Updated: November 2017

Shower Cleaner Reviews:

Cleaning the shower is almost up there with cleaning the toilet in terms of gross jobs around the house. Our shower does become pretty dirty and dingy after a month or so with soap scum and residue on the walls and sliding doors. For years I was the type of guy who would suck it up and clean the shower with lots of chemicals in the air and on my hands. The job usually took about 30 minutes, but at least the shower would be clean. My wife introduced me to some newer cleaners that are meant to keep the shower clean (once it's already clean). You just spray on the solution after every shower and it will keep the soap and shampoo residue from forming in the corners and hard to reach areas. In theory, this sounded great, so I gave it a try. Our floor still gets some excess scum on it, but the walls and doors are definitely cleaner for longer periods of time than before. My only thought is "Am I saving any time in the long run having to spray the shower for a minute after each use versus cleaning it thoroughly for 30 minutes at the end of the month?". It does seem easier to spray the shower area after every use and then leave it instead of having to get into the shower with all those chemicals and give it a good cleaning once a month.
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Buying Guide - The one drawback to these daily sprays is the fact that sometimes you will forget to spray and it won't get done. Not like that's a big deal, but over time it could make it so you have to do a big shower cleaning anyways. My chemical cleaners of choice have been Tilex, Kaboom or Scrubbing Bubbles and they do a good job if you let them sit for about 15 minutes and then start scrubbing away. The worst part are the fumes from the chemical sprays that literally could knock you out if you stay around them long enough. Also, you need quality cleaning gloves to keep the chemicals off your hands and fingers as well. I have tried cleaning the shower without gloves before and my hands suffered for a few days with raw, irritated skin. No matter what, always use a fan in the bathroom or shower area when doing any cleaning that requires sprayed on chemicals. If you don't circulate the air, you could become light headed or dizzy. Besides the traditional bathroom cleaners that people use, we found several sites that listed "shower cleaning tips" and homemade cleaning remedies that may be worth trying for those that are super sensitive to cleaners and chemical sprays. There is an advance product from Scrubbing Bubbles that you place in your shower that automatically sprays all 4 walls/doors for you. It's expensive and the refills are pricey as well making this more of an investment. The early feedback on sites like Amazon.com and Epinions is that this product is more hype than true cleaner. Consumer Reports did a test of the automatic shower cleaner from Scrubbing Bubbles and 8 of 11 testers found no significant improvement in their showers after using the device for 1 month. If you don't have the muscle power to really scrub, then the Scotch Brite Tub & Tile Scrubber can help with the cleaning. The handle extends up to 28 inches and the head is flexible enough to get into small, tight corners. The scrubbing pad is disposable so once you have scoured the mildew and soap scum, you can through away the pad. Great on tile and other bathroom surfaces. You want to stay away from abrasive cleaners that might damage your tile or shower. Many of the cleaning supplies we found mention that you should try them first in a small section of the shower stall to see how they perform and make sure they aren't damaging your tile. Some mold and stains require bleach cleaners so be careful when using those products. A natural shower cleaner from the Seventh Generation brand, like Green Mandarin Leaf, not only removes soap scum but it also helps prevent it. They say you should use it daily for the best results. What about products like Kaboom Shower, Tub & Tile Cleaner that you may have seen on TV infomercials late at night. Kaboom claims to clean porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel, fiberglass, concrete, brass, and acrylic plastic surfaces. It sells for around $6 for a 22 oz bottle. Much like the other shower cleaners, results are mixed. Some people complain about not getting all areas completely or having to scrub too hard and it's just not worth it. We tried finding comprehensive tests for shower cleaners in Good Housekeeping or Consumer Reports magazine but nothing came up. Those magazines do periodic reviews of particular brands or products, but no head to head comparisons or ratings that we could find. You are left to word of mouth from neighbors or friends and what you can read online at sites like Amazon or Epinions.com. Drugstore.com did have a few reviews on their selection of shower cleaners that was at least somewhat informative. Browse the best selling shower cleaners here.

Best Shower Cleaner:

If you are one to forget the daily spraying in your shower, then you are probably best left with the traditional shower cleaners that you can use once every month or 2. Depending on how well your shower drains and how well ventilated it is, you may need to clean more often. Most of these cleaners can be found retail department stores like Target, Wal-Mart, or K-Mart. I like to use Tilex Soap Scum Remover which has a non-abrasive formula and it foams up nicely for deep cleaning. The majority of the cleaning that takes place in our shower is due to excess soap scum and shampoo residue that doesn't get washed down the drain. We get good ventilation in our bathroom so mildew is not an issue. The Tilex product gets sprayed on the shower or tile surface and I usually let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. The label says no scrubbing needed, but I always give the floor of the shower a good scrub and try to reach the corners where soap and shampoo seem to accumulate. Tilex works the best for more on soap scum. When it comes to mildew and cleaning the glass doors of my shower, I prefer the Scrubbing Bubbles Mildew Stain Remover. It uses the power of bleach to remove those tough mildew stains - works great on tubs and showers. Scrubbingbubbles.com is a comprehensive site with all the bathroom cleaning supplies you would ever need. They even have a few coupons you can download and printout to save a few bucks.

Daily Shower Cleaners:

When it comes to daily shower cleaners, there are literally dozens of brands and products to choose from. One of the biggest names is Method Daily Shower Spray Cleaner ($5 for 28 fluid oz) which is a non-toxic naturally derived shower cleaner that has never been tested on animals like so many of the others have. We found it on Drugstore.com. You literally don't have to scrub or rinse your shower or tile again. You spray the mist on all the shower/tile surfaces after each shower. You can spray on curtains and shower doors as well. It takes about 3 to 4 weeks to see any results, but it does get rid of hard water stains, lime stains, and excessive mildew and soap scum. My wife loves this product, but I am yet to be sold on it completely. Reviews online say things like "see results within days" and "get the shine back in your shower". I have found that when we use this product daily for about 7 days I do some results in the hard to reach areas. If you don't spray completely, then you will still see some soap residue that builds up over time. View top rated daily shower cleaners here.

Natural Shower Cleaner:

Seventh Generation is a reputable company that produces the Seventh Generation Natural Shower Cleaner which rates well with those that are concerned about the Earth and causing harm to it by using harsh chemicals. The Green Mandarin & Leaf Shower Cleaner ($4) does work quite well per consumer reviews. It not only removes excessive buildup of soap scum and mildew but it also prevents it from coming back. Daily usage is required to keep the shower looking good. The natural cleaner is non-toxic, biodegradable, has no chlorine, no petroleum based solvents, no glycol ethers, no phosphates, no strong acids, no dyes, and is not caustic. The natural citrus fragrance will keep your shower smelling clean and fresh. You can get details on all the Seventh Generation products at their website. Be sure to check their "coupons" section for any discounts or printable coupons you can get. Usually offers $1 to $2 off their products.

Shower Cleaning Tips:

After doing our research on cleaning showers and what products perform the best, we realized that some homemade cleaners did a great job too. If you go online to Thriftyfun.com/tf383558.tip.html there are dozens of shower cleaning tips and secrets that don't require expensive store bought products. They range from items like baby oil, oven cleaner, Dawn dishwashing liquid and vinegar. Some people also recommend using a small squeegee on the shower walls and doors after each shower to get the excess water and moisture off the surface and down the drain. I think this is a good recommendation since water is the main cause of all these problems. We read a few stories of people actually toweling down a shower after they were through. It seems like a lot of work just to get the water off the surfaces. Anyways, take a look at the site and see if any of the household solutions might work for you.