Updated: November 2017

Pipe Wrench Reviews:

Whether you are a professional plumber or just a DIY homeowner, owning a pipe wrench is a must. This essential tool is perfect for all those plumbing repairs that you come across. The adjustable pipe wrench, also called a plumbers wrench, grips round objects with serrated teeth. You get excellent leverage and the pressure put on the pipe increases as you turn the wrench. All your plumbing repairs will become much easier with this wrench. One of the most common uses for a pipe wrench is when dealing with a leaky faucet. I used to try using a crescent wrench but I never felt like it worked that great. Once I bought the pipe wrench the time and energy involved in any repair has been reduced dramatically. What pipe wrench is best? What are the best brands? How much do they cost? We will answer all those questions down below.
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Take a look at the video below to see just how you use a pipe wrench for plumbing repairs and fixes.

Choosing Your Pipe Wrench - Many plumbers will admit that pipe wrenches aren't the most versatile tools, but when they need to hold a pipe and fittings, there is no other weapon of choice in their profession. Many pipe wrenches are made with steel, though contractors say you should consider an aluminum model if you plan on using it for longer periods of time. The wrench features a heavy body and handles round, smooth surfaces without a problem as the teeth "bite" and hold quite well. Pipe wrenches are sold in various sizes (determined by length of handle) - they range from 10" all the way up to 48 inches. You'll see them listed in stores like Home Depot or Lowe's under names like straight pipe wrench, offset wrench for pipes, and cast iron pipe wrench. Some are even sold in sets like the Grizzly H6271 Steelex 4-Pc. Pipe Wrench Set 8", 10", 14", 18". Ridgid is the brand that many professionals recommended. Before I bought mine, I had a plumber in my house who had been doing his profession for 30 years and he only used Ridgid pipe wrenches after so many others had failed. Other top brands include Grizzly, Tekton, Irwin, Olympia, and Graintex. They range in price from $20 to $275 and most hardware stores or plumbing stores sell them. Want to read reviews on pipe wrenches? Popular Mechanics called the pipe wrench "an essential tool for any DIY homeowner" and most reviews we came across mention that the tool would be "hard to live without". The best source for reviews was found online at Amazon.com where they have dozens of owner comments and feedback on all brands. You can browse the best selling pipe wrenches here.

Best Pipe Wrenches:

BEST - No matter what source you review, the one name that always appears near the top of the list are the Ridgid pipe wrenches. Their 18" model goes for $55 while the mammoth 48 inch pipe wrench is over $275. You better have some tough pipes if you plan on using that model. What do owners like so much about the Ridgid wrenches? For one, they are 40% lighter than cast-iron models which are roughly the same size. Features include a non-stick adjustment nut, I-beam handle, and heel jaws for plastic coated pipes. Capacity is set for a 2 1/2 pipe. They are expensive, but given the workload they can handle, the money is well spent. Plumbing can be tedious work - especially in tight spaces and having a tool that does what you want is pertinent. We advise all shoppers to check out top rated pipe wrenches here before making any buying decision. It's always best to read expert and homeowner opinions on any product and then make up your mind. You can also go down to your local hardware or home improvement store and see what the salespeople have to say about top brands or specific sizes of wrenches that would best suit your needs.

Plumbers Pipe Wrench:

The one thing I know about plumbing is that many of the pipes you may try to fix in your lifetime will be in hard to reach areas. I've had to adjust the pipes under my kitchen sink quite a few times and owning an offset pipe wrench has made all the difference in the world. Unless you have tiny hands that can reach into the tightest corners or awkward angles, a product like the Ridgid 31120 2-Inch Capacity Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrench makes sense. Comes in 14" and 24" models which start at $62. Has a 2 inch capacity and an excellent warranty. If you want a set of plumbers pipe wrenches, consider the TEKTON by MIT 2368 Aluminum Pipe Wrench Set (3 pieces). The sizes are 14", 18" and 24" - the most common usage sizes on the market and should cover most jobs at home.