Updated: November 2017

Shower Caddy Reviews:

If you are a "place for everything, and everything in its place," type of person, a shower caddy is a must. In fact, these useful caddies are ideal for any household because they help organize a very small space which often gets very cluttered with soaps, bottles, brushes, and other accoutrements of bathing. Not only does it make the bath/shower area look nicer, it keeps it safer. This is especially true if you share the bathtub with a child; stepping on a rubber ducky isn't as cute as you'd think. From a college student living in a dorm to families sharing space to singles with lots of body wash, shower caddies are the perfect shower companion. You have a virtually endless variety from which to choose; how do you pick the best caddy for your needs?
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The Endless Variety of Shower Caddies - Shower caddies are useful in any number of situations, particularly: Today, you can choose from stainless steel, bamboo, tension pole, free-hanging, corner, and portable shower caddies. You can choose from any number of colors and design styles. With literally thousands of choices available, you can find just the right look for your bathroom. Because shower caddies are functional as well as stylish, it is also important to choose yours based on your needs - not just what looks good! Here are some factors to consider:

*Size. You can find small shower caddies that hang from the showerhead or larger floor-to-ceiling tension pole shower caddy options. Your choice will depend on the size of your shower - in some bathrooms, space is at a premium - as well as what you need to stow in your caddy.

*Needs. What do you need to put in your plastic, bamboo, or stainless steel shower caddy? Take stock: how many shampoo and conditioner bottles? How many body washes? Any bathbrushes or loufahs? Any bar soaps or shaving creams? Do you have smaller items like razors that need a home? You can choose models that have a variety of organizational tools, such as hooks, racks, and baskets. You can also find models that adjust, which may fit your needs perfectly.

*Attachment. A tension pole shower caddy depends on, you guessed it, tension to keep itself attached. Others use hangers or suction cups. Which is right for your space?

*Material. Plastic is a great choice because it is lightweight and impervious to moisture and humidity, but it doesn't always look as stylish as you may like. Brushed chrome, nickel, stainless steel, and bamboo are popular choices today. Look for durability and water-proofing; you don't want a rusty caddy take up space in your shower.

*Price. Shower caddies can cost as little as a few dollars for a mesh model that is perfect for college students or budget shoppers to models that cost over $100. Watch your budget; luckily, there is a great selection of options that will leave you with money left over for more soap.

For shower caddy reviews you can stop by Target.com, Walmart.com, and Bed Bath and Beyond. The shower caddies at Walmart are perfect for young adults heading to college - you get brand names for low prices. Not all shower caddies fit every bathroom shower, so if you are moving to a dorm, make sure you wait until you see the shower setup before buying anything. You can browse the best selling shower caddies online here.

Best Shower Caddies:

The "best" shower caddy for you depends on your needs and budget, but let's take a look at some popular models so you have a great place to begin your search. Shower caddies may have never been so cool as when they made their appearance on Jersey Shore. Vinny debuted his shower caddy, which one blogger said looked like someone melted some Crocs together, saying, "I bought a little shower caddy so no one can BLEEP! with my shampoos and soaps and stuff." Exactly! Vinny knows that soap is a very personal item - and it should stay that way. Someone even created a Facebook group named "Vinny Got a Shower Caddy," and his shower caddy was a popular Twitter topic. Vinny probably won't be giving up his caddy anytime soon, but you can get a similar look and feel with the Lubber Tote Bag. The Lubber Tote won the title of Best New Product on CNBC's "Big Idea Show" and was created around the concept of the "rubber clogs" or Crocs that were (are) popular. Made of the same innovative rubbery material, the tote bags are waterproof, soft, compact, and versatile. They can be used for a shower caddy as well as a shopping bag, gift bag, garden tote, bath toy holder, beach bag, and more. Besides the very durable material, this tote has a sole-like bottom so it stands up in the shower. This is a great choice for those who need a portable shower caddy but want something a little more unique than a plastic box tote. Whether for college students or families with young children, this is a great bag. The Lubber Tote comes in a variety of sizes and colors - and you can decorate them with optional accessories. The Large Tote is $25, and smaller ones go for about $15. We hope Vinny would approve. Across the spectrum both in terms of style and price is the SimpleHuman Tension Shower Caddy. SimpleHuman is a well-respected brand in the housewares industry - and well they should be with this pricy stainless steel shower caddy. The tension bar, floor-to-ceiling design is adjustable so you can get the perfect one for your shower or bathtub, and it offers a variety of adjustable shelves, a soap dish, storage hooks, and a toothbrush or razor holder. Made of rust-proof anodized aluminum and stainless steel, the SimpleHuman will last for years and look great the entire time. The Tension Shower Caddy reviews very well with Amazon, Buzzillions, AllModern, and other consumers who remark on its chic style and versatility. You can find it for about $120. You can find a variety of other stainless steel caddies here that will fit a broad range of budgets. Bamboo has grown in popularity over the past few years because of its eco-friendliness and its warm good looks. The jury is still out on whether these beauties will mold in the shower though. Many customers say they haven't encountered that, while others say their caddy molded relatively quickly. The best bet if you want the look of bamboo is to choose a top-rated company. Umbra fits the bill with their Shampoo Bamboo Shower Caddy. This caddy can hang on either the shower head or the curtain rod for a little more built-in versatility. It has 3 shelves for shampoos, soaps, and other bath accessories. The bamboo is accented by stainless steel. Users remark on the durable design and the great looks. You can find the Umbra bamboo shower caddy for $36. From bamboo to steel, the choices are certainly unlimited. The benefit of purchasing movable, non-permanent caddies is that you can move them and replace them very easily. Each of the options we mentioned above requires no installation or hardware - just you and your shampoo bottles. Look here for a great selection for your home bathroom, traveling, or dorm needs.