Updated: November 2017

Salad Spinner Reviews:

You may wonder why anyone would waste their time on a review for salad spinners. The reason I wrote this article is because more and more of our friends see my wifes Oxo salad spinner and ask - "What is that thing for?". I find that not everyone has one of these kitchen tools and our Good Grips salad spinner is essential in our meal preparation. I'm not sure how long salad spinners have been around - I must admit I had never seen one until I married my wife some 10 years ago. If you enjoy having a salad with your lunch or dinner, then you'll get plenty of use out of a salad spinner in your kitchen. They are really quite basic in function. There is an outer bowl, often made with see through plastic but some are now made with stainless steel. On the inside is another bowl shaped colander where the greens or lettuce sit while you wash or dry them off. Put in water if you want to wash the lettuce and spin it around. Take out the interior colander holding the lettuce and toss out the water left in the outside bowl. Put the interior bowl back in and spin the lettuce again until most of the extra water is gone.
salad spinner

The TOP TWO sellers are the Oxo Good Grips and the Zyliss Easy Spin on almost every website we visited. You can find reviews on Amazon.com, Target.com, and Cooking.com. There are literally 100's of consumer reviews posted on these sites for all the major brands like Oxo, Zyliss, Softworks, Cuisinart, and Rosle. Expect to spend at least $20 and closer to $30 for a good salad spinner. The more expensive stainless steel salad spinners by Oxo and Rosle are $50 and $110 respectively and probably not worth the extra cost. One thorough review was done on Chow.com by one of their writers and Latimes.com posted some good feedback on salad spinners as well. About.com and Cooksillustrated.com have information on what to look for in a salad spinner. Ultimately there are only a few brands that shine and we display those 2 down below. We found ours on Amazon years ago and that is the website we RECOMMEND for buying kitchen items like salad spinners. You can browse the entire collection of salad spinners here.

Best Salad Spinner:

RECOMMENDED - The #1 selling salad spinner on Amazon.com is the OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner which sells for less than $30. I know, you are probably thinking $30 bucks for a salad spinner, but I must say my wife and I have used ours 100's of times over the last 3 or 4 years. Think about all the times that you make a salad at home and wash the lettuce. A lettuce spinner, as they are also called, are a great kitchen tool that gets most of the excess water off the lettuce with a simple spinning cycle. Put in the lettuce, cover with the lid, pop up the plunge style knob in the middle and pump away. When you are done spinning the lettuce, push the brake button and take out the lettuce. The entire Good Grips salad spinner is completely dishwasher safe. We not only use ours for lettuce but other herbs and greens. This product has been around for years and is well proven in 1000's of households. Owners call it a "great kitchen aid" and others note "it's a great salad spinner". If you cook alot at home and like salads, the Oxo salad spinner will come in handy. A very similar designed SoftWorks Salad Spinner is available as well on Amazon for the same price. It too gets excellent reviews in customer ratings. You can see all the top selling salad spinners here.

Zyliss Salad Spinner:

RECOMMENDED - Although not quite as highly rated as the Oxo Good Grips, the Zyliss Easy Spin 4-6 Serving Salad Spinner still get high marks from consumers. It's just slightly cheaper than the Oxo salad spinner and features a similar spinning mechanism. There is a retractable, pull cord that gets the glidewheel going and the salad spinning. The stop button is almost identical to the Oxo spinner. Again, the Easy Spin salad spinner has a non-slip base so it won't slide off the countertop when you are using it. These are the type of products that make great gifts for Christmas. I plan on buying one for my brother and his wife since they are always making salads at night but don't currently use a salad spinner.