Updated: November 2017

Pin Nailer Reviews:

Pin nailers, or pinners as they are often referred to, are becoming more mainstream and woodworkers are slowly gravitating towards them. A pin nailer is similar to a brad nailer except that the headless pins it shoots are almost invisible to the eye and require a lot less "filling" than compared to brad nail holes. Carpenters and woodworkers realize the added convenience of headless pinners and for the extra $100 the Grex P635 or the Senco FinishPro 11 can save you lots of time. A typical brad nail gun will cost you less than $100 and the best pinners are priced just around $200. The very popular Porter Cable pin nailer (the PIN100) is bargain priced at $100 and sells quite well on websites like Amazon. The pin nail guns are smaller than brad nailers and the pins have no heads so detailed woodwork is a breeze. Most pinners shoot just headless pins although you will find some that fire off slight headed pins like the Cadex.
pin nailer

Buying Guide - In our search online at Amazon for the top selling pin nailers, we found only a select # of brands that offer these pneumatic air tools. When we ventured more local to a woodworking shop we talked with the owner and he said that more and more carpenters are turning to pin nailers for nailing finish and trim and cabinet makers are using them on paneling and light wood assemblies. Besides professionals, homeowners who enjoy doing crafts that require wood assembly are finding that pin nail guns, although more expensive than brad nailers, are versatile and capable of doing a great job on delicate projects. The precision fastening works well with dowel and joint pinning, picture frame assembly, window beading, molding, and glazing strips. Popular Woodworking and Wood magazine recently gave out awards for the "best pinner" on the market and the Grex P635 23 gauge pinner was the hands down winner. Experts agree that the ability to accommodate fasteners from 3/8" up to 1 3/8" (9 different lengths) makes the Grex Pin Nailer the tool of choice. We found other pin nailer reviews on websites like Lumberjocks (for the Grex, Porter Cable, and Senco FinishPro), Toolsnob.com, Woodweb.com, and in the woodworking section of About.com. Of course our favorite source for owner comments and feedback is at Amazon.com since they list dozens of customer reviews right on their website and allow the consumer to read the pros and cons for each particular pin nailer they carry. Most models shoot pins that range from 1/2 to 1 inch and certain brands will go up to 1 3/8". No-mar tips, a viewing window to see how many pins are left, a built in belt hook, and a blow gun to clear dust and debris are just a few features you should look for. The one thing that most experts and DIY homeowners agreed upon is that the trigger system on some of the pinners take a little getting used to. A secondary trigger is below the primary trigger and needs to be pulled in order to shoot the pin. After a little practice you'll have it down. We did find one cordless pin nailer, a product from Makita that was released in the UK back in 2007, but no signs of it are here in the United States. You can browse the top selling pin nailers here.

Best Pin Nailer:

RECOMMENDED - Although it's not quite as popular as the Porter Cable pinner, the Grex P635 Pin Nailer is the top rated pin nail gun per consumer reviews and expert feedback. The Grex P635 will shoot pins through the hardest of materials and not split your project. The one defining feature that sets the Grex apart from the competition is that it accepts 9 different nail sizes (3/8" up to 1 3/8") so all your nailing tasks can be taken care of. Owners say loading the pins is easy with the self adjusting magazine and experts like the double trigger safety mechanism which prevents any accidental firing of the nailer. Carpenters will appreciate the narrow nose that reaches into tight corners, especially when working on detailed trim work. Working with this lightweight pinner won't wear your arm or wrist out since it weighs barely 2 pounds. Comments from consumers include "very accurate and precise", "works great on cabinet installs", and "better than Porter Cable or Senco". Most owners agree that the extra cost up front to buy the Grex pin nailer is well worth it since you get a quality product that is reliable and has the capacity to handle variable pin sizes. Professional carpenters and do it yourself homeowners recommend this pinner.

23 Gauge Pin Nailer:

RECOMMENDED - Not to be outdone by the Grex, the top rated Porter-Cable PIN100 1/2-Inch to 1-Inch 23-Gauge Pin Nailer is half as much as the Grex and still gets excellent feedback from owners. The Porter Cable 23 gauge pinner automatically adjusts to pin length and the magazine clip holds up to 170 pins. It accepts 1/2 inch to 1 inch long micro pin nails and the dual trigger feature will keep misfires to a minimum. What do you get in the box? Comes with 2000 3/4 inch pin nails, 1/4 inch air fitting with dust cover, oil, wrench, and a nice carrying case. There were a few negative reviews for this pinner, mostly professional grade carpentry shops were disappointed with the quality in this pin nailer and several said it jammed to often and slowed them down. Keep in mind that most of the negative comments were from a while back and we could only find positive remarks over the last 18 months which tells us whatever issues Porter Cable used to have with the PIN100 are perhaps a thing of the past. Most owner opinions are very positive and the vast majority have zero problems with the pin nailer when working with it.