Updated: November 2017

Shower Mirror Reviews:

Trying to use a mirror in the shower can be quite the task before it gets all foggy. Even regular bathroom mirrors have a tendency to fog up when someone in the room takes a hot shower. Shower mirrors have become a popular option, especially for men who want to shave in the shower. They want a mirror that is not only big enough to see their face in but also fog free. Finding a shower mirror that is fogless appears to be a never ending search as we found lots of mirrors that rated "good" but none was perfect by any means. ShowerTek and Zadro have the best selling shower mirrors but we also found high end products on the Sharper Image website and that for Frontgate.com. The Shower Clear Mirror is an expensive model that starts at $200 for an 11 7/8" x 11 7/8" size. It features a heating element that rests behind the mirror which you plug into the wall. This mirror is a little more complicated to setup than the others and the price tag doesn't guarantee a fog free mirror during your shower.

Buying Guide - The majority of shower mirrors are not going to be fog free all the time, so be prepared to wipe down the surface, spray water on the mirror to clear it, or even use anti-fog spray a few times a month to help keep the surface from fogging up. The mirrors that received the worst reviews from consumers and experts alike were those that tried to include things like mp3 players, AM/FM radios, digital clocks, etc. Once they went past the basic shower mirror, owners were not happy with the mirrors ability to stay fog free. Some have adjustable magnification which is a nice feature so you and your spouse can use the same shower mirror for shaving or putting on make up. Look for products that have swivel arms so you can easily adjust the angle with which you view it from. Also, some are mounted on an adjustable arm so you can position the mirror up or down when needed. Some of the mirrors are two sided, each with it's own magnification rating. Several of the shower mirrors hook up directly to the plumbing right behind the showerhead. Warm water comes through the hookup into a copper coil reservoir behind the mirror which helps keep the mirror fog free. In theory, these mirrors are the best to buy, but we still read some reviews from owners saying they didn't perform like they should. Either mildew formed on the mirror or it still fogged up after a few minutes in hot, steamy showers. Minor features like holders for razors or toothbrushes are nice to have. Amazon.com carries quite a few of these shower mirrors as does Shavingdirect.com and Showertek.com. Many of the fog free shower mirrors cost about $29 to $39 while the one from Sharper Image is closer to $100. Anti-fog spray is what many consumers end up buying as an accessory to their shower mirrors to keep them fog free as long as possible. The spray costs about $6 and lasts for a long time. It is true that over time soap and shampoo residue can cause the mirror to loose its ability to stay fog free to be sure to clean it often and use anti-fog spray if needed. You can browse the top selling shower mirrors online here.

Best Shower Mirror:

We could not find a single shower mirror with perfect reviews, but 2 did come close in terms of owner feedback. The ShowerTek WV2 Fog Free Shower Mirror ($19) is the type that connects to your existing plumbing near the showerhead. It also includes a shower pause valve if want to conserve water while you are shaving. The articulating arm lets you adjust the position and angle of the mirror for your purposes. Most reviewers say the mirror does a good job of staying fog free but they do mention that the valve leading to the mirror has a tendency to leak and one person even mentioned that the fixture "burst" within a few weeks of use. For under $20 we realize that these products are not meant to last, but ShowerTek does have a solid reputation in this category. Another popular selection is the Fogless Ultra II Shower Mirror with White Frame ($30) by Zadro. This shower mirror doesn't require any plumbing hookups, just attach it to your shower wall with the suction cups. It does come with an adhesive pad if you plan on attaching it to rough or porous surfaces. The majority of owners say the mirror stays fog free and does the job. One consumer mentions that this $30 fogless mirror from Zadro performs better than the $100 similar version from Sharper Image. The Zadro has an 8 inch diameter mirror and it is break resistant. If you turn the frame the mirror adjusts from 1X to 5X magnification. Both the ShowerTek WV2 and the Zadro Ultra II are available on Amazon.com.

Top Rated Magnifying Shower Mirror:

We found that Hammacher Schlemmer carries the top shower mirror with magnification which is listed online HERE. The mirror was tested in a steam environment of 105 degrees and performed quite well compared to the competition. There was some fogging, but not like the others. The 1-5X zoom lets you adjust it by the touch of a button. You can mount the mirror to the wall using screws or suction cups and the 3 LED lights that surround the mirror give off plenty of light for shaving or putting on make-up. It sells for about $50 to $60 depending on the website you order it from. Reviews on Amazon are less stellar than what we found on Hammacher Schlemmer website. You can read the review online here.

Fogless Shower Mirror:

The Zadro Z500 Z Ultra Fog-Less Shower Mirror has a 6" break resistant mirror and mounts in your shower or bathroom with suction cups. It will adjust from 1X to 5X magnification and it has a holder for razors near the base. The Zadro Z500 is not completely fog free (as advertised), but owners say it hold up well with a hot shower. Many do mention that putting a little water over the mirror when you want to shave will clear it right up. Available on many sites like Amazon.com. Frontgate has a Lighted Shower Mirror with Clock that sells for $60 and gets good (not great) reviews from buyers. Don't buy any of these products if you expect a completely fog free mirror in the shower (as that doesn't exist), but some are definitely better than others.

Travel Shower Mirror:

Zadro makes the Z`Fogless Traveler Folding Shaving Mirror which is essentially a fogless shaving mirror that folds up for travel purposes. It features a fold-down shower caddy with a suction cup attachment - great for suctioning to the bathroom mirror, shower wall, or you can stand it upright on a counter. Small enough to travel with and convenient enough to use while on the road.