Updated: November 2017

Sectional Sofa Reviews:

Sectional sofas seem to have made a comeback of sorts in the furniture industry. I watch lots of shows on HGTV - including the Property Brothers - and I see many of the modern designs that have sectional sofas. With the current open layout floorplans in family rooms, there is more space for a sectional sofa. Some of the older homes - with walls separating all the rooms - it would have been hard to fit a larger couch into the available area. We recently took out a wall that separates our kitchen from the family room and it really opens up our living space. With all that added room, we are considering buying a sectional sofa to take up some of the space. Just a year or so ago I would have never considered that option but I realize they can look good in open areas. My biggest concern is having to change the wall that the TV is currently on to accommodate the sectional and have the room flow better.

Choosing a Sectional Sofa - The first factor is size. Sure your living room or family room is big, but can it handle a large sectional sofa and still not have a crowded feel. Measure twice to be sure of your dimensions and then start your look online. Without wasting time at showrooms, see what you like online and try to get a specific style and material settled on. Material - leather sectionals are perhaps the most popular, but they aren't necessarily the best choice for you and your family. Some people like the microfiber sofas, especially if you have little ones, since they are easy to clean and give you a stain resistant finish. We are going with leather no matter what because my daughter has an allergy to dust mites and they love most materials other than leather. How about the style? Sectional styles vary from color to shape. Try to match your current decor, the color should go with other items in your room. In terms of shape, many sectionals allow you to configure them given the room dimensions. Some are shaped like an L while others do almost a letter C. We did look at those with recliners, but ultimately we didn't want someone blocking the pathway to and from the sofa. That's the problem with recliners built into the sectionals, once the recliner is pulled up, they do get in the way. Price - you are looking at a minimum of $500, but most likely something closer to $1000. If you are really wanting the sectional to be the ultimate centerpiece of your family room, you'll find some that are $3000+. Sectional Sofa Reviews - We found owner comments and opinions posted on Potterybarn.com, Amazon.com, Crateandbarrel.com, and Raymourflanigan.com. It's always good to read reviews as posted by actual consumers to see which brands hold up best. Price doesn't always guarantee the best product. Some custom sofa shops get excellent reviews for customer service and unique designs. You will pay more, but at least you get a quality product that is hand made. You can browse the best selling sectional sofas online here.

Best Sectional Sofa:

RECOMMENDED - The most popular sofa online is the Bobkona Hungtinton Microfiber/Faux Leather 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set, Saddle which sells for less than $700. There are 6 colors to choose from with this 3 piece unit. Comes with a L/R reversible chaise, 3 person sofa, and an oversized ottoman. You also get 2 accent pillows to help get you started. The hardwood frames are covered with faux leather and the cushions are upholstered in stain-resistant microfiber. The one big drawback is that some home assembly is required. The complaints we read about online are for parts and pieces that don't fit properly or are made cheaply. Out of the 250 reviews (160+ give it 4 or more stars out of 5) most people think the couch offers "great value for the money". The truly all leather sectionals are $2000+ and reviews are nearly perfect. From what we could find, those that thought the faux leather would be better than real leather were disappointed. For the $$, this sectional should be fine.

Sectional Sofa with Recliner:

RECOMMENDED - Some sectionals are good for relaxing with friends and others are meant for watching movies. The Black Leather Motion Home Theater Sectional Sofa Couch at less than $2000 is the perfect compliment to your theater room. Features left and right arm facing recliners on each end of the unit. There is a center armeless loveseat and a modular storage space. Owners like the built in cup holders - perfect for drinks while watching your favorite TV show or movie. Described by one owner as "very comfortable and very functional". Some assembly required to piece them together. Another option is the AC Pacific David Dual Reclining Sectional Sofa and Loveseat which goes for less than $1600 - good quality.