Updated: November 2017

Scroll Saw Reviews:

Scroll saws are bench mounted tools that make precise cuts in wood, plastic or metal. When working on detailed crafts or making freehand cuts, the scroll saw is the best tool for the job. The majority of scroll saws can cut stock up to 2" thick but are meant for small projects like intricate crafts. 15 to 18 inch models are standard for scroll saws and their size is measured by the distance between its body and blade. Once you have decided on the size of the scroll saw, then consider the features offered. A worklight mounted on the saw will help reduce eye strain by illuminating your work piece. Having a blower mounted near the blade will prevent sawdust from gathering on wood so you can follow the cut lines easier. Variable speed controls let you adjust the speed of the blade so you can cut your material correctly. For bevel and compound cuts, a tilting table is priceless - especially for cuts in one pass. Tool free blade change features are important as well so you can limit downtown and increase productivity. To make the saw easier to use consider a work hold-down (doubles as a blade guard).
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Buying Guide - Beyond the saw features and size, the blade is very critical to any scroll saw. Blades are rated by the number of teeth they have per inch (tpi). For smoother finishes, get a blade with a higher tpi. There are blades specific to cutting metal, plastic or wood so be sure to inquire what the blade works best on. Scroll saw enthusiasts should visit Scrollsawer.com and look into Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts magazine. The issues are great for beginner or experts and offer tips and techniques on various woodworking projects. The message board section of the site is loaded with information and resources for beginner scroll sawers, tools and blades, finishing, and a general FAQ area. For free scroll saw patterns, signup online at the site with your email address. You can download your own scroll saw patterns that are free and printable. There is a gallery as well with the latest scroll saw art that visitors have uploaded to the site for viewing. Scroll saw projects with intricate designs and plans are entered into contests on the site, so if you enjoy scroll sawing, consider putting your works on display. You can see all types of scroll saws in action at your local Home Depot or Lowes home improvement stores. The top brand names for scroll saws are Delta, Tradesman, Dremel, Dewalt, Hegner, Grizzly, Ryobi, Makita, and Excalibur. They range in price from $100-$500. Scrolls saw reviews - We found an excellent article done by Popular Mechanics which tested 6 top models head to head. Also, Woodworker.com, Plansnow.com, and Onlinetoolreviews.com offer up in depth reviews on particular scroll saw models. Save yourself some driving around and buy online - we recommend Amazon.com if they carry the model you want. You can browse the up-to-date list of best-selling scroll saws here.

Best Scroll Saw:

The DEWALT DW788 20" Variable Speed Scroll Saw ($420) is the best scroll saw based on user reviews and expert opinions. Consumers say the double parallel link arm design not only reduces vibrations but keeps the noise down as well. The tool free blade changing makes it simple to switch out blades and keep working. Excaliburs and Hegner scroll saws are better, but cost almost 3 times as much as the Dewalt and require much more maintenance. Other reviewers say the Dewalts huge table and 20" throat make any project look easy. Other scroll saws to consider are the Dremel 1800-01 Scroll Station 18" Variable Speed, Delta Shopmaster SS350LS Deluxe Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Stand, Wilton 99166 Scroll Saw 16" Variable Speed, and the Black & Decker BT4000 16" Variable Speed Scroll Saw. We found most of these saws on Amazon and each comes with a nice write up on features and customer feedback. View top rated scroll saws here.

Hegner and Excalibur Scroll Saws:

Looking for the best high end scroll saws and aren't afraid of dropping $2000, then consider the Hegner or Excalibur scroll saws. Hegner scroll saws have been in production for over 25 years and have set the standard for performance. They offer long blade life, smooth and quiet operation, accurate sawing, superb cutting control, reliability, and very smooth edges without the sanding. The Hegner Polymax Industrial Precision Scroll Saw sells for almost $2500 and features all cast construction (including the saw table), a 4-speed belt drive and 2 stroke settings (allowing for eight sawing speeds), 20" throat, 1 7/8" thickness capacity, and it was called "the ultimate tool" in reviews. The Hegner Multimax 14V Variable Speed Saw ($1099) has an excellent 45 degree left tilt table, a sawdust blower, and a workpiece hold-down. The new Excalibur EX-21 sells for $799 and is a good alternative to the Excalibur 19 and 30 (they were out of stock at the time of this article). You can find details on the Seyco.com site. The Excalibur EX-21 has a tilting head design which makes angle cutting easy. The 5 year warranty includes motor and control which is why the price is justified on this model. Some expert craftsman have noted that the DeWalt saw listed above has many of the same features as the Excalibur at a much cheaper price. The 5-year warranty is the only difference and probably not worth the premium unless you plan on using the scroll saw for professional projects each day. Users also noted that often in the high end scroll saws that blade changing was not as easy as the some of the lower end saws made by Delta and DeWalt. You can check out all the latest Hegner scroll saws online at Advmachinery.com with pictures and detailed descriptions of each.