Updated: November 2017

Picnic Basket Reviews:

How to Find the Best Picnic Baskets - Images of summer and romance instantly come up when we think of picnic baskets. A picnic basket is meant to hold food and tableware for an outdoor occasion. I know when I think of picnic baskets, I immediately think about the traditional wicker covered baskets holding a checkered red and white blanket. However, the size and scope of picnic baskets has extended substantially. There are now a variety of picnic baskets, which also include picnic sets, picnic hampers and picnic backpacks. Today's picnic baskets can hold both hot and cold food. Some picnic baskets also come with dishware including wine glasses. You can also choose picnic baskets designed for just 2 people or ones with larger families in mind. Browse all the best selling picnic baskets online here.

Picnic Sets - Picnic sets usually include a variety of items needed for a picnic including utensils and plates. One popular picnic set that sells on Amazon for only $25 is the 18 Piece Picnic Basket Set. This set includes 2 forks, 2 knives, 2 spoons, melamine plates, a stainless steel wine opener, and a blue insulated jug. This picnic set comes in a basket with a leather handle. Reviewers felt that this picnic set was a great value for $25 and was quite spacious. People also commented that it is a great gift. This video will give you a good idea of what comes included in a picnic set. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NSjEAujF6A Eating with real knives and forks provide a much nicer experience than eating with plastic disposable silverware. The picnic set really upgrades the entire picnic experience.

Best Picnic Baskets:

One of the most popular companies that makes modern and highly functional picnic baskets is Picnic Time. The Picnic Time Malibu Insulated Shoulder Pack with Deluxe Picnic Service for 2 is $60. This particular picnic basket is highly rated on Amazon. We also saw people recommending it in various online forums including Chowhound. This picnic basket has an integrated wine storage area, a spacious place to put food, and a waterproof liner. It includes wine glasses, plates, and stainless steel utensils. It also includes yet more items including a corkscrew and cheese knife. Reviewers on Amazon commented that this basket had everything that couples would need and it is a great deal of the money. Many people take this picnic basket along for an outdoor concert or to the beach. If you have a larger budget for your picnic basket, a great option is the Picnic Time Windsor Picnic Basket for $229. This picnic basket has a suitcase design and leather straps and looks extremely sophisticated. It serves 4 people, so it is great for families or double dates. The style is meant to conjure up images of the English countryside. This picnic set includes 4 porcelain plates, 4 wine glasses, four sets of stainless steel utensils, four stainless steel mugs, four napkins, a hardwood cutting board and cheese knife with wooden handle, and much more. It even includes a set of salt and pepper shakers! Reviewers on Amazon mentioned that this picnic set was amazing for special occasions and was expensive, but well worth the price.

Picnic Backpacks - What is a picnic backpack? It is exactly what the name would imply. It is a picnic basket that is a backpack. This design is perfect for times when you need to walk a bit to your picnic location. With the wine, dishes, and so forth, a picnic basket can get heavy. The picnic backpack solves that problem. View the top rated picnic backpacks here. One of the best choices for a picnic backpack is again from Picnic Time. The Picnic Time Zuma Picnic Backpack is only $25. This picnic backpack has a cooler and is divided into two sections. The top section holds things like towels, and the bottom section is insulated to keep food either warm or cold. Reviewers comment that this picnic backpack really does keep food hot or cold all day long. It is also comfortable to wear and spacious. Another popular option is the Concept International Rambler Backpack which is only $36. We also checked out reviews on Picnicbackpack.org. Reviewers said that this backpack worked brilliantly and it was very easy to do physical activities while on a picnic. RECOMMENDED - We suggest going with the Insulated Waterproof Picnic Backpack - Separate Sections for Food & Gear - choose from 3 colors, features an insulated cooler section, heat sealed waterproof lining so no leaks, and a large zipper pocket.