Updated: November 2017

Paint Sprayer Reviews:

Most painting jobs around the house don't require a paint sprayer, but they sure come in handy for larger jobs like decks, the outside of your home, and doors. Paint Sprayers come with different power ratings and various sizes. Contractors and homeowners should be able to find the sprayer that is just right for their particular needs. They work quite easily with the simple press of a trigger. Sprayers are comprised of a spray tip, a power supply, a hose, and gun or roller. The sprayer tip comes in a multitude of sizes and types for applying different spray patterns.

The 2 most common types of powered paint applicators are airless and airspray. Do it yourselfers tend to go with airless sprayers which push paint or other covering material through a high pressure applicator tip. This saves time and energy so you don't have to reach to a paint bucket or tray to reload your brush all the time. When pressure is supplied by a pump and not air, all the waste and overspray are greatly reduced in any project. When painting a huge wall in your house, a paint sprayer can literally save hours of work and back breaking positions. Paint capacity ranges from about 1 quart in the handheld sprayers to as much as you can handle in units that pump directly from a paint container. You can also get paint sprayers that use shoulder straps like a backpack or mount on wheels and become quite portable.

Buying Guide - Airless paint sprayers are available in three types, all based on the type of pump they use. You will need to consider the material you will be applying and the extent of the job before choosing the proper type. The DIY paint sprayers use a diaphragm pump. The 2nd alternative is the piston pump that lets the painter spray typical coverings but is also capable of delivering thicker liquids. Double stroke piston units are found at the high end of the power painter market and they can spray paint on both the up and down piston strokes. These machines provide such consistent pressure at slow speeds you end up with great coverage and the overall lifespan of your paint sprayer is prolonged. Some models even allow 2 painters to use it at the same time by adding an extra hose. Professional painters and contractors tend to buy these high end paint sprayers. I've had the opportunity to run a power roller which is just a regular looking paint roller that has paint pumped into it and you can finish off rooms in no time at all. There are even extensions you can buy for hard to reach areas on walls or ceilings.

Air spray units, commonly referred to as high volume low pressure (HVLP), give you smooth coverage and little or no overspray because of the low pressure. For glossy finishes on things like shutters or cabinets, air sprayers are your best bet. Not all paint machines are created equal so you will need to figure out just what type of paint jobs you will be undertaking with your new sprayer. Large spaces requires less power than areas like fencing and multiple speed sprayers will allow you to adjust the speed when trying to paint tighter spots. What kind of liquid will you be spraying? Paint sprayers with high psi (pounds per square inch), GPM (gallons per minute), and HP (horsepower) let you spray much thicker material like block fillers or elastomerics. Find a spray tip that will accomodate your type of covering best. Thin coverings are considered to be clear stains and sealers while thicker coverings are thinned latex, oil-based paints, and stains. If you are going to be working high on a ladder make sure the cord or hose is long enough to reach your desired area. Some painters, the smaller ones, are cordless which allow for free movement but don't always have long battery life. Overall paint sprayers are a great investment for homeowners or professionals who foresee lots of paint work. Sprayed paint will dry faster than that which is applied by a brush and don't forget to clean the paint sprayer after every use to keep it in good running order. You can browse the best selling paint sprayers here.

Best Paint Sprayer:

We researched all the top brands when it comes to Paint Sprayers and found that the Fuji sprayers received the best ratings from consumers and experts. Wagner and Campbell Hausfeld were ranked high as well, but not as consistently as the Fuji brand. The best selling paint sprayer per Amazon is the Fuji Industrial Spray Equipment 3004 Q4 PRO - Quiet 4-Stage HVLP Spray System ($880) - quiet and powerful, includes a non bleed spraygun and an insulated stay-cool handle. UPDATE October 2016 - A newer model has just come out which replaces the older Q4 PRO - you can see the new Fuji 3004-XPC Q4 Gold HVLP Spray System here. Consumers say the air and fluid controls on this unit are what set it apart from the competition. Overspray is minimal, it's easy to clean, and the flex hose "makes spraying a pleasure" says one user. Many owners also praise the high level of support from Fuji when anything does go wrong. Many reviews on other sprayers said that manuals or instructions were insufficient and support was terrible, but not with the Fuji model. From start to finish, this paint sprayer got the best results and ratings.

Another, less expensive model from Fuji is the Fuji 2903 Mini-Mite 3 HVLP Spray System ($530). It replaces the Fuji Super Pro model which was a real favorite with cabinet makers and professionals for well over a decade. This new model gets excellent customer feedback and they say the GT-X2 Gravity Gun is easy to maintain great for beginners and professionals. We suggest you browse the list of top Fuji sprayers available for sale, ranging from $300 to $800. For simple jobs go with the Wagner power painters, but if your job is more than a single wall or garage door, consider the better sprayers on the market that will probably save you time and money. We found countless reviews on Amazon, GleemPaint.com, and Toolsofthetrade.net. Other top brands include Graco sprayers, Titan Airless Spray Technology, Binks, Speeflo, Accuspray, and Airlessco. Paintsprayerslv.com is a great site to start on, although they don't list Fuji paint sprayers.

Top Low Pressure Paint Sprayer:

For the best HVLP systems, we put Wagner and Campbell Hausfeld head to head with their latest models. The Wagner Fine Spray 2400 HVLP (under $100) was easy to setup and the 3 position adjustable spray pattern make this a versatile sprayer as well. There is a horizontal fan pattern, vertical fan and round pattern. Has both a 1 quart metal cup or 1.5 quart plastic cup for all types of jobs and can spray enamels, lacquers, stains, sealers, varnishes, shellacs, oils, and urethanes. Consumers said they got great results on furniture and cabinets. The Wagner 2600 HVLP Soft Spray is almost $500 but is designed specifically for low overspray applications. "This system will spray stains, varnishes, shellacs, oil paints, enamels, latex paints, and more with 89% spray efficiency". Users say the NBC nonbleeder gun and heavy duty hose make it worth the extra money. The Campbell Hausfeld HV1120 HVLP Kit ($72) is ideal for applying decorative finishes and spraying trim, cabinets, furniture, or crafts. The accessory kit includes multi-purpose case, spray shield, how-to video, extra plastic canister, canister lids, 5 cup liners, ivy stencil, gun wrench, cleaning brush and viscosity stick. Users say the gun and turbine are similar to those in higher end Wagners and are comfortable and ergonomic. The owners manual and how to video will definitely help any do it yourselfer (DIY) take on household spray paint projects. For high end shoppers, the CS9100 SprayTech HVLP ($929) has a four stage turbine that produces 8.5 PSI and lets contractors apply heavy coatings at faster speeds. The CS9100 can spray such materials as multicolor coatings, finish grade latex, and other water-borne coatings. You can browse the best-selling Wagner paint sprayers here.

Airless Paint Sprayers:

Update October 2016 - We have added a new product to our list - the HomeRight C800521 Heavy-Duty 120 Airless Paint Sprayer has become a favorite of homeowners over the last year or so. The reviews are very positive and the sprayer can spray up to 11 ounces of material per minute and hold up to 1.5 quarts of paint or stain. The two best airless paint sprayer brands are Wagner and Spraytech. They range in price from $140 all the way up to about $3000. The new Wagner Paint Crew PF20 Airless Paint Sprayer is only $140 and great for medium to large projects. It will spray oil or latex based products on your entire house, fences, sheds, and garages. Consumers say the powerful piston pump and lightweight metal spray gun can handle any project. Comes with a 25 foot hose and a 2-gallon capacity hopper which helps increase spray time and limit reloads. The Wagner Paint Crew 770 Airless Paint Sprayer is $10 more and offers just a different color machine. The Wagner 404 Plus ($149) is a diaphragm pump machine that works well for do it yourselfers who want something more than the handheld Wagner power painters. The Wagner 9170 Paint Sprayer ($430) has a double stroke piston pump and a 3/4 hp motor with contractor grade parts for reliability on any job site. This is a high performance airless spray system for residential and light commercial use. Comes complete with cart w/ wheels and a telescoping cart handle for quick mobility. The new Wagner 9190 Paint Sprayer costs a touch more but offers a high quality gun and more HP for larger jobs. The SprayTech EPX 2155 Airless Paint Sprayer is under $760 and offers the popular G-10 gun with built in swivel. At .40 GPM (gallons per minute) and 3000 psi painters say this sprayer is worth the extra money with all the time saved on larger jobs. The SprayTech EP2510 ($2830) is the high end professional model that handles 2 guns, can be used with heavy coatings, and takes tip sizes to .035". The 3 year warranty gives you piece of mind that this machine will last and repairs won't bog down your business. The Spraytech will spray enamels, latex, block fillers, dry fall, and elastomeric. RECOMMENDED - See the top selling airless paint sprayers here.

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