping specific types of mosquitos like the Asian Tiger mosquitoes. There are some useful reports online from the USDA Mosquito and Fly research station in Florida where they tested various mosquito traps against each other. Amazon.com sells mosquito traps and their customer review and feedback section is quite informative with pluses and minuses to each product. Down below we have tried to supply a short list of the "best mosquito traps" you can buy. There is on trap that will repel or ward off all mosquitos, but some are better than others at creating a nice barrier between you and the hordes of mosquitos that come out each night. You can read all the owner mosquito trap reviews in the customer comments section. You can browse their most popular mosquito traps online here.

Best Mosquito Trap:

We heard positve and negative comments about the performance of the Mosquito Magnet mentioned below, but there were lots of reviews that said the customer service was non-existent when something went wrong or needed replacing. Many of those owners pointed prospective buyers to the Blue Rhino SkeeterVac SV3100 Mosquito Eliminator, Up to 1 Acre ($340). It's not only cheaper than the mosquito magnet series but some would say it performs just as well if not better. The SkeeterVac is cordless and runs on propane and 1 AA battery. The mosquito control system uses 5 things to attract and kill mosquitoes - CO2, scented bait, LED lights that flash, fan suction, and sticky paper. Owners say the customer service is top notch and the affordability aspect makes it a great "value buy". Find out more information and details online at Skeetervac.com.

Mosquito Control Trap:

The Mosquito Magnet MM3300 Executive Mosquito Trap ($470) gets some great reviews on some sites and then mixed feedback on others. The Liberty. Has coverage of about 1 acre in yards and runs on propane. Some reviewers mention they did not see any immediate results, but the product clearly states it can take up to 7-10 days for any noticeable results. Since mosquito populations number in the 1000's, it may take up to 4 or 6 weeks to greatly reduce the mosquito activity in your area. I can understand why some people were initially disappointed with results, but compared to the competition this mosquito trap will give you better long term mosquito control. Another complaint is that the system can be difficult to setup, but again the results will follow if it's done properly. RECOMMENDED - The Lentek MK11G Mosquito Trap gets more consistent reviews than the Mosquito Magnet and at less than $200 it's not a bad deal. The most recent reviews are the most positive and therefore we feel like Lentek has improved on this model from past years when reviews were not so hot. See all the top rated mosquito control traps here.

Non-Propane Mosquito Trap:

Almost all the mosquito control products and systems we found run on propane, but the Mega Catch Premier MCP400 ($275) is an effective mosquito trap that plugs into your power outlet (the 60 foot extension cord gives you plenty of options). The Mega Catch mosquito trap is effective up to 1 acre (most users say it's actually less) and it catches more than just mosquitoes (biting midges, black flies and sand flies). The trap uses light and octenol (optional) to catch mosquitoes, but appears to be ineffective against the Asian Tiger mosquitoes found in the south. Experts also agree that if you have a larger area to patrol and your mosquito population is rampant, then consider a C02 producing unit like the Mosquito Magnet listed above. Several owners that posted reviews on Amazon say living near a lake can mean lots of mosquitoes in the warmer summer months, but the Mega Catch has provided plenty of relief. Since the mosquitoes are drawn to the light rays generated from the unit, put it in an open area that is shady. Be prepared to empty the contents often as this machine will catch plenty of other bugs besides mosquitoes. You can find out more details online at Megacatch.com. RECOMMENDED - The Mega Catch Ultra Mosquito Control Trap MCU-800 gets the highest praise from consumers and experts alike. A few owners mention the expensive price tag on this unit, but then they do agree that it does a good job. Considering you can get years of mosquito free yards with the Mega Catch, the money is well spent and provides a relaxing atmosphere.