Updated: November 2017

Shower Head Reviews:

A shower is a great way to wash your hair and body while letting the warm water relax your body at the same time. Many people use a daily shower in the morning to wake themselves up and get ready for work. In recent years water conservationists have managed to get shower head companies to produce more and more low flow and low pressure shower heads that save water. Unfortunately, consumers weren't too happy with this decision since too many modern shower heads leave us wanting more water at higher pressure. If you have moved into an apartment or house recently that has low flow shower heads, consider buying an alternative and get back to those shower heads that give you plenty of water pressure and leave you feeling fully rinsed and clean. We can understand low flow shower heads and why they were developed, but consumers deserve a choice and finding the right shower head should be one of them.

Buying Guide - There are essentially 2 types of shower heads - handheld or fixed. Fixed showerheads are mounted to the wall of the shower and don't come off. Hand-held shower heads, on the other hand, have a flexible hose or tube that allows you to take the shower head off the connection on the wall and gives you a much larger range of motion when showering. Many parents find hand held showerheads perfect for giving little children showers or even pets. Some people prefer a handheld shower head so that they can quickly rinse off any excess soap or shampoo that might have been left over from the shower. Many showerheads are placed on the wall so that they can accommodate people of average height. If you are either tall or short, make sure you get a shower head that has an adjustable height feature on it. Low flow shower heads are great for energy saving and there are even special kinds for homes that already have low water pressure to begin with. Consider a shower head with a cut-off valve so that you can halt the stream of water completely when shampooing or lathering up with soap. Those that love showers realize the relaxing nature of water running over your body so owning a shower head that massages you while cleaning is important. There are a variety of spray patterns available in shower heads, many of them have over 25 options. The most popular being fine mist pattern, massaging swirl pattern, drenching rain pattern, and a sharp spray. If you are so inclined, you can even get dual shower heads installed in your shower for the ultimate in relaxation. The top brand names for shower heads are Waterpik, Speakman, Oxygenics, Moen, Delta, Kohler, Conair (Pollenex), and Grohe. We read reviews online at Amazon.com, Epinions, and Gardenweb.com written by consumers who recently bought new showerheads. Much to our surprise the Delta and Hansgrohe models didn't fair as well as the Kohler and Speakman shower heads. See the results below. You can browse the list of best selling shower heads here. This list is updated in real time to show the bestsellers as of right now -- a great place to begin your shopping and comparison. The good news is that you can find many models that cost only $25-$75, so we are not talking about a major investment here. The Delta 75152 Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead with H2OKINETIC Technology is one of the best, as a non-clogger and a saver of water and energy. You can switch between 1.8gpm and 2.5gpm as you adjust the waterflow, it is acclaimed for its higher pressure compared to most showerheads.

Best Shower Heads:

The overall winner in many reviewers eyes was the Kohler Multifunction Showerhead in the Fairfax series for $110. You can browse the complete Kohler line here. Kohler has always offered elegant styling and this 3-way showerhead resists hardwater buildup with its MasterClean surface and you get a wide coverage area with the "aerated and massage spray". Owners say it's the best looking shower head they have seen and they comment that switching between the spray settings is easy and effortless. Consumer Digest chose the Speakman Anystream 2000 World Class Showerhead as a "Best Buy" and it comes in a finish of chrome, white, or polished brass. It ranges in price from $50-$60 and is Speakman's newest multifeatured shower head with 3 spray patterns and volume control. Choose from gentle spray, full coverage, and invigorating massage. Owners say the Speakman gives you full coverage and is very solid.

High Pressure Shower Head:

The Giessdorf 8 Jet Shower Head ($130) in brushed nickel is the perfect solution to those of us that want lots of water pressure from our shower heads. This high pressure shower head made in Germany delivers a powerful stream of water that will rinse your body and hair completely in on time at all. It's available in heavy chrome, polished brass, or titanium finish and looks stylish in modern bathrooms. One word of warning, this shower head does not work well with low flow mixer valves. Otherwise, enjoy the best shower you've had in years with the Giessdorf high pressure shower head. Another site that promises high flow showers is at Highpressureshowerheads.com with their line of products - the Ultimate, the Supreme, the Perfect, and the Large Ultimate. Although we were not able to verify their results, they claim to have tested these models against all others and these came out on top. All the shower heads are under $40 on the site and each offers a slightly different experience than the others. We found that women with long hair prefer high pressure shower heads so that they can rinse out all the shampoo in their hair after taking a shower. Some low flow shower heads take forever to rinse and you may actually save water by using a high flow model.

Hand Held Shower Heads:

The Waterpik TRS-559 Handheld Shower is a top rated hand held shower head that features a classic look with a smooth design. The hand-held model has a power spray setting that is perfect for a relaxing massage. Owners say the stream is "intense" and the pulsating massage is the strongest out there. Easy to switch spray settings even with wet hands. The convenience of a handheld shower head is unmatched in our eyes. You can check out the entire line of Waterpik showerheads online at Waterpik.com/showerheads.

Low Flow Shower Heads:

The numbers are staggering with almost 3 billion gallons of water used daily for showers in the United States and almost half of that water goes wasted since the majority of showerheads use twice the amount of water needed for a cleansing shower. Water is potentially a limited resource on Earth and trying to save and conserve it will probably be mandatory over the next few decades. Buying a low flow shower head means you can do your part in conserving water for the next generations to use. The original low flow shower heads were insufficient in many ways and led to many people thinking that even the modern low pressure shower heads are no good. That is not true anymore since manufacturers have gotten better at reducing water flow while maintaining a reasonable stream on low slow shower heads. We have heard of some people complaining that when someone flushes the toilet and they are in the shower with a low flow shower head, the hot water increases and scalding can occur. This is no myth and should be looked into if it happens in your house. A simple fix is to let a plumber install an anti-scald valve which ensures the proper mix of both cold and hot water even when a toilet gets flushed. We suggest shopping online at Watersavers.com for the best selection of low flow shower heads from Oxygenics and Earth Massage.