Updated: November 2017

Rug Pad Reviews:

Are your rugs constantly slipping on your floors? If you have hardwood floors in your house or office, you know what it's like to step onto a rug and have it slip just a little bit. Feels like you might lose your balance sometimes and fall down. There are a few solutions to this issue. The easiest is to buy some rug pads that fit nicely under your rug and between the flooring surface. Most are designed to keep rugs in place on surfaces like hardwoods, vinyl, tile, or even concrete. There are a few styles that even work when you are having trouble with a rug slipping on a carpeted surface. The indoor rug pads are often made with an open weave construction so that vacuuming is easier and it also allows the rug to breath. The pads need to be just slightly smaller than the rug dimensions - you can either have them pre-cut by the manufacturer or you can do it yourself. The felt rug pads are also very popular and add a layer of thickness and padding between your floors and your rug. You will even find some that are reversible and have non-slip attributes for carpets and hard surfaces. The rug pads range in price from $20 to $100.
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Choosing a Rug Pad - Rug gripper pads are needed for safety purposes. When rugs are placed on flooring surfaces like hardwood floors, they have a tendency to slip and pull which can cause a safety issue. A rug pad will help keep that rug in place while on carpets or hardwoods. Rug pads also can add to the overall longevity of your rug. Just that little added cushion between the hardwoods and the rug keep the rugs fibers in good shape. Also, some homeowners know that placing a rug on a hardwood floor surface can leave a mark on the floor if left too long. The rug pad will eliminate that from happening. Rug pads are designed for hard floors or carpets - make sure you buy the right type. We found an excellent article online from Good Housekeeping that went into all the features of rug pads. Cushion grip is perhaps the most popular style of rug pads. They work great on laminate wood, hardwoods, concrete, vinyl, and tile. At 1/4" thick, the rug pad will be non-slip and last for a decade. The waffled, rubberized backing prevents slippage. What about carpets? Many homeowners don't feel like they need rug pads when the rug is placed on carpet. This is simply not true. We suggest using the Teebaud rug pads. They anchor the rug to the carpet so that movement of the rug is reduced. We've all had rugs that are placed under pieces of furniture (like chairs) and then the rug ripples up around the legs. A quality rug pad won't allow that to happen. The Teebaud rug underlay is definitely one to consider in those situations. Customer Reviews - We found that the heat pressed rug pads rated the highest in terms of durability. They prevent shedding and overall break down of the material. Gardenweb.com had some excellent feedback in their online forums and Rugpadcorner.com offers both natural felt and rubber rug pad reviews from their customers. Almost all of the products we reviewed and tested did very well. There was an occasional gripe from someone who mentioned the rugs still moved a bit. Browse the best selling rug pads here.

Felt Rug Pad:

RECOMMENDED - The ENDURANCE Felt Rug Pad is made with 100% recycled felt and comes in a variety of sizes (2X8 feet up to 12 x 18 feet). The pads are 3/8" thick, chemical free, have acoustical properties, mold and mildew resistant, and naturally hypo-allergenic. Beyond that they are guaranteed for 15 years. We like the extra-soft backing which will help protect the hardwood floors and the extra thickness will keep your area rugs lasting as long as possible. The majority of owner reviews with hardwoods note that the rug pads do an excellent job of keeping their rugs in place. No more slippage or bunching. The Premium Grip rug pad is another favorite of ours with a dual surface ability. Put it down underneath your area rugs on carpets or hard surfaces. The pad is reversible and designed for both. They don't mar, stain, or discolor floors. That is one issue we've seen with some of these floor rug pads. Not with this one.

Best Rug Pad:

RECOMMENDED - The Eco Hold Rug Pad is a top seller and consumer favorite. Available in 8 different sizes, you are sure to find a rug pad that fits your area rugs. They are made with premium plant based oil and they are thicker and heavier than most non felt rug pads. If you want to keep your rugs from slipping on hard surfaces, then go with these. Unlike other rug pads that are not easy to cut and shape, homeowners can easily use household scissors to cut their pad to the desired dimensions. Another feature we like is that the rugs don't bunch up when vacuuming. You can run the vacuum over the rug and not have to deal with movement. They come with a 10 year guarantee. The Ultra Stop Non-Slip Indoor Rug Pad is top rated and made with polymer coated polyester scrim. Non-slip is what it promises and we found that our rugs didn't shift as much when using the Grip It product. We still prefer the felt rug pads if given the choice.