Updated: November 2017

Sconce Light Fixture Reviews:

Choosing the Best Wall Sconces - Wouldn't the whole world look better if it were lighted with wall sconces? No more of that glaring and unflattering natural sunlight! No, natural light is beautiful and beneficial, but when it's time to turn on the lights inside or outside at night, there is nothing better than a well-made wall sconce. They are as wonderfully functional as they are decorative. If you hear "wall sconce" and think of elaborate, traditional sconces, you're half right. These are still very much available and can be the ideal choice for many homes. However, you may like the look and feel of a contemporary wall sconce. Today's designs give us a clever take on the old wall sconce and can help complete your decor. The choices are nearly endless - so how do you choose? We'll show you some of the features to look for, as well as the top brands so you can make the right decision for your home.
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What is Wall Sconce Lighting? - Wall sconces are fixtures that are mounted to the wall and which provide wonderful ambient light. While they are not typically used to light an entire room, they can offer all-around lighting, as well as more directional lighting options. These are not lights you set up to do fine handiwork or your homework. These are lights that you turn on to create a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere, to highlight art or a new wall paint, or to complement your surrounding decor. Wall sconces can also be very decorative in their own right, especially with the trends and advancements of recent years. As wall sconce lighting has caught on in recent years, you can find a wide variety, and according to experts, there are trends to suit virtually any taste. Traditionally, brass wall sconces have been the top choice for homes, but now, we see a whole new generation of metal, nickel, pewter, steel, glass, and even fabric sconces. When choosing the right wall sconce for your home, consider the look you want to create. Look around at your decor and imagine what would work well. If you have a chic, ultra-modern apartment, for instance, chances are that you don't want a big traditional brass wall sconce. Likewise, if you live in a cozy, country home, you are not likely to choose an edgy contemporary wall sconce. Choose a wall sconce that will complement your room in terms of color, material, and overall design. Choose one that will emit the right level of light for your needs or one which has a dimmer so you can adjust it accordingly. Finally, choose a wall sconce that is right for your budget. Luckily, there is no shortage of attractive choices in virtually every price range. You can browse the best selling sconces online here.

Best Wall Sconces:

The best wall sconce for your home is a matter of choice, but here are a few ideas that can get you started:

*The Jonathan Adler Parker Wall Sconce. This is a rather high-end choice (though not the most expensive wall sconce you will encounter). It features a beautiful white Carrara metal base, a white frosted cased glass shade, and a gorgeous perforated metal with polish nickel finish. This creates a thoroughly modern look, as well as a generous splash of personality. Glass wall sconces are a great choice because they so beautifully diffuse light, and in this case, the glass complements the black nickel. The Parker Wall Sconce requires direct wiring and a 60W max B10 candelabra bulb. It measures 15H x 6.75W x 3.25D inches and will liven up and light a variety of decors. It is priced at about $150 and is available through external vendors via Amazon. If you like the look of this contemporary wall sconce, you can also try Pomeroy Urban Wall Sconces; this is a set of two candle wall sconces and is available for $20. The Pomeroy Marakesh candle wall sconces are the same price and will also give you a very modern look.

*Many people opt to bring their wall sconces outside. A popular choice with Amazon reviewers is the Designers Edge L-2552PW Dual Eye Motion-Activated Outdoor 1-Light Upward Wall Sconce. Quite a handful of a name, but it is a beautiful choice. The Designers Edge outside wall sconce measures 15.5 inches and uses incandescent bulbs up to 100 watts. It features motion-activated light, dual eye sensor, adjustable time and sensitivity settings, optional dusk-to-dawn setting, all-metal construction with weather resistance, beveled glass, and a beautiful pewter finish. One Amazon reviewer said it was one of the best things she'd ever bought for her home. And it's a steal at less than $50. There is an incredible array of options, some of which you can view online. The choice really comes down to what you like and what will enhance the look and feel of your home. View top rated sconce light fixtures here.

Installing Wall Sconce Lighting:

It is easier to install wall sconces in new construction, but you can also retrofit your existing wiring to accommodate the sconces. If you are a determined Do-It-Yourselfer, you can install your own wall sconces. Better Homes and Gardens offers a good step-by-step guide here (http://www.bhg.com/home-improvement/lighting/installation-how-to/adding-wall-sconces/;jsessionid=G35VVJVT5LBHYCQCEAQCBHQ?page=2). If there is no outlet, the job can be very difficult and it is better left to the pros. According to this YouTube video here:

you can save about 18 percent in a direct swap out for a lighting fixture doing it yourself. But the complexity of the installation of new lines from the circuit panel is beyond most do-it-yourselfers and is worth hiring an electrician. Wall sconces provide beautiful ambient lighting and can be the key to revamping or revitalizing any room. Browse through your various options and see what will work for your home. If you can, place the wall sconces in areas where there are already fixtures so you can save that expense. An easy alternative is to use old-fashioned candle power. These can go anywhere and they will add a charming look (and possibly fragrance, depending on your candle choice) to your home.