Updated: November 2017

Nonstick Cookware Reviews:

To all the home chefs and cooks out there, we decided to rate the best nonstick cookware sets on the market based on personal experience and unbiased reviews from Good Housekeeping, Consumer Reports, and owner opinions from websites like Amazon.com and Cooking.com. We found sets priced well above $500 and some that came in under $150, so don't feel like you have to splurge on a nonstick cookware set to be happy. Also, you will find many celebrity chefs like Rachael Ray and Emeril who have lent their names to cookware sets to help sell the product. A name does not make a product, so beware of buying just because you've heard of the chef behind the set. One of the few drawbacks to cooking with nonstick pots and pans is that you will need to handwash them since most are not recommended for washing in the dishwasher. Another issue that has come up is - How safe are nonstick pans? From all the accounts we could read online, including the incredible research that Consumer Reports does, the levels of a potentially harmful chemical found in nonstick surfaces is not enough to cause harm. That being said, don't cook on extremely high temperatures when using nonstick pans and if you see the nonstick coating starting to "flake" off, then get rid of the pan to be safe.
nonstick cookware

Buying Guide - One of the main benefits of using nonstick pans, besides easier cleanup, is that you don't have to use so much oil to coat the surface when cooking. This cuts down on fat and keeps meals healthier for your family. Look for nonstick cookware that has several layers of the nonstick coating. Three layers is considered good, but some will have 5, 6 or even 7 layers. All-Clad stainless steel cookware is a favorite in our household and they also have the flying pan that is nonstick in their collection. All Clad is very expensive, but my wife and I have found that the pots and pans do an excellent job, once heated up, of browning food and keeping sauces at a simmer. Good Housekeeping rated the best nonstick cookware and some of their winners included Farberware, Circulon, and All-Clad. The most popular sets sell with 10 or 12 pieces and usually include items like saucepans, stockpot, skillets, saute pan, and sometimes a steamer. Calphalon is another brand name and their nonstick pans are expensive, but consumer reviews are very positive towards their collections and it appears they are well worth the extra money spent. You can shop at your local department store for nonstick cookware, but we found Amazon.com carries the biggest inventory and the best brand selection of most popular nonstick cookware sets. The cheapest sets on Amazon were $60 from T-Fal, but expect to spend more like $150 to $200 for brands like KitchenAid, Cuisinart, and Anolon. You will also be able to find Circulon and Calphalon on their website. The review for Farberware on Good Housekeeping (positive) did not match up with what owners had to say about the product on Amazon (negative reviews). Otherwise, most of the reviews we found were consistent from experts to consumers for most brands.

Best Nonstick Cookware:

As we noted above, many chefs you see on TV now have their names associated with cookware sets. The Rachael Ray 10-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set, Orange is the top selling nonstick cookware set on Amazon.com these days. The set includes a 1 1/2 and 3 quart covered saucepans, a 6 quart covered stockpot, a 3 quart/10-inch covered saute pan, and an 8" and 10" french skillet. The hard anondized aluminum construction has a nonstick finish for easy cleaning. They are offered with a limited lifetime warranty and hand washing is recommeneded. Another top seller is the Circulon Elite 10-Piece Nonstick Hard-Anodized Cookware Set which is oven safe up to 400 degrees and has nonstick interiors and exteriors. It's slightly better quality than the Rachael Ray set.

Stainless Nonstick Cookware:

All-Clad has perhaps the most well known brushed stainless steel nonstick cookware on the market. You will pay for these pots and pans, upwards of $1300 for a set of 15 but we found some excellent deals on Amazon for their stainless steel sets with nonstick fry pan and other items. Williams Sonoma carries the complete nonstick cookware set, but we think that Amazon has the biggest and best selection of stainless nonstick cookware. You can buy individual pieces of All-Clad (that's what we did) if the entire set is too expensive.

Hard Anondized Nonstick Cookware:

To keep heat conducting evenly, the hard anondized cookware from Cuisinart is the way to go. You'll also find the Cuisinart Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 12-Piece Cookware Set extremely durable and lightweight. Calphalon is another name that consumers associate with nonstick cookware and their 8 and 10 piece sets are available online as well. Amazon.com carries the widest selection of Calphalon pots and pans and you can see the entire inventory of Calphalon nonstick cookware on the website.