Updated: November 2017

Oven Mitt Reviews:

Ok, you're baking cookies in your kitchen and the timer goes off. They are done and you need to take them from the oven to the stove to cool down. What do you use? An oven mitt, cooking glove, or potholder? I have personally reached into an oven before and tried to pick up the baking tray without some kind of protection and burned my hand. After that episode as a kid I have always been cautious around the kitchen with hot things. My wife is an avid home chef and she handles pots, pans, you name it, with ease. She has been burned quite a few times, but only because she isn't concentrating for that split second and then it happens. Her arm or hand touch a hot pot and the burn occurs. We have several potholders and oven mitts to use, but she'll use a hand towel folded over to pick out pots from the oven. I say it's dangerous and that you're only asking for trouble. I went on a search to find more products to help her in the kitchen for those times when she is handling extremely hot items.
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Oven Mitts and Potholders - Choosing - I prefer products like the Calphalon Twill Thumb Mitt which is just $15 and provide ample thickness between my hand and any pot I may attempt to pick up. Most are flame retardant which is a great feature for safety, especially if were them around a BBQ. The Ove' Glove Hot Surface Handler is another top rated product with the ability to withstand heat up to 540 degrees (although I wouldn't want to test that one). The exterior is made of kevlar and DuPont Nomex - this gives you a thermal isolation barrier. Some cooks prefer the glove since it gives them great "feel" with all five fingers able to grab onto something. That is the biggest complain when you are looking at potholders. The grip isn't always that great and sometimes things do slip through. The oven mitts can be bulky and the lack of dexterity with your fingers is a drawback as well. The newer silicone pot holders are gaining popularity amongst recreational chefs as they offer high heat resistance, are dishwasher safe, and can also be used for opening up jars. Did we mention that they are cheap too - less than $15. Potholder Reviews - For unbiased reviews with excellent owner feedback and opinions - we suggest going to Amazon.com. They list dozens of cooking gloves, oven mitts, and potholders, all with consumer comments for you to see and then make an informed buying decision. Also, Cooks Illustrated features two in depth reviews on their website - one for oven mitts and the other for potholders. Although the reviews are somewhat outdated, they still cover recent products and go into features on each that are successful and those that are lacking. I am lucky that my wife cooks almost every day so I can pass all these products by here first to see which ones hold up. If you know of someone who likes to cook at home, check with them to see what products they use to handle hot pots in the kitchen. RECOMMENDED - You can browse the best selling potholders and oven mitts here.

Best Oven Mitts:

The most basic oven mitt is the Calphalon Twill Thumb Mitt which comes in either blueberry or biscotti colors and costs $15. Made with 100% heavy cotton twill that is stain resistant. It's been treated with silicone and it's heat resistant up to 500 degrees. Owners say the mitt works perfectly with your left or right hand and the oven mitt is machine washable. The only complaint we could find was that a few customers mention "gripping smaller pot" can be an issue. I must admit with these big mitts you can feel a bit clumsy. Overall, they are a good value and will protect your fingers and hands from getting burned. The Ove' Glove Hot Surface Handlers are also top rated and worth a look. They may not be the prettiest things for someone in the kitchen, but their versatility is what we like. Great for grabbing hot items in the kitchen, on the barbeque or pots on campfires. View top rated oven mitts here.

Top Rated Potholders:

Holding onto a hot pan or pot can be a bit scary if you don't have the proper potholders. I see some people grab hot trays from the oven with potholders and carry them over to countertops or stove areas, but to me I would rather use an oven mitt. Potholders don't give you as good a grip as cooking gloves or mitts, although they still work just fine. I prefer to use them only to grab onto handles or when putting a lid over a pot like when draining hot water out of pasta over the sink. The silicone pot holders get good reviews, while the Calphalon Twill Pot Holder scores the highest in consumer opinions. OXO makes all sorts of kitchen accessory items and their Good Grips Silicone Pot Holder with Magnet is certainly one to consider. It's available in black, blue, green, red, yellow or cream colors. Safe up to 600 degrees and the potholder is stain, flame, and steam resistant. At $10 it's hard to go wrong with this one. Customer feedback is nearly perfect - comments include "great grip" and "best silicone pot holder for the money". We recommend that you read kitchen potholder reviews here and buy online at Amazon.