Updated: November 2017

Platform Bed Reviews:

Are you looking for a platform bed? Perhaps you are want the laid back, casual lifestyle associated with platform beds. They are becoming more popular with the younger crowd. Those that live in lofts in the city or maybe share apartment bedrooms while going to college. I was first introduced to beds on platforms back when my older brother got the "Captains Bed" as it was marketed in the early 1980's. It was raised up about 2 feet and had extensive storage drawers built into the solid wooden frame. I can still remember helping to move the darn bed, it was heavy and awkward. I thought it was the coolest thing - much different than my traditional bed frame, boxspring, and mattress in my room. Platform beds have a European flair to them and I recently saw some listed at Ikea. I went to the Ikea showroom up near the Portland airport and took a look for myself.

Choosing a Platform Bed - The basic premise behind the platform bed is that you don't need a boxspring for your mattress. Many people just through a futon mattress on the platform bed and they are good to go. You will give up a bit of cushioning by eliminating the boxspring, but they can still be very comfortable to sleep on. Not all platform beds are actually "raised" off the ground. There are some models that have no storage space below the bed and offer little clearance. Others give you a nice storage area under the bed or come with built in drawers. When it comes to mattresses - keep in mind that some companies void the mattress warranty if you don't put their mattress on a certain type of foundation. I have never heard of a mattress failing that fast, so probably not something that should concern you. Materials - You will find that the vast majority of platform beds are made with compressed cardboard or particle board. Then the manufacturers put a layer of veneer on top of that. Solid wood frames are the best option (although the most expensive) and metal platform beds are a good choice as well. Style - We found many stores offering the storage platform beds which give you the extra storage space underneath and help take advantage of space when living in smaller apartments or rooms. Platform beds come in all the same sizes as mattresses do - pick a size that makes sense for your room configuration and dimensions. There are beds for both adults and kids with lots of different styles to choose from. Many countries don't even use boxsprings or mattresses like we are used to in America, so much of the styling is European or Asian. Platform Bed Reviews - We found no better website for reviews than Amazon.com. They list dozens of platform beds with hundreds of owner reviews giving you instant feedback on which models and brands perform the best. Read comments and opinions before buying anything. You can browse the best selling platform beds online here.

Best Platform Beds:

RECOMMENDED - The #1 seller online is the Nomad Platform Bed Frame which sells for roughly $150. It's available in queen, king, full, twin, and twin XL sizes. It's definitely a basic design with solid hardwood. You can purchase storage drawers that fit underneath if you are looking to take advantage of the space below. Works with mattresses or futons. Comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty and it's made in the USA. The setup is easy (per owners) and the materials are solid. Consumers rate this bed "excellent" and "perfect platform bed" simply because it's affordable and does the job. If you are looking for something more extravagent or with storage drawers see our review below on more of an upscale model. There are dozens of other options for less than $150 and you can view popular platform beds here. Another good selection is the Charleston Platform Bed Frame which sells for less than $200 and gets near perfect reviews from customers. All of these are offered online at Amazon.

Platform Bed with Storage:

BEST - Prepac is perhaps the most recognized name in platform beds and their beds have always rated well with experts and consumer alike. The Prepac Monterey Cherry Queen Platform Storage Bed (6-drawers) at $300 is a top seller and well worth a look. You get 3 spacious drawers on either side of the bed that are ideal for storing linens, cloths, books, etc. The drawers roll out smoothly with the all metal glides and they have the safety stops built in. The material is laminated composite woods and there is some assembly required. We advise all buyers to check out the Prepac platform beds and compare features, prices, and sizes to make an informed purchase. The Manhattan Queen in Espresso is beautiful and the Sonoma King with storage is another favorite of ours.