Updated: November 2017

Picnic Table Reviews:

Food tastes better when you eat it on a picnic table on a beautiful day. That may not be a scientific fact, but as an informal experiment, take a peanut butter sandwich and sit on a park bench catching some rays. Tastes better, doesn't it? As well as enjoying your food, picnics allow you to enjoy the company of friends and family and the great outdoors, your backyard, or patio. We'll take a look today at some top picnic table styles and materials, as well as their prices, so you can choose the type that works for you.
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Choosing the Best Picnic Table - When you're searching for a great picnic table, there are a few factors that are important to keep in mind: budget, shape, size, material, and color. We typically think of the wooden rectangular variety with the bench-style seats when we think of picnic tables, but there are a host of different styles from which to choose. Because you will likely spend several hundred dollars on a picnic table, you want to make sure it is durable and will give you your money's worth.

Shape. The classic design for a picnic table is a rectangle with attached benches. You'll see this in parks, campgrounds, and backyards all over. If you either want a different style or don't have room to accommodate a table of this size or shape, there are plenty of other options. A popular option is a round picnic table with four rectangular benches. This is great for smaller areas or for more intimate gatherings. Other choices include square, hexagon, and octagon shapes.
Materials. Many picnic tables are made of wood, and of these, cedar is the best. Cedar weathers beautifully and is very durable. These tables will last through years of use. Also available are tables made of PVC vinyl, steel, concrete (don't plan on moving anytime soon), and recycled materials. The color will depend, too, on your choice of materials. A wooden table will likely be stained to display the natural colors of the wood, while other materials are available in a range of colors.
Size. This depends on your intended use. You can find very large rectangular picnic tables or you can opt for a kid's size round one.
Price. You can pay under $100 or you can pay in excess of $600. It is a matter of quality and durability, and often the most durable (like cedar wood) is the more expensive choice. Shopping around for the best deal is the best way to ensure you pay the least for the most. You can browse the best selling picnic tables online here.

Best Picnic Tables:

Some Picnic Table Options to Consider - If you like the classic look, the Outdoor Patio Wood Round Picnic Table and Benches Set from VisionDecor Furniture is an excellent choice. When you see wooden tables, it is very important to look for what type of wood they are made of. Pine, for instance, will rot when left in the elements, so you'll need to make sure you weather-treat it. Cedar can be weather-treated, but it can also be left natural. The wood ages to a silver color that is durable and attractive. This set includes a 45-inch long x 45-inch wide by 29-inch high round table and 4 benches. All pieces are lightly sanded and made of Western Red Cedar, which contains oils that are a natural preservative. This VisionDecor set is handcrafted and fitted with rust-resistant zinc plate and/or brass hardware. Assembly is required but there are pre-drilled holes to make it easier. The price is also very reasonable, especially for a handcrafted cedar wood picnic table. You can find this on Amazon for $359, down from a list price of $1100. A fantastic deal - and a table that will serve you well for years. For a traditional rectangular wooden picnic table, try the Lakeland Mills' Cedar Log 6-Foot Picnic Table with Attached Benches. This is made of renewable white cedar, which is a byproduct of the log home industry. This table, like all cedar tables, are insect-, weather-, and shrink-resistant. The table is 6 feet long for ample picnic room. This is $320. Both of the above options are meant to stay in your backyard or on your patio, but sometimes you may want to take your table with you for camping trips or family gatherings. In this case, try the Lifetime 22119 6-Foot Folding Picnic Table. This hunter green picnic table is made of durable polyethylene, resisting stains, chips, high impact stress, cracks, and, with the UV protective molded top, it is fade-resistant as well. In addition, it has a powder-coated steel frame to prevent weather damage. The table is 72x57x30, and you can fold it flat for storage or transport. This allows you to take a sturdy 6-person table with you anywhere you like. They are perfect for vacations, vacation homes, camping trips, and more. An Amazon reviewer said that she'd purchased hers 4-5 years ago and it was still like new. This is available for $220 to $300. A growing trend in picnic tables is construction with the use of recycled materials. These can be more expensive, but they are very durable and don't require the manufacturing of new plastic. A good one to try is the Eagle One 6 in Solid Recycled Plastic Picnic Table. This picnic table is very low maintenance, so you could leave it out in the elements and not have to worry about it. It is made of 100 percent recycled plastic lumber and will not chip, split, rot, or need painting. You can find this for $970. There is an almost overwhelming variety of picnic tables from which to choose. When making your decision, consider price, but also the durability of the picnic table. For instance, if there is a cedar wood picnic table for $400 and a pine wood table for $300, you will get far more use of the cedar. It is worth paying a little more so you won't have to buy a replacement. View top rated picnic tables here, and enjoy your picnics!

Kids Picnic Table:

Finally, don't forget the kids. There is a wide variety of tot-sized picnic tables that are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. A popular one with Amazon reviewers is the Naturally Playful Picnic Table with Umbrella. This is made of durable molded plastic - no worrying about splinters! It is colored to look like stone and wood, has 2 wide benches to accommodate 3 children each, an easy clean table top, and hole for a 5-foot umbrella. This is great for summer use; and why not bring it in during the winter and get more use out of it in a child's bedroom or living room? This kids' picnic table is $70. Look here for some other children's picnic tables.