Updated: November 2017

Shoe Rack Reviews:

I'm writing this article as a way for anyone with a lot of pairs of shoes to learn how to organize them better. My wife must have over 100 pairs of shoes - flats, heels, tennis shoes, flip flops, boots, .. you name it. When we first got married it was probably half it's current size so it was manageable and now it's out of control. We went from having them on our master bedroom closet floor to putting them on shelves to eventually buying an over the door shoe rack. This took care of maybe 20 pairs of shoes and left the others on the ground. I recently bought a tiered shoe rack for our laundry room and that organized about another 20 pairs so we are on our way to having all shoes accounted for. The revolving shoe trees are big sellers online but I personally don't like their look. I was aiming for more of a shelving unit in our master closet that would store the other 50 pairs or so of shoes that my wife and I have combined. I've even contemplated buying a shoe bag to keep some of my dress shoes in, since I only wear them every once in a while.
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Buying Guide - It's amazing to me how shoes can become such a problem and it's hard to get rid of shoes that are in perfect condition that you only wear once or twice a year. Which shoe rack or shoe storage unit is best for you? It all depends on how much space you have in your current apartment, condo, or house. I'm lucky enough to have a good sized walk in closet that has never been put to good use, so now I need to decide on a shoe cabinet storage system that is freestanding or something that might become a built in. We have shelving in our closet, but clothes dominate those shelves and shoes are best left by themselves so they don't stink up everything else around them. The over the door shoe organizers are great in smaller houses or in apartments where space is a premium and you need to use it wisely. I have found with our 2 styles of overdoor shoe holders that the top of the door can get damaged a bit depending on the material used in the shoe rack. Stay away from metal since it can harm the door jam at the top. Stick with the canvas shoe organizers. The tiered shoe trees are great for tight closets or corners of rooms that never get used anyways. If you do have a laundry room or better yet a mud room, consider the freestanding shoe racks or shoe cubbies which can hold dozens of pairs of shoes and help keep them organized. In closets, you can get wall mounted units that really use your space correctly and some are part of built in closet organizers you can buy in stores. Ultimately, if you can't store all your shoes, it may be time to get rid of a few pairs. The top 2 brands are Whitney Design and Rubbermaid. In any event, we found the BEST SELECTION See the best selling shoe racks and shoe storage systems here.

Revolving Shoe Tree:

RECOMMENDED - If you are going to buy a shoe tree, go with the Whitney Design models available on Amazon.com. The 2 best sellers are the Whitney Design 2131 18-Pair Revolving Shoe Tree and the Whitney Design 2134 Chrome Revolving 4-Tier Shoe Tree. Both are priced between $25 and $35 and will hold quite a few pairs of shoes. The 2131 from Whitney Designs is a 3 tiered revolving shoe tree with heavy duty chrome plated steel construction. It weighs about 15 pound, so you can easily lift it up and move it from room to room if necessary. The 3 tiers are adjustable so you can fit various size shoes into each one. There is minimal assembly required, but most owners said it was easy. Browse the entire selection of shoe trees here.

Door Shoe Rack:

Door shoe racks make the most sense to me - they use up space that is almost always unused in a house or apartment. You can fit 10 to 20 pairs of shoes on the best over the door shoe racks we saw. I have personally bought 2 of these products and may get more for my kids rooms as they get older. My preference is the Clear Over Door Shoe Organizer, although it only holds 12 pairs of shoes. There is a metal bracket that fits over the door and the clear vinyl holds the shoes. Another option is a product from Rubbermaid. The Rubbermaid 3F20 Configurations 20 Pocket Shoe Organizer, Natural - this vertical hanging shoe organizer has 20 pockets for shoes. Just slip it over the door and it is out of sight. Both are only about $15, so you get decent value from them.

Shoe Cabinet - Storage:

For laundry rooms, mud rooms, and entry ways near your front door, having a shoe cabinet or shoe cubby is a great idea. Instead of having 15 pairs of shoes on the floor, put them into a shoe storage rack that keeps them organized and your house free of shoe clutter. The ClosetMaid 896800 15-Cube Laminate Shoe Organizer is a cheap way to go (only $45) and it holds up to 15 pairs of shoes. You'll need to assemble the unit, but it's quite easy. Shoe racks are great, but if you have the money, have a custom built shelving unit installed in your closet to house all the shoes.