Updated: November 2017

Swimming Pool Slide Reviews:

Swimming pools are a great way to relax during the warmer summer months, but adding a slide to the pool will surely increase the level of enjoyment. We all know that kids and adults like water slides, so adding a pool slide is a great addition to any swimming pool. They are safe, easy to install, and provide hours of fun poolside for your family, friends, and neighbors. Most are designed or configured with a 'left' or 'right' curve. This means you can place them on either side of your pool depending on which area has more space. The larger pool slides measure almost 10 feet tall with flume lengths beyond 15 feet. The heliX S.R.Smith Pool Slide is the star of the show with a full 360 degree twisting feature for a complete ride down the slide. Built with similar materials you will find at modern playgrounds, the slide is CPSC compliant for swimming pool slides and it's salt water friendly too. The two leading brands are Inter-Fab and S.R. Smith. Both slide makers for pools offer up a variety of designs that will fit your pool and budget. Pricing - you are looking at spending between $1500 to $3000.

Buying Guide - Let's start with assembly on these. The S.R Smith Typhoon, Turbo Twister, and heliX take an hour per the manufacturer. We found the Turbo Twister took more like 3 hours, so I can only imagine the more complex heliX taking a bit longer. Installation is not too difficult, just a bit time consuming. When it comes to things like pool slides, we like to take our time and make sure that safety is the top priority. Definitely secure the slide to your pool deck. That is probably the hardest part as you have to install the bolts into concrete. The Inter-Fab Wild Ride Slide is slightly easier to install and assemble. Their website shows great instructional videos that you can follow along to. We highly recommended watching before trying to assemble or install the Inter-Fab slides. All the slides we tested and reviewed were sturdy and very durable. The water supply can be connected to the pools own return system or a garden hose (at least with Wild Ride Slide from Inter-Fab). Most of the pool slides we looked at are for in ground pools only, not designed for above ground pools. The S.R. Smith slides feature enclosed ladders, easy grip handles, and nonslip treads. The rotomolded slides are designed with the salt water friendly materials and will hold up to sun and weather year round. The slides accommodate most adults up to 250 pounds (some slides were able to handle 275 lbs). A 3 year warranty is pretty common for most manufacturers of swimming pool slides. The only part that may fail is the water supply feature. The water delivery is important as that determines the water flow for the flume. Ideally you want a steady flow of water to allow for faster sliding. Give the slides a few minutes to get wet once you start the water supply system up. Otherwise, maintenance is minimal. Just check the joints periodically and make sure the bolts that secure it to the ground are staying tight. The slides typically come in colors like blue, white, tan, or gray. Backyard pools are nice to have, but adding a pool slide will vastly improve your overall enjoyment. Kids love them and I have to admit that I get up on the slide more often than I would think. It's a great way to enter the pool and get cooled off quickly (while having fun). You can browse the best selling pool slides here.

Best Pool Slide:

RECOMMENDED - The S.R. Smith TurboTwister Left Curve Pool Slide is one for the entire family to enjoy. Available in left or right curve design and in gray granite or sandstone colors. Can handle kids or adults up to 275 pounds. The water delivery system provides up to 25 gallons per minute, enough to keep everyone moving down the slide pretty quickly. Measures over 8 feet tall at the top and the flume length is over 14 feet long. The rotomolded design is very durable and assembly is not too bad - maybe an hour to 2 hours. The molded in handrails and enclosed ladder are sturdy. We would say the stairs are steep and the handrails are wide, so little ones may have a harder time ascending the ladder. Securing this to concrete is required, and that may take a little time to align the bolts properly. Otherwise, S.R. Smith has done an excellent job of constructing the slide with durable materials that should last a long time. Your backyard pool can now have an added feature of a water slide. We have provided some videos below showing the slides in action and their features.

Top Rated Swimming Pool Curved Slide:

RECOMMENDED - Inter-Fab WRS-CL-SS Wild Ride Slide - this swimming pool slide is at the lower range in terms of price but still gets quality reviews from owners and pool experts. Available in white, gray, blue, or tan, the Wild Ride Slide features a left turn kit (can order in right turn if you want). Other features are an 11 foot long deep flume and entry is at almost 6 1/2' high. The stairs are fully enclosed and the handrails are spaced for safe climbing. The water delivery system provides enough water to keep people flowing down the slide with enough speed. For assembly, you can go to Interfab.com and check out the page for the Wild Ride slide and see their assembly video. Easy to follow and very instructional. Will take riders up to 250 pounds. Check out the Inter Fab slides here.