Updated: November 2017

Overbed Table Reviews:

Why is an overbed table such a great investment for virtually any home? There are endless situations in which you will find these tables to be handy: say you've broken a leg and have to stay in bed. Work waits for no broken bone, and with your table, you can work on your computer, with files, or on the phone. Or say you are on bed rest during a pregnancy or illness. You want to put that time to use by organizing your photos; an overbed table is the perfect workspace. Or how about if you are feeling lazy and want to stay in bed? Again, overbed tables can come to the rescue. Whether you are recovering from an illness or injury or just want to enjoy breakfast in bed without the mess, overbed tables can be a wonderful solution. This guide will help you choose the best table for your needs.
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Choosing an Overbed Table - What is an overbed table? They are ubiquitous sites in hospital rooms all over the world. They are simply small tables that feature long legs and wheels. These can be positioned to accommodate someone lying or sitting in bed, and they can just as easily be moved out of the way when not in use. They are used for everything from eating and reading to working and playing cards. While they are tremendously uesful in medical settings, they are just as useful in the home. You can find hospital models that work with adjustable beds, as well as those that can work with any bed or even chairs. How do you find the best fit for your needs?

*Think about who will be using the overbed table and how much mobility they have. If mobility is limited, then a simple overbed table is the best choice. These can be easily adjusted by height and need not be adjusted again. In addition, they work well with adjustable beds, such as hospital style beds. If the person is more mobile, then there are a host of features and options that can be added to the table, such as a split-top or tilt capability.

*Is there room for the wheels on the side or under the bed to maneuver? This can be a problem if, for instance, you have a platform bed with a very low clearance. The first set of wheels may not fit underneath.

*Likewise, is there enough room between the bottom of the table and the person's legs? Make sure it is comfortable but not so high that accessing the top of the table becomes difficult.

*Function of the table. Will the table be used for reading? A tilt table may work best. Think about what you want the table to do: is there enough space for all your work materials? Is it too big? These are things to consider before purchaing. When you have an adjustable pivot and tilt arm, you can position the tabletop to accommodate your needs. If you choose a tilt table, look for one with a lip to keep your book, magazine, or papers from falling off.

*How much weight can the table take? Usually, they handle about 40 to 50 pounds, which makes it suitable for just about any purpose - except as support when you stand up! They are not strong enough to do that safely.

*Look for an easy-to-clean top, especially if you plan on using it for eating.

*Look for locking wheels so the table remains in place once you have it set up how you want it.

*Style. You have your choice of finishes and styles today. They don't have to be reminiscent of a hospital room!

*Price. You will find an excellent selection of products in the $50 to $150 range, which is relatively inexpensive for something that will help you make better use of bed rest or to make it more comfortable and convenient.

RECOMMENDED - You can browse the best selling overbed tables here. We also found some listed at Target, Walmart, and Ikea.

Best Overbed Tables:

ParentGiving, a resource for people who take care of seniors, recommends the Home Overbed Table by Carex. This is one of the most popular bed tables, not the least because it has a very nice design that is not clinical! Who wants to be reminded of a hospital? The Carex overbed table features a compact, stable surface, black frame, wood grain tabletop, telescoping height adjustments, tilting tray, built-in lip, easy-to-clean surface, fitted Sure-Lock roller wheels, and weight capacity of up to 50 pounds. It adjusts from 24 to 34 inches and measures 5.75 x 18.75 x 23.25 inches, which provides ample room for reading, studying, crafts, or meals. This is great for those with at least some mobility because it is very customizable. The Carex is at the pricier end of the spectrum at $111, but it is a very versatile, functional table for any home. The Invacare Overbed Table is incredibly popular with Amazon reviewers. In contrast to the feature-packed Carex, the Invacare has a more simple design, which makes it ideal for those with limited mobility - or those who just want to pay less and still get a great surface for eating, writing, and other tasks. This overbed table features easy adjustments, a non-tilt wood grain top, and durable heavy-gauge chrome-plated tubular steel construction. It supports up to 25 pounds which, while less than the Carex, will support meals, dishes, a computer, and other items with ease. This isn't flashy, but it works. A happy reviewer with MS said that this table was ideal for her. With only the use of one hand and her head, she is able to move the table out of the way if she needs to. The reviews do mention that the instructions are somewhat confusing, but keep at it; you'll have a great table to show for your efforts. You can find the Invacare for $50. Let's take a look at one more: the Multi-position Pivot & Tilt Overbed Table. This table has an innovative design that allows for 3 different positions. You can pivot it closer to you in bed or in a chair, and you can fold it flat for more convenient storage. Regardless of the angle, the table top will remain flat. It has 4 2-inch casters, a grey table top, black frame, adjustable top (from 30 to 37 inches), and a limited lifetime warranty. This table reviews well with consumers, who note that it is very versatile and useful for a variety of functions and with a variety of beds and chairs. It is $80. There is a wide variety of overbed tables available, from hospital quality tables to more aesthetically designed models. Whatever your needs, you can find a table to suit you. Don't let bed rest keep you from doing the things you enjoy.