Updated: November 2017

Reading Pillow Reviews:

As I get older, reading in bed has become a little tougher. My vision is slowly going and my comfort is not what it used to be when I was younger. In the past I used to put 3 or 4 bed pillow on top of each other and rearrange them to make one big bed reading pillow that I sat against while reading. Posture is a big thing in life and we all know that without it your back will suffer. My wife recently bought a reading pillow so I thought I would join her and finally get comfortable in bed while reading. The first thing to remember is that these pillows aren't all marketed as "reading pillow", some are listed as bed loungers, foam wedges for reading, back supports, and orthopedic pillows. Most department stores carry some variety of reading pillows - we found several at Target, Walmart and Bed Bath and Beyond in our search. The #1 feature you want in a reading pillow is back support. Slouching in bed while trying to read is hard on your entire body. An ergonomic reading pillow will solve all that and they are not that expensive. We came across Brentwood Bedrest pillows for roughly $30 and the larger, Bed Lounge reading pillows were over $100.
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What features should I consider when buying a bed pillow? - Size is a main concern for most consumers - they want a bed reading pillow that is large enough to support their back and neck while still allowing them to read comfortably in bed. Back support is the key to all this - having a firm and sturdy pillow behind you as you read can make all the difference. Some of the foam wedges for reading are quite nice, but they will run you over $100. We think the Brentwood reading pillows are adequate for most - providing a solid support and they are offered in a variety of colors to match any room in your house. In bed pillow reviews we read, the majority of owners use their pillow not only in bed but in the family room or den as a nice support for even watching TV or just hanging out. Reviews for the DogBones pillows are very positive as well with owners mentioning their multi-functional uses - reading, watching TV, etc. At just over $30 they are worth considering. With a slightly different shape than the others - the DogBones go great in kids rooms, especially for children who like to watch TV or read on the floor - it provides good support. The larger bed loungers are actually reading pillows with arms and not everyone agrees that the added size offsets the high price tag. The Bed Lounge collection is the ultimate in back wedge pillows and these reading pillow cushions offer up excellent lumbar support and the headrest lower and raises fitting those of all heights. Lastly, the Alex Orthopedic back wedge bed reading pillow is unique and provides a slight recline so your back and neck are supported properly. They are mid priced at $70 and hold up quite well. Finding that comfortable reading pillow is not all that elusive, you can literally read dozens of owner reviews posted on websites like Amazon.com and compare the top brands against each other. You can browse the top selling reading pillows online here.

Best Reading Pillow:

RECOMMENDED - The #1 seller on Amazon are the Brentwood Reading Pillows - available in lots of colors to go along with your home decor, they fit most peoples budgets just fine. Buyers say they work great in bedrooms, dorm rooms, play rooms, and family rooms. Some people even take these camping so they can read comfortably before turning in. This is the reading pillow for bed that my wife bought and she is completely happy with it. The pillow is sturdy enough to support her lower back and provide the overall stability she wants while sitting up in bed to read. Other owner comments agree with the quality of the pillow, only one person mentioned the color being an issue. They are easy to move around, so take it from the bedroom to the family room. These types of reading pillows have been around for decades and seem to be the product of choice in this category. You will find them listed under different brand names in department stores - Target carries lots of them.

Reading Pillows with Arms:

RECOMMENDED - I went with the BedLounge: The Ultimate Reading Pillow as it looked impressive online. I like the fact it is a reading pillow with arms - gives me more of a stable feeling while sitting in bed and reading. The product also comes with an additional posture lumbar pillow and I like that the cover is removable and washable. The Bedlounge reading pillow is comfortable and the ability to raise and lower the headrest is a bonus feature that most other brands don't offer. The inner framework (designed by Dr. Swezey) provides ample support while reading or watching tv in bed. This ergonomic lounger has lived up to expectations so far. I'm just hoping that the pillow holds up over time as that is most important to me considering the initial upfront cost of about $125.