Updated: November 2017

Pizza Stone Reviews:

Who doesn't love pizza. My wife is a great chef and we like to show our kids how to actually make food versus just buying the finished product in a store or at a pizza parlor. Don't get me wrong, I still like going to Round Table and getting a combination pizza, but we have found that our kids really do like making pizza at home just as much. They get to make the dough, watch it rise in the fridge, then take it out and shape it into their round little pizzas. Put some sauce on, sprinkle the cheese and then lay down a few toppings. It might not be as easy as ordering a pizza, but the satisfaction you get from making your own is worth it. We have gone through a few pizza stones over the years, but we consistently come back to the same brand over and over - Old Stone Oven. We have tried the Dough Joe pizza stone and the Emile Henry, but we are happy with our Old Stone Oven. They are priced between $30 and $40 and available in stores like Walmart, Target, Sur La Table, and online at Amazon.com.
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Choosing a Pizza Stone - There are square baking stones, round oven pizza stones, and classic nonstick pizza pans like you see in pizza parlors. The Dough-Joe Pizza and Baking Stone is slightly different in that it gives you a set of four 6 x 9 inch stones. You can then use just a few of the stones if you have smaller items to put in the oven. Some owners also say the Dough Joe Stones are easier to lift than the larger (complete) pizza stones. Although reviews are near perfect for this item, I still like that we can transfer the dough to our pizza stone outside of the oven and then place the stone into the oven for cooking. With the Dough Joe, I'm not sure that is as easy since it's four pieces, you'd almost have to place the dough on top of the stones once they are placed inside the oven. Pizza stones are great for baking much more than pizza, do cookies, breads, crusts, you name it. Many of the baking stones we found are also safe to use on grills and the fact that most are dishwasher safe makes them easy to clean. Pizza Stone Reviews - There are quite a few websites and companies that do reviews on pizza stones. Unfortunately we could not find any research done by Consumer Reports, but Good Housekeeping has a review on the Emily Henry pizza stone and plenty of owner reviews are available to read on Williams Sonoma website. Of course our favorite is Amazon.com where you can read 100's of consumer comments, opinions and feedback that have been posted on their website. You can browse the best selling pizza stones online here.

Best Pizza Stone:

RECOMMENDED - The #1 selling product in this category is the Old Stone Oven 4467 14-Inch by 16-Inch Baking Stone which sells for $38. The firebrick construction is perfect for heat retention and distribution. You'll get pizza crust that resembles that found in pizza parlors. Bread or pizza releases from the surface without sticking. The stone measures 14 x 16 inches and the texture will keep it from cracking or breaking even at high temperatures. The Old Stone Oven rectangular pizza stone comes with recipes for cooking up biscuits, pizza dough, and bread. Customer comments include 'great baking stone' and 'no more soggy pizza in the middle'. We've used ours on the grill during the summer months to cook up pizzas, but mostly it's used indoors in the oven for baking bread or pizza. Be careful when handling the stone as they can break even if dropped from just a few inches above a counter. I also like the Lodge Pro Logic Cast Iron 14" Pizza Pan which gets very positive reviews. The 14 inch cast iron pizza pan is round in shape and comes pre seasoned with vegetable oil formula so you can use it immediately. The side loop handles are just perfect for carrying the pan either to or from the oven. Hand wash only (no dishwasher) and it's oven safe up to 400 degrees.

Top Rated Baking Stone:

RECOMMENDED - It's hard to go against a product like the Emile Henry Rectangular Baking Stone which gets some of the best reviews from consumers. The baking stone comes in black, red, olive, figue, and slate grey colors and is priced right at $50. You might say $50 bucks but understand this baking stone will do much more than bake up tasty pizza. The 18 inch by 14 inch rectangular stone is made in France and works great on grills, gas, charcoal and natural wood as well as in conventional and convection ovens. Want those crispy, well baked crusts? You'll get perfectly baked breads and pizzas. The stone will handle even the highest oven temperatures and owners comment that cutting on the glazed stone will not damage or scratch the surface. How about cleanup? A little soap and water will do the trick or place it in the dishwasher. Emily Henry bakeware is world renowned and this product is no different. Comments from actual users include 'high quality baking stone' and 'baking stone with grill flexibility'. I have personally bought 3 of these for my siblings and their families and they love it. Home style pizza never tasted so good.