Updated: November 2017

Sanyo Rice Cooker Review:

Whether you choose white rice or brown, jasmine or basmati, a dish of rice perfectly cooked is warming, filling, and satisfying. It's the perfectly cooked part that's hard. Rice is temperamental: it can be overly sticky, gluey, crunchy, or burnt if you aren't careful. Or if you don't use a rice cooker. These can be tremendously handy appliances to have so you can add perfect rice to any dish you make. You can explore international cuisine with this one simple base. Sanyo rice cookers are among the most popular on the market. Will they help you create mouth-watering dishes or make you wish you bought instant rice instead? We'll see in this Sanyo rice cooker guide.
sanyo rice cooker

Using a Rice Cooker - Rice is a staple for billions of people all over the world, comprising a major part of their diet and gracing many of the best-known and loved cuisines in the world. Others for whom rice is not a daily staple still enjoy the grain with stir-fries, soups, beans, and much more. The options and creativity are endless and endlessly delicious. Using a rice cooker or rice steamer allows you to make perfect, fluffy rice with no burnt pots or sticky messes. Many models also have rice warmers and other cooking features, adding immensely to their versatility and practicality. In order to cook properly, rice needs to sit in water, boil, absorb water (making it nice and plump), and then rest. With a rice cooker, you add rice, you add water, and the rice cooker takes care of the rest. The water in the rice maker is taken to a boil by the heating plate. There is a sensor that gauges the temperature of the water. As long as there is enough water, the rice will rest without burning because the temperature remains stable. Once the rice has absorbed all the water in the cooker, the temperature starts to rise again, so the sensor will switch it off or to a warming mode ensuring the rice doesn't burn. Sanyo, creator of countless electronics products for both commercial and residential uses, has always been on the cutting edge of innovation. Their products continually break new ground, and their line of rice cookers is no different. They are consistently ranked at the top of the field, but if you're new to rice cookers, it may still be a bit difficult to choose the right machine for your needs. Let's take a look at some of Sanyo's top models to help you decide. You can browse the best selling Sanyo rice cookers online here.

Sanyo ECJ-N55W Electric Rice Cooker:

This is a very popular Sanyo rice cooker/steamer, and for good reason. It is relatively simple, being a straight on/off model, (as opposed to fuzzy logic, which we'll discuss in a bit). The ECJ-N55W was chosen by MetaEfficient (a site that is devoted to top quality, energy efficient products) as one of their favorite on/off rice makers because of its ease of use and features. Consumer Research, too, named it the Best Multifunction Rice Cooker. This 5.5-cup rice steamer has user-friendly controls, keep-warm function, non-stick inner pot, removable steam vent and dew collector, and carrying handle. You will also get a non-stick spatula, spatula holder, and instruction manual. And that's just the basics. It gets better: you also have a steaming tray for healthy veggies and other foods and two menu selections. In addition to rice, you can cook porridge and soups, which effectively makes this into an energy-efficient crock pot. Something else you can cook to perfection is brown rice. Surprisingly, not all rice cookers can handle this. Consumer Research's review said that the Sanyo ECJ-N55W gives you the "most bang for the buck." Or more precisely, your $50. One issue that reviewers, including both Consumer Research and MetaEfficient, found was that if you leave your rice in the warmer mode for a few hours, it dries out. It won't burn - don't worry. But it won't be fluffy and delightful, like you want it to be. If you're going to be warming it, limit the time it sets.

The Sanyo Rice Cooker and Steamer, Model ECJ-D55S, Micro-Computerized - Another Sanyo rice cooker that the critics can agree on is the ECJ-D55S. This is a rice cooker that uses fuzzy logic - and yes, it's what you think it is. Fuzzy logic works not by strict parameters, like the simple on/off rice cooker. Instead, they are designed to have a more human-like approach. Fuzzy logic is used in any number of products, so how does it work in a rice steamer or cooker? Say it's a hot day and you have rice in the cooker. The cooker is able to think it through: the rice is cooking too fast; if this continues, then the heating element needs to be turned down. A regular cooker would just continue at its predetermined settings. Further, fuzzy logic rice cookers have different settings for different types of rice. For instance, sushi rice takes less time to cook than brown rice. The machine is able to cook different varieties to perfection so your sushi rice is moist and sticky and your brown rice is plump. The ECJ-D55S, which was named as Consumer Search's Best Programmable Rice Cooker, has a 5.5-cup capacity, a titanium-coated 2.5mm non-stick inner pot, multi-menu selections, slow cook option, warmer mode, reheat function, easy to read measuring marks, LCD clock with 24-hour timer, steaming tray, measuring cup, spatula, instructions, and recipes. This model was recommended by MetaEfficient, Consumer Research, and by Buzzillion reviewers. It is about $110. Along the same lines is the Sanyo 5-Cup Rice Cooker/Steamer, Micro-Computerized, Model ECJ-F50S. This rice cooker has an extra-thick titanium-coated non-stick inner pot with round bottom, multi-menu selections, fuzzy logic controls, settings for white rice, brown rice, rinse-free rice, mixed rice, sweet rice, sprouted brown rice, porridge, soup, stew, steaming, and quick cooking, slow cook function, easy to clean steam vent, LCD clock, 24-hour preset timer, warmer mode, steaming tray, retractable cord, measuring cup, spatula, instructions, and recipes. BestCovery named this the Best Rice Cooker and Steamer, and it receives consistently positive reviews from Buzzillion, Wize, and Amazon reviewers. It is $140. If you want a larger capacity rice cooker, try the Sanyo 10-Cup, Model ECJ-HC100S, Rice Cooker and Slow Cooker that is Micro-Computerized. This has a steamer, programmable timer, can slow cook for up to 12 hours, LCD clock, warmer mode, carrying handle, tofu container, steaming trap, measuring cup, spatula, and recipes. It lacks a few of the bells and whistles of the two previous models, but it is larger. The features that it does have make it a versatile kitchen helper for $130. One Amazon reviewer called it the "smartest thing" she'd bought in a long time. Sanyo is one of the leading names in the home appliance industry, and no one knows rice like they do. In addition to making the perfect pot of rice, you can do so much more: enjoy a crock pot meal after a long day at work, make a soup for dinner, try porridge, or steam your veggies. These are much more than just rice - but the rice is absolutely amazing. View the top rated Sanyo rice cookers here