Updated: November 2017

Shower Grab Bar Reviews:

As we age, many things that we take for granted, become much more diffcult. One of those things is being able to balance in a shower or get up and down from a toilet. The aging population in the United States is starting to design bathrooms around these potential difficulties. Grab bars are one of the essential tools that are perfect for bathrooms. A shower grab bar allows you to hold onto something while you wash up. They let you keep your balance and maintain your independence. Even if you are just taking a bath, often the process of getting in and out of the tub can be a worry for the older folks out there. A product like the Moen R8960FD Home Care 30-Inch Flip Up Grab Bar is a potential lifesaver. The bar attaches to a wall and can be easily flipped out when in use or put against the wall when not being used. It's the type of product that the AARP recommends. The bar provides the necessary support one needs when stepping over a tub to get into a shower or when you are lowering yourself into a bathtub. How much are grab bars? Where can I buy a shower grab bar? We provide all those details down below with our top picks.
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Choosing a Shower/Bathroom Grab Bar - If you are designing a bathroom for your home, keep in mind that adding small features like a grab bar may make the house more resellable in the future. For those that need a little extra help in getting around a bathroom, adding a grab bar is a selling point. Some people are buying walk-in bathtubs, but those can run $5000 or more, so why not invest in a $40 shower grab bar and solve many of the same needs. Standers offers a Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar (priced at $135), it can be a bit more intrusive as it is a floor to ceiling pole. You eliminate the wall mount aspect of the grab bars, but have a larger object in the middle of your bathroom. Although very popular, we say the Moen flip up bar or even the suction cup shower bars are worth the first look. Ultimately, you need to decide on your needs and get the products that make you feel the most comfortable in your own bathroom. Almost all the products that we reviewed showed excellent feedback from owners and experts. Only a few of the suction cup style grab bars had negative reviews. They are cheap and don't always hold their suction to the surface they are put on. We suggest sticking with bars that attach to walls and are secure. Lowe's, Home Depot, and other plumbing or home improvement stores will carry these grab bars. Online, we found a great selection at Amazon.com. Grab Bar Reviews - For the best source, we feel like Amazon owner reviews are the way to go. You get hundreds of consumer commments and feedback as well as opinions posted for each particular model or product. You can read up on all the pros/cons of each one and determine which style is best for your bathroom needs or remodel. You can browse the best selling shower grab bars here.

Best Shower Grab Bar:

RECOMMENDED - The top rated Moen R8960FD Home Care 30-Inch Flip Up Grab Bar is ADA compliant and tested up to 300 pounds. The traditional looking grab bars are anywhere from 12 to 24 inches and will also work just fine, but with this Moen you get a bit more surface area to hold onto. Safety First and Medline offer smaller grab bars for less than $20/each. Installation is fairly straightforward on these types - make sure you place it at the right height level. We read a few owner reviews that mentioned having to attach the grab bar a 2nd time since the intial setup was not working so well. Most come in stainless steel or chrome colors - matching your current bathroom decor. The Moen flip up bar sells for under $100.

Standers Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar:

RECOMMENDED - The ultimate in support for standing or sitting in a bathroom, we consider the Standers Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar to be the best solution. The biggest drawback to this mobility device is the sheer size of it. If placed there the bathtub and toilet, it will potentially get in the way. The pole installs from floor to ceiling and is very easy to adjust to your height needs. The real question is - Is it really necessary? From all the owner reviews we found online, this grab bar on a pole does much more than just support those that use it. With comments like 'regained my life' and 'what a help' the Standers security pole does much more - it allows seniors or disabled individuals to continue leading independent lifestyles. No longer do they have to rely on family or friends to help them with bathroom issues. It's not a forever solution, but from the stories we read, it can buy you years of independent living. The curved grab bar locks in 8 different positions - every 45 degrees. Many customers note that the bar isn't only used in bathroom - some have it next to their favorite chair in the house - so they can get up and down much easier.