Updated: November 2017

Quesadilla Maker Reviews:

Quesadillas have become a very popular item on appetizer lists in many restaurants, not just those that serve Mexican food. My kids love quesadillas and I wanted to find a quesadilla maker that I could use at home and recreate the simple, yet tasty cheese and tortilla dish. For years I have been using our microwave to make basic quesadillas - put some shredded cheese on a flour tortilla and heat it up in the microwave. They taste ok, but they lack the baked edges to a real quesadilla that I enjoy. Sometimes my wife will use the skillet to get the tortilla crispy, but that seems like a hassle to me. When I looked online I saw some excellent quesadilla makers for very reasonable prices - almost all are $30 or under. You can find them online or in stores like Target, Walmart, Kohl's, and Macy's.
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Choosing a Quesadilla Maker - The first thing to consider is the size of the quesadilla machine - more specifically the size of the tortilla you can put into it. Most models we saw range from 8 to 10 inches in diameter. Cooking times ranges from 3 to 7 minutes depending on the types of ingredients in the quesadilla. Some reviewers note that if you have put shredded chicken or beef into the mix, let it go a little longer. We like the Santa Fe QM2R 900-Watt Quesadilla Maker since it accommodates the 10 inch flour tortillas that are so common in stores. Just plug the electric quesadilla maker into the wall, allow it to warm up and then place in the tortilla with your ingredients. Find a model with power and ready indicator lights so that you'll know when it's ready to go. Nonstick plates are a must so that any excess food is easily cleanable. Look for one with a simple drip tray. The Nostalgia Electrics EQM-200 8-Inch Electric Quesadilla Maker is another excellent option - the only drawback we found was that the machine only takes the smaller 8 inch tortilla size. It does offer a locking lid with 2 positions so you can create thicker quesadillas if you want. The one common complaint is that many of these quesadilla makers don't allow you to put in chunks of chicken - there simply isn't enough room to close the lid at that point. Other general complaints include comments about 'not getting that crispy edge' on the quesadilla. I like the fact that once you get the machine heated up, you can roll out quite a few quesadillas within minutes and they taste much better than the ones I was making in the microwave. Top Brands - You will find manufacturers like Santa Fe, Nostalgia, Bella Cucina, El Paso, Hamilton Beach, Black & Decker and recently the George Foreman product entered the market. Reviews - We found the most online at Amazon, Walmart, Epinions, and a few video reviews on Youtube. You can browse the best selling quesadilla makers online here.

Best Quesadilla Maker:

RECOMMENDED - The #1 seller on Amazon and top rated machine we could find is the Santa Fe QM2R 900-Watt Quesadilla Maker which sells for $30. In head to head comparisons this model wins out against the competition. I agree with all the reviews I read online about how easy the machine is to use. The 900 watts of power allow me to create perfect quesadillas in about 5 minutes. We also bought this model since it does fit the 10 inch quesadillas that we prefer. Comes with an owner's manual and some recipes. We haven't tried them all yet, but the ones that suggest using vegetables are pretty good. Comments from consumers online include 'great for leftovers' and 'money well spent'. The nonstick cooking plates are a breeze to clean. Just wipe them with a damp cloth and towel dry. The unit itself can be stored vertically. So far we have no complaints and my kids are excited about lunch again.

Quesadilla Maker with Removable Plates:

RECOMMENDED - We get asked a lot about quesadilla makers with removable plates. Not sure if it's because people think they will be hard to clean and want a simple solution. Yes, you can buy the George Foreman 360 Electric Nonstick Grill with 5 Interchangeable Grill Plates but it's going to cost you $110. Sure you get dishwasher safe removable plates, but it is really worth the extra money. We found that cleaning most of the units listed as 'best sellers' on Amazon was quite easy. There are always people who 'load' up on the cheese and create a huge mess, but for the most part, cleaning was not an issue. Some owners who bought the 10 inch models used 8 inch tortillas which left a space for the ingredients to seep out and create a mess, but it was still cleanable. The smaller Nostalgia Electrics EQM-200 8-Inch Electric Quesadilla Maker is an alternative to the larger Santa Fe listed above. You won't get as big of quesadillas, but it will still bake nice quesadillas in just minutes. From our findings, don't worry so much about removable plates as much as you should be concerned with finding the right amount of fillings so that any spillage is kept to a minimum. Overtime you will be able to eyeball how much cheese to put on the tortilla so that they are just right.